Sunday, August 19, 2012

A big hello from Cloud nine..

             Hello readers,
             Yes I resurfaced from the dead period called Writer's block :P
             Don't ask me where I was because I was very much alive and kicking and lazying around other blogs.
             Although this is no post where I write fiction, I do have something else to offer.
             I got this invite to write on the amazing blog called Mystical Skeptical Me by the beautiful owner and my dear friend MSM :) She's been generous in encouraging me and absolutely delightful in flattery and she's done my ego some serious good :D
             After a trial of writing on spirits, here's presenting Wooden Dreams on Fire which I wrote after a lot of deliberation and research. Its a different genre I m exploring and I hope you will like it :)
            Visit  Mystical Skeptical Me and I m sure you will be hooked by her :)

             Ending here for now. The next post will definitely be soon :)