Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too busy?

                   A few days back, I got a text from a friend of mine asking me, "Do you get no time at all for blogging? Just 3 posts in last 3 months!" I had just switched on my phone after a long day at work and did not know what to reply to it. Not having access to phone at work is a boon and a bane at the same time. I am completely switched off from the world outside for 10 hours everyday. Watsapp no more opens with 300 messages from 5 contacts. It is hardly 5 or 6 messages of some relevance. Small chats are things of the past. 
                 Another friend asked, "What happened to your writing" and I knew it was time to write something lest it spread the message that I have given up writing! No, everyday work cannot deter the spirit of writing! 
                 What have I been up to? For starters, I work in the second shift. Getting up is a struggle and putting on the running shoe is an every day effort. For last 2 days, the sun has been coming up earlier than usual marking the end of a season. When it is not running, it is a 15 min workout that happens with as much motivation as I can gather. Exercise has become mandatory after the recent health issues and sedentary life style. 
                 While work has been taking a large chunk of my life, books are back in my life. Reading had been slow in the past few months but travelling gives me lot of time to catch up on my reading. My love affair with books is at an all time high. The good part of earning is that you can buy the books. The library subscription is temporarily cancelled as I am finding more and more books that are for keeps! I am currently reading the Memoirs of a Geisha and I cannot thank Pradeeta enough for listing this book. I am totally engrossed in this book.
                 Writing has taken a back seat, with only the monthly post I do for Life Monthly magazine. Stories need plotting. A few ideas are brewing. What happened to my writing? I have never been the kind of blogger who can write posts on a go. I need time to put it all together and I never write unless I feel like it. I have tried posting for the sake of updating the blog and those stories haven't lived up to my own expectations. To be fair to my own levels, I do not write unless it has shaped up already in my mind. On that note, I hope to be back with stories very soon.
                  I am clueless about what is happening on blogsphere. Blog hopping has gone down considerably courtesy no access to phone. I have stopped bothering about contests for now. I am waiting to read the blogs as I see some interesting posts up. 
                  Until then, happy blogging