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Yeh dooriyaa...

Prescript : This is going to be long.. So be patient :)        
            For the nth time Trisha checked her watch.. 6.30 it showed. Rajiv had told her to wait at the cafe at 6 and Late lateef as he was this time too he didn't show up. She wanted to fight with him for making her wait so much but she was also looking forward to see him. It had been a week since he had gone to Bangalore for his admission process. She had missed him a lot. He was her closest friend. She had struggled with her feelings the entire week. Was it love or just friendship?
            He snapped his fingers right in front of her eyes. "Hello ma'am, where are you lost?" HE gave her the childish grin he had. "Uh.. nothing." she came out of her thoughts.
           "Okay now..first give me a bigg hug! Been so long yaar." he said as he took her into his arms. Did the hug feel different?
           She looked at him in a new light of love.. There was no formality ever between them. Should she say about her feelings? She was sure that even if he didn't love her back, he would still be as close as he is now..
           "Hey guess what? While I was in Bangalore I got a call from St. Peters !!and I m selected!! Can you believe it! I made into the most prestigious business school!" he said happily.
           "That means..." she began
           " I m off to London this Saturday baby!" he completed her sentence..
           'Oh.." She didn't want to spoil his evening and cheered him along. He had worked hard to make it there she knew and she didn't want her feelings to strike him or make him upset. She wanted him to focus and come back successful. He had other plans..
         Saturday came sooner than she ever remembered days passing. She saw him off at the airport tear eyed.. He hugged her and looked into her eyes a little longer than usual.. Life has to move on... Had his distance only made him closer to her heart?
Yeh dooriyan
Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan
Nigahon ki dooriyan
Hum rahon ki dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai
Door hai Kyun koi
Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha
Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

It had been a year since he had left India. He missed home and he missed Trisha... He missed the silly fights they had. He missed how they could be going to college and out of blue decide the atmosphere is good enough to go to national park and spend the day there. How they could talk about almost anything without any inhibition. How she would force him to get drenched in the rain with her.. He was sitting in the flight from London to Mumbai.. He was coming home for his sister's marriage and all he thought was ... Trisha..
               He remembered the day she became close to his heart.. The day he had flunked his exam by just one mark.. Not that it would amount to his whole year but still it was a stain of his unblemished record.. All his friends irritated him further by asking his result and showing sympathy which he did not need.. Trisha cheered him up with her nonsense and they both set out to trek ! It was only when they were spent , drunk and  happy coming back home when he remembered she hadn't talked about her score at all! IT turned out she too flunked by just one mark!
              She had started working already. He thought of giving her a surprise. He turned up during her lunch time at her office..
             "Rajeev" she was surprised to to him and happy too!
             "Hey Trish! Missed you lottt! He went to hug her and she gave him an uncomfortable hug.. She was in office after all.
             "Let's go for lunch!" he offered.
             "Rajeev.... she hesitated "I m going out for lunch with Vivan.."
             "Can't I join in?" he asked.
             "Rajeev, me and Vivan are getting to know each other... My parents want me to meet him and decide if I want to marry him.."
             "Oh.. that's fine.. See you some other time."
             He walked away with a heavy heart. If he looked back he would have seen Trisha brushing away a small tear dripping from her eye..
             He stopped at the traffic signal his thoughts still on Trisha.. Why did her meeting Vivan hurt so much? Why was he kept out of knowledge about groom searching for Trisha.. Had they drifted apart?
            A small girl knocked at his window and he rolled it down. She was selling yellow roses.. Trisha's favorite.. and he was lost in another memory of another time...
           They were riding on his bike. She didn't talk a word..Neither did she sing aloud which she usually did when she was riding with him, to irritate him. She was angry because he had been irresponsible to not bring her assignment which he took to copy on the day of submission. Nothing would pacify her. He never offered to treat her at Mc Donald's but she did not budge. She stood at the bus stop and only after repeated honking and when other people at the bus stop started shouting at him , did she climb on his bike..  He remembered how she had sat silent on the bike and how he bought her 2 dozen yellow roses to get her smile back........ There was her in everything he did..
Kabhi hua yeh bhi
Khali Rahon pe bhi
Tu tha mere saath

Kabhi tujhe milke lauta
mera dil yeh khali khali haath
Yeh bhi hua kabhi
Jaise hua Aabhi
Tujhko sabhi mein paa li

Tera mujhe kar jaati hai dooriyan
Satati hain dooriyan
Tarsati hain dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan
Trisha sat on the window..rain drizzled down the panes.. She was making a pattern with her fingers on the fogged window pane and when she looked at what she had done she saw she had unconciously written "Rajiv" and made a heart... Vivan was a good guy to get married too. He was mannered, stable and gentle guy. He was financially well off and their families liked the pair.. She met him a few times and yet she was not able to decide. He would make a good husband she had no doubt about that.. But would she love him? She thought she had gotten over Rajiv.. yet the moment she saw him at her office there was nothing more she wanted to do than rest her head on his shoulder and hold him tight so that he never leaves her.. She missed the comfort she shared with him.. Could it be the same with Vivan?
             Rajiv had gone back to London. He had met Trisha few times but felt she was distant when with him. He tried broaching the subject of Vivan but she preferred to avoid it.. He felt lonely for the first time in his life...
             They had kept in touch with each other through emails.. Another year passed by...  He was done with his course.. He could either wait and seek a job in London or go back home where Trisha was.. He would have been a fool to lose the opportunity that awaited him in London.. He chose the later option and packed his bags to return back to India..
             She had refused the proposal of Vivan. Her family thought she was crazy to lose a guy like that.. Her parents asked her if there was someone already there in life.. She answered in negative... She just said she wanted to work for some more time before she was ready to get married.... She wanted more time to get over Rajiv.. She knew his life was there in UK.. She didn't want to be away from her country..
             He took some time after he reached India to get a job.. When he was finally sure of his job , he decided to meet Trisha..
            It was the month of September.. Trisha was walking towards the bus stop. A car followed her. She fastened her pace. The car honked several times before it just slid besides her and the door opened and the hand pulled her into the car..
            She screamed for help and a warm hand shut her mouth while the other pulled her close..
She looked shocked and the next moment she was throwing out her hands to hit him.. and he playfully evaded her and then she threw her arms around him to hug him...
             "Rajiv you scared me!" she said between her giggles.
             "Did I ? so easy to scare the daredevil Trisha!" he teased her.
             "Aye stop stop stop." Trisha shrieked..
             "What?" he asked.
             "Chal come out.." It was raining out and she pulled him out and they got drenched in that rain of love..
            She was shivering and sneezed a couple of times.. He couldn't help notice how beautiful she looked with her wet hair falling on her face.. Her lips smiling happiness.. Her dainty hands rubbing against each other to give some warmth.. He loved her... They strolled in the rain to a nearby tea stall.. It was all so romantic for her..
          When they were back in the car she looked at him. She could say he was nervous.. She knew every expression of that face..
         "Rajiv... why did you come back? You wanted to settle in UK right?" she asked him softly..
         He leaned closer to her and she closed her eyes... His lips felt like a rose petal on her lips and he touched her so softly as if he feared she would break.. She was mesmerized.. His fragrance overwhelming her.. The passion of the moment.. The song "Kuch khaas hai kuch paas hai" playing in his car and the rains... It was the perfect moment..
         He hid his head in the grove of her neck and slowly his lips reached her ear lobe.. Ecstasy sent shivers down her spine.. Softly he whispered.." Don't you know why I came back?"
         She hugged him with all her love... He held her face cupped in his hands and said..
"Trisha... I love you.. I was an idiot not to know it when I saw it in your eyes the day you came to see me off at the airport.. I was blind not to see the love in all the four years of college.. Will you marry this idiot of yours?"
       "Yes.. I want to marry you, you idiot!" saying so she broke down in his arms and let him hold her.. All the times of separation..of pain..of desperation... she felt it all come out... and give rise to a new life of love...

 Kaha bhi na mene
Nahi jeena mene
Tu jo na mila

Tujhe bhule se bhi na
Bola na mene chahun fasla

Bas fasla rahein
Ban ke kasak jo kahen
Ho aur chahat yeh aur jawan
Teri meri mit jaani hai dooriyan
Begani hai dooriyan

Hat jani dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

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Innocent or Guilty Tag

Found this tag  on Ashwin's blog . There are 2 rules to complete the tag.. 
Rule 1: You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

Rule 2: You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks! (So people reading this, if you want an explanation, comment.) Now, here’s what you’re supposed to do… And please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag friends who might be interested in taking this up.)

1. Kissed one of your Facebook friends?

2. Danced on a table in a bar?

3. Ever told a lie?

4. Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?

5. Kissed a picture?

6. Slept until 5pm?

7. Fallen asleep at work/school?

8. Held a snake?

9. Been suspended from school?

10. Worked at a fast food restaurant?

11. Been fired from a job? 

12. Done something you regret?

13. Laughed so hard a drink came out of your nose?

14. Kissed in the rain?

15. Sat on a rooftop?

16. Kissed someone you shouldn’t?

17. Sang in the shower?

18. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

19. Shaved your head?

20. Slept naked?

21. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?

22. Donated blood?

23. Eaten alligator meat?

24. Eaten cheesecake?

25. Still love/like someone you shouldn’t?

26. Have a tattoo?

27. Been too honest?

28. Ruined a surprise?

29. Erased someone in your friends list?

30. Dressed in the opposite gender’s clothes?

31. Joined a pageant?

32. Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?

33. Had communication with your ex?

34. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

35. A total stranger treat you by paying your bus/taxi fare?

36. Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

37. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?

38. Thought about murder?

39. How bout mass murder?

40. Rode in a stranger’s vehicle?

41. Stalked someone?

42. Been so drunk that you forget things that happened while you were intoxicated?

43. In love?

I would like to tag TheGirlAtFirstAvenueRedHandedMystical Skeptical Me :)

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Villa of Death Final Part

                Read Part 2
               She walked the dimly lit lonely street, dressed in the guise of a nun. A large handbag containing pepper spray, a sharp knife, a rosary, A bible, 2 gowns, few other clothing and cash from Bardez villa hung from her shoulders. She had spent 2 nights hiding  at St. Francis church. She needed to find a new shelter away from this area. She thought about going to south Goa or maybe head to Kerela. Bardez villa would have been a safe shelter for another few months had not the girl intervened and spotted the dead John.
                She had never killed a victim capable of giving a fight. She was scared when she saw the girl from the window. But the girl proved to be a weakling. When the girl fainted, she knew the girl was destined to be killed. She remembered how the knife pierced through the girl and a pool of blood engulfed her frail, cold body.. A wicked grin curved her lips.
                She was waiting for the bus to take her to the station. She knew of a place in Kerala where she could lie dormant before she set out to Goa again and make herself a shelter..
 Goa.. the place where it all started.. and where it would end.
             Kristy. A naive nurse from Kerala she was posted to Goa to look after a wealthy old man. She looked after him like her own father but little did she know that he would take advantage of his illness. He couldn't even walk properly yet he spiked her drink. The next day she woke up in a bed with 4 men staring at her bruised, exploited body and laughing at her and making lewd gestures. The old man had sold her pride. He even offered her 50% of the money if she agreed for further invitations. She was appalled. Robbed of her innocence and purity.. That night she got drunk for the first and the last time in her life and stabbed the man with all her strength, taking revenge for the disgrace he brought to her.. Ever since, killing helpless people brought her satisfaction. They were nothing but a nuisance to the society and took undue advantage of people.
              She stood looking for the bus. An old man came hurrying to the stop. He was breathless and struggling for a breath of air. He had some luggage with him. He approached Kristy..
             "Excuse me Ma'am.." he said between taking deep breathes.
             "I live in the cottage over there." he said pointing to a small bright red colored cottage." I .. I need my spray..can't carry these luggage till there..please..please can you bring it there.. I need the spray urgently." He said and rushed to the cottage dropping the luggage with a thud.
             She didn't know if she should go. Maybe he had a family up there in the cottage. Anyway she was leaving for Kerala. What harm could it do. She would leave the luggage at the door and see.. IF the man lived alone...then.... she smiled at the probability.
             She walked slowly up to the cottage and her heart thumped when she knocked the door. No answer. So the man lived alone... Hmmm..
             She entered the house and saw the man struggling to find his spray.. Before he could find it, he fell on the ground and was struggling for breathe..
             Her eyes lit up.. She took out her knife and a spark radiated her face when she saw the look of horror in the eyes of the man. She was about to stab him when she felt a hand nab her.
             D'Souza was smiling at her face and Gonsalves got up from the floor.
"Good work Gonsalves." D'Souza said as Gonsalves removed the beard and the other make up.
             Kristy was frozen.
"Sister Kristy your game is over." Gonsalves mocked her.
             She stood there staring at the floor. She didn't utter a word while they handcuffed and took her in custody. Once inside the cellar, she laughed and laughed and laughed.
            "She has a mental problem." D'Souza said.
            "I m impressed Gonsalves.. You traced the sketch made by Robin .. that too to a nurse gone missing 20 years back."
            " Thank you Sir.. It wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't found the small nursing book in the bookshelf and edition was of 1987.. That made me look up old cases.By chance it worked and the sketch didn't match except for the rosary  which Robin identified."
            " It was very clever of the church attendant though, who found the lady sleeping but did not disturb her. Instead informed us and we could cook up the entire set up to catch her redhanded."D'Souza said.
            "How easily she gave in to the temptation of killing.." Gonsalves added
            "The work is not over yet.. I have a feeling that she holds key to more murder confessions.. We have only figured 3.." D'Souza said as he shut down the the only UNSOLVED case in his career and put it in the shelf of SOLVED cases...

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Villa of Death Part 2

             READ Part 1 
                  Inspector D'Souza sat in his cabin going through the paperwork of some recent cases in his jurisdiction. He looked over the file which disturbed him the most. He hated 'UNSOLVED' cases. He was dissatisfied with the way the case was handled prior to his transfer here. Dona Paula CID branch was very close to the tourist spot. The recent spur in crimes against tourist was a mounting pressure on his department, specially of rape.
                  It was a slow day for him. He was happy the schedule would get over in an hour and he would get some time with his family. He made a mental note to buy the toy car his son was talking about last night. His junior Gonsalves came into his cabin that moment.
                 "Sir a girl has gone missing from Dona Paula." He informed.
                 A frown creased D'souza's face.
"Aren't such matters reported to police first and later to CID?" he asked.
                 "This might be of help to your unsolved case Sir." he replied.
D'souza's eyes lit up. A hint at last , a flickering hope to solve the case. "Get the jeep and lets go to the sight and I want to know everything."
                 "Akshata Dutta. 19 year old girl. Pharmacy student from Mumbai. Came to visit Dona Paula with college group. Was missing since 6.15 pm yesterday evening. " Gonsalves was getting excited. He had made a detail study of the case and wanted to impress the boss.
                "Go on."
"As said by her friend Deepti, she was out to find some washroom. Last seen by Arun, her classmate who says she was looking for an eatery. Deepti texted her to come before the bus was scheduled to leave. The tourist guide remained clueless throughout this time. When it was time to leave, only then her absence was noticed. They called her but her cellphone was switched off. After waiting an hour the incident was reported to the police station."
              "The police was on alert and through the network provider found out the location of the mobile phone. The phone was traced to Bardez Villa , which is very close to the location where she was last seen by Arun. On entering the villa, the police found her body in the house. She was killed in cold blood. Time of death between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. On further search of the house, another dead body was found in the bedroom. The man has been dead for more than a fortnight."
             "Any trace of physical assault on the girl?" D'Souza was worried whether it was a case of rape and murder.
            "No sir. There was no trace of any sedative too in her body. She was stabbed to death by a knife found on the scene of crime. Fingerprints have been taken but haven't matched any record."
            "What about the man? How was he killed?" asked D'Souza
            "He was too stabbed by the same knife. No sedative in his body too.The identity of the man is still unknown. The houses around this villa are unoccupied or newly acquired. The neighbors do not know about who lived here."
            They reached Bardez villa. The scene of crime was left undisturbed. He personally checked each and very nook and corner of the house for evidence. The house was neat and tidy. The kitchen was the only place apart from the rocking chair which looked used. The rest of the house remained untouched. D'Souza was studying the scene of crime when there was a knock on the front door.
            "Oh Christ! What is happening here?" asked a middle aged man.
            "Who are you mister?" asked Gonsalves.
            "I am Robin Mathews. I live in the neighboring villa. What happened to John Uncle?" he looked tense.
            "Where were you yesterday night?" asked Gonsalves.
            "I was in Bombay for business meet. Came just now. John Uncle never keeps the front door ajar. Where is he?" he asked.
            " Two murders have been committed in this villa. One of a young girl and another of a man. I want you to come along with us." D'Souza interrupted the conversation.
            "Murders! Where is John Uncle?" he asked yet again.
            "We do not know if there was any John Uncle here. We want you to come to the morgue and see if the man killed is your John Uncle." Gonsalves replied.
             D'Souza was still looking around if he could find any link between his unsolved case and these murders..
             At the morgue, Robin puked on seeing the dead bodies. He broke down..
"This...this is John Uncle.." he said not able to even look at the body.
"Do you know the girl?" asked Gonsalves.
"No.. I haven't seen her." he said.
"who does the house belong to ? D'Souza asked Gonsalves.
"John Bardez.." Gonsalves said. The reports about the entire house history were now lying in front of him.

"When did you last see John Bardez?" asked D'Souza.
" Last month when I got him groceries. John Uncle would come to church only during Christmas mass and rest of the time he kept to himself. He asks me to get groceries once a month. He lived alone after his wife died 2  years back." Robin said.
"This month he didn't need groceries?" Gonsalves asked.
"Lucy aunty bought it."He said still in shock.
'Lucy aunty!!" both Gonsalves and D'souza exclaimed.
"Yes.. he hired Lucy aunty to take care of the house. Where is she?" Robin suddenly remembered that Lucy was nowhere.
"Well we found no Lucy aunty. Not even a trace of her." Gonsalves said,
"How is that possible? Lucy aunty lived in the villa. She cooked and cleaned for Uncle." Robin said.
'It looks like Lucy is the killer we are looking for.. But the question is, why didn't John Bardez try to run when she stabbed him? Or atleast put a fight?"D'Souza asked.
"How could he? John Uncle was quadriplegic after the accident which killed his wife."

This was gruesome. D'Souza could now find similarities with his unsolved case as the female angle was  now involved. The unsolved case too was from Goa. It had occured more than a year back when a widowed woman was stabbed to death while she was under sedatives. The prime suspect was a female friend who visited often. No one could come up with a sketch of the female friend and the case had loose ends.. Could this be the same murderer? Murdering a helpless victim was the same pattern with the three murders. Why was the girl killed and how she was helpless had to be seen..

"Robin help us make a sketch of Lucy.." were the words D'Souza said  before he went to the scene of crime again to inspect further..

(to be continued)

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Villa of Death..

             "Just control for half an hour.. We will be leaving anyway Akshata.." Deepti tried to put her off while she was still busy clicking photographs at Dona Paula.. The rest of the girls were busy posing for the snaps. Akshata was in a fix. She urgently needed to use the washroom. The sky was overcast by dark clouds and the cold winds were aggravating her situation while her friends posed freely in the cold breeze. The tour bus was scheduled to leave for the hotel at 6.30.. another half an hour she thought..
             She looked around to scan for a restaurant where she could use the washroom. She could only see eateries in stalls..
             "Hey you searching for someone?" asked Arun.
             "Looking for a restaurant.. hungry yaar." she lied to him.
             "Oh.. Look there is a wine shop over the corner where they have cold drinks too.. Have slice. It will stuff you for sometime." He suggested.
             "Okay." she said. Slice! The cold drink wasn't what she wanted. All she could see was wine shops.. "These Goans are such drunkards " she thought. Bordering both sides of the lane were beautiful houses. They looked straight from cartoon network. Such vibrant colors which sought attention from far. They were in shades of bright red, golden yellow, purple, florescent green and there were always hints of white.. Could she try approaching any of the villas and request to use the washroom?
            "Deepti !" she called out who was still intently capturing everything on her camera.
            "Not again Akshata! just 15 minutes left babe! Control!" she said.
            " I will just go and see if I can find a washroom. Will be back soon. Don't leave without me." Akshata said.
            "Hurry..Don't be late." Deepti warned between her shots.
  It was out of character for Akshata to approach a totally unknown house in an unknown city. She was reserved and shy in such matters. She had been waiting for more than an hour. Their tour guide was enjoying the attention she was getting and animatedly narrating the love story of Dona Paula.. Akshata was in no mood to listen to the story.. She made the decision.
             She walked further and further but couldn't see a single person outside the rows of houses. She was counting on finding someone and asking rather than knocking doors. She had ran out of luck.. She saw a golden yellow house with a sloping brown roof . The house looked cozy but there an unexplained silence over it. It was relatively smaller than the neighboring houses and she had a feeling that the owner would be more receptive. She hesistantly rang the doorbell.
            She waited for what seemed like eternity given her condition. She heard the sounds of approaching footsteps. As the sound grew closer she sensed it must be a walking stick.
            "Yes." spoke a voice from a face peeping from the door.
            "I .. I m a tourist.. I urgently needed to use the washroom." Akshata said and waited for an answer.
A wrinkled face emerged from the dark as the door opened wider. She had green eyes which looked tired. A plump old woman she was. She was dressed in a gown and her grey hair neatly tied up in a bun. She had a rosary in her hand. She looked homely and gave her a kind grin.
            "Yes my child. You can use the washroom." She said with a motherly tone.
Akshata eased up a bit.
           " Thank you.. " she said while her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness inside.
           "Go to your left.. The first bedroom has a washroom." The old lady said.
 Akshata went inside. The house looked so cheerful outside but there was an air of gloom inside. The house had some paintings adorning the wall and the bed didn't look like it had been slept in. There was a rocking chair in the hall which looked as old as the woman using it.
           As she entered the bedroom , a strong fragrance of room freshner stung her. She quickly entered the washroom and relieved herself.
           From the bedroom, she could see the old woman watering her plants. She was about to leave the room when her cellphone beeped. It was a text from Deepti..
           "Hey hurry up. only 5 minutes left." it read.
She was about to reply when a loud thud of the door shook her and the cellphone slipped from her hand. She bent down to get it. Accidently she saw under the bed  and her body trembled.. A dead body of a man was lying under the bed.. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She wanted to escape. She tried to compose herself. The old woman had entered the house. Akshata tried to compose herself. She entered the hall. The old woman who had looked so motherly sometime back, now appeared dangerous to her. Her eyes looked wicked.
           "Thanks Aunty." she quickly said and tried rushing towards the door.
 The old woman promptly shut the door behind her and gave a half grin. Her eyes were fixed on Akshata like a predator. Akshata was petrified. The old woman took out the knife she hid in her apron that she was wearing while watering the plants.
          The last thing she saw before she fainted was the huge woman approaching her and laughing out aloud with every step she took near her..

To be continued...

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unknown intentions.. Part 12 (Concluding)

READ Part 11
              Sourav who was working on his laptop called us, "Guys look I hacked the account.. In the draft folder there is a mail to be sent to the principal.. It says that Arjun's certificates are fake.. It could mean Arjun would be rusticated and won't get admission in any other college."
              "What the hell! Arjun what is this about?" asked Pradeeta.
              " Oh shit! Actually when I came from Bangalore some of the certificates needed I had left behind. IT was needed urgently and so I submitted a photoshop version.. thinking that I would later swap it with the original ones. But those certificates were never returned back and are still in the office."
             "You idiot you could have ruined your career.. Sourav delete the draft." I said.
              Karan's mobile beeped.
 "Guys, Keith Fernandes at work " he smiled.
             We went to the other apartment where our Keith Fernandes was...
"Listen I paid you locate that certificate and keep it on Principal's desk.. Tomorrow he should see it first thing in the morning."  Keith Fernandes was shouting at someone.. Unaware of the fact that 12 pairs of eyes were intently watching him and ready to attack any moment..
            "Get it done soon.."he ended the call and started to remove the sim..
            "Hello Mr Keith Fernandes." Arjun sang in a fake melody..
           He turned pale... He stood there petrified..
"What?" he stammered.. "Who is Keith Fernandes?" he asked.
          "Stop it Re.."Polly gave him a hard slap. "It was you all along you bastard."
          "What the hell do you think of yourself Polly!" he shot back.
          "Listen you son of a corporator! We have all the proof.. We can easily hand you over to the police.. Your daddy can bail you but never undo the damage to your career and your image now.."
          He was a coward.  He didn't even think what case we have to report.. He began denying vehemently and crying..
          "We traced your server.. We even know you have the sim in Keith Fernandes' name.. You blackmailed Red and Shaan.. You cut Polly's hair. You killed Anoop's cat.. You spiked Anshul's drink and you were the one who plotted drugs in Sadz and Red's room."
          "Why did you do it Re? Why? We were friends,weren't we?" asked Polly.
          "Friends my foot! Do you guys remember the first year of college? How you all took favors from me? Then you all showed your colors. This Arjun insulted me in front of juniors.. I supported Pradeeta for the college elections and when her work was done she started ignoring me saying some weird negative energies she gets from me! Anshul and Anoop didn't let me in Science club..Genius they think of themselves! Polly you cried numerous times on my shoulder when Mridu fought with you..and when he is back you make fun of me! When i proposed you, you laughed at me! Look now I took away what you were so proud of!"
           "Don't behave like a saint.. You are nothing but a loser.. I never insulted you in front of juniors.. I just stopped you from frightening them with your constant stalking!" Arjun said.
           "What negative energies? Didn't you talk dirty with the other candidate? Why would I want to be with someone like you?" shouted back Pradeeta.
           " We didn't take you in science club because you were interested in only spending project time with the girls. You even wanted them to be your partners!" Anshul rubbished his claims..
           "What have I done? " I asked. He was stupid and desperate. But I thought he was harmless...until now..
            "Yours was a mistake.. It was for Pradeeta.. You slipped.. not my fault.. served well for you supporting Arjun always.."
            "Why did you kill my cat you rascal?" asked Anoop.
            "I just wanted your cat for the that you become the suspect.. She started making noise.. So I stuffed her with poison.. Red didn't give me enough time to keep her back with Anshul so that he would be guilty.. So I abandoned her near the bushes.."
            "You retard.. you got Shaan and me in this gruesome play of yours!" Red was fuming with rage.
            "You became a pawn I needed.. Who told you to be in his arms near the boy's hostel. I was there , I clicked. You had enough guts to report about me huh! shut you up with the drugs! A little bit money can get keys to any door..your hostel room was nothing.." there was no regret on his face.
            "What about Keith Fernandes?" Karan asked.
            "Did you idiots not figure it out yet! My dad is a corporator.. There are many ration cards I can lay hands on.. Keith was just a dead man."
            Sourav stood at a distance recording everything on his cam...
            "Great performance Re.. Awesome video.. Tomorrow the whole college will know.. No girl will ever want to be with you.. You were looking for a girl to hook upto.. Now you won't even have friends.. Enjoy your lonely life you psycho.." Chirag said.
            There was now fear on his face.. He began sobbing and begging us to forget everything and make a fresh start.. Maybe some of us could forgive him but not Anoop and Red..
             He needed counselling... The next day we informed the enquiry panel and showed them the video.. Red and Sadz were saved any action.. That was enough for us..
              Re's actions were conveyed to his father and as expected no other action was taken against him.. It was said he was in regular session with a psychiatrist for his attention seeking and split behavior...
              "Hey time for me to go.. "Karan said..
              "Yeah..time you start studying.. " I said.
              "Hey guys what about a weekend at my place during the valentine's? asked Arjun.
              "Ask Red and Shaan." Pradeeta joked.
              "What about party?" asked Sadz.
              "Oh no not again.." Polly said..
               "Iss baar toh hum bhi girlfriend ke saath ayenge." Chirag said talking about him, Anshul and Sourav.
              "Aur nahi mili toh please kisa ka baal mat kaatna" Vinati said and we burst out laughing.
              "Ok done.. Valentine's at my place then.." Arjun said..

He looked through the window of the laboratory... Very soon.. You all will pay for my loneliness.. He thought about revenge and an evil grin lit his face... Fire in his eyes...

unknown intentions.. Part 11

             Read Part 10
               The next step was to trace the mail id which was used to send mails to Redhanded. We were tired of the snooping and spying.. The holidays were going a complete waste.
               We returned to Arjun's apartment. Sourav ,Chirag, Re and Anshul were watching Roadies. Vinati looked cross at us since we were obviously acting secretive and keeping her out of it. But we were yet to confirm out doubt and we could involve absolutely no one until we were sure of the culprit. 
               We too joined the group. We had made an excuse that we had gone to change the dressing of my head injury. The door bell rang ...
               "Hey you are looking just awesome!" exclaimed Vinati.
              Mridu and Polly had come.. Polly had gotten herself a new chic looking bob cut.. 
She looked pretty but the long hair... well they were the best.. We all chatted and the day progressed pretty much normal. Arjun and Karan were figuring out someone who could help them track the mail id. I spent my time gossiping with the girls..
              "My dad's friend, John uncle, is in cyber crime department.. He is out of town and will be back on 1st Jan." Karan said at night.
              "Then we would have to wait till then?" asked Pradeeta.
              "What about the cell number? Can't we do anything about it?" I asked.
              " The number is currently inactive. I don't know why I have this feeling that the culprit is going to lie low for sometime.. "Pradeeta answered my question.
              "Hey what are you guys doing here? Everyone is out." Polly entered the room with a glass of cold drink in her hands.
              She had the rudraksh bracelet entangled in her fingers.. 
              "Hey where did you find this bracelet?" Karan asked casually.
              "Oh this one. I came to ask if this belongs to any of you.. I found it in the party after you guys left.. You know where you all had crowded me.. I have even seen this but I don't know in whose hand." she said.
              "Oh ok.. we will see who this belongs to." 
              IT was obvious now that one of us who was at Arjun's apartment was the culprit. It was also evident that even the culprit didn't know that we would identify him or her by the rudraksh.. So all we had to do was to innocently ask who it belonged to..
               Pradeeta did the honours as she was the one who led up to rudraksh in the first place.. She went to the hall and quite uninterestingly asked ,
              "Hey Polly found this bracelet in the party.. Kiska hai lelo " and kept it on the table and casually walked back to the bedroom. Everyone had a good look of the bracelet and went back to watch the movie..
              We waited to see who would pick up the bracelet.. 
              Then we got who we were looking for.. It was incredible.. How a bracelet so easily led us to the culprit.. 
             "Shit can't believe someone like that could do something so outrageously dangerous!" Pradeeta reacted.
              The remaining three of us were dumbfounded. 
             "Shouldn't we just tell everyone?" I asked.
             "No..get Sourav. He is good at tracking the mail thing.."Arjun said.
              "Why didn't you tell before?" asked Pradeeta.
              "How was I to know if he was involved too? Now we know who is behind all this we can involve Sourav in this tracking thing."
              We called in Sourav and told him everything. He looked equally shocked. He agreed to trace the server.. The results were as we expected.. So now we had proof.. 
              Keith Fernandes's area.. the mail.. the bracelet..everything was fitting in.. the questions left were how,when and why?
              "What next?"
              "Don't you know whose child that is? Even if we complain the corporator will make sure the matter is under wraps.. Red would still be until scanner.. We need to catch the person redhanded and get the confession recorded in the panic mode.. Atleast the authorities would free Red and Sadz of the charges."Karan gave the idea.
              "But when?" asked Pradeeta.
              "Not until something new happens.. Now we know who is responsible we can keep an eye and stop  it.. Until the we have to wait.." answered Arjun.
             The vigil began.. Sourav, I, Arjun, Pradeeta and Karan kept a watch on the culprit.. But there was no movement for several days.. We even went to the waterpark and did all the masti which had ample scope for the culprit to do something but no action reported.. Had we set the person on alert? 
            It was 2nd Jan.. just a day was left and college would reopen.. Red and Sadz were to come to the city that day.. 
           The whole gang was there.. Polly and Mridu had joined in too.. Anoop was was still grieving the death of his cat was also present..  The day progressed and the five of us were still on watch..
          IT was close to 8 when we saw some activity.. Time for the show....
(to be continued)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 10

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             We all ate dinner in silence.. The holidays were not at all going as we planned. The sleepover fun, the waterpark, late night movies... everything forgotten..
             It was midnight. The four of us were waiting for Red to come online. She didn't come online..
             Karan was out in the balcony. He was talking to someone on phone.
            "Hey.. why did you come here? Don't strain your ankles." He said.
            "'s fine.. I m bored of sitting.." I said.
            " Was talking to Anuj... one of my school mates.. He traced the number Arjun had saved.. Belongs to some Keith Fernandes. You know anyone like that?" He asked.
             "No idea.. Let's ask the others."
             Arjun and Pradeeta were as clueless as me..
            "Couldn't it be a fake one? Do you have the address?" asked Arjun.
            "Yes he will text it any moment. We could check it out tomorrow morning. Good probability of it being fake." answered Karan.
            "I m very sleepy.. Exhausted with so much mental activity.. Guys can we just go to sleep ..Let's end this day.." Pradeeta pleaded.
            Pradeeta , I and Vinati occupied one bedroom and the guy adjusted in the other bedroom and hall in Arjun's apartment. The other apartment was kept locked..
           "Mili wake up.. wake up.." I rubbed open my eyes..
           Karan, Pradeeta and Arjun were staring at me.
           "What happened?" I panicked.
           "Red is coming online on Skype." Pradeeta said.
           "What time is it?" I could see it was still dark outside.
           "It's 3." Arjun said.
The four of us went to the adjacent apartment and closed the door behind us. Arjun had his laptop connected and when we logged in, Red was already online..
           She looked tensed. She must have cried before it looked.
          "Red you  have a boyfriend?" Pradeeta asked raising her eyebrows.
          The color of her face changed. She was not expecting this question.
"I wanted to tell you, but I had reasons.." she said in a sad tone..
          " Tell us the truth Red. Did you ask your guy to get the petrol? Were you involved in whatever happened so far?" Arjun chided.
           Tears strolled down her cheeks..
          " I am very sorry .. I didn't know all this would get so out of hand. I should have told you all this much before." she said.
          "Tell me everything.. I want to know all that is happening. Don't hide a thing and make it more complicated." I told her.
          " Shaan and me are in love. We had kept this under wraps because he works at the petrol pump. He didn't want everyone to know before he got a decent job."
          "Somedays back I got an email which contained some photographs of me and Shaan together.. We didn't want anyone to see us in each others arms.. I don't know how anyone could take such snaps. The mail asked me to do a small favor if I didn't want the snaps up on facebook !"
          "I was scared and so was Shaan.. The favor wasn't much but to just switch off the party lights when everyone was on the dancefloor. I would get a text message when to do it , the mail said. It was  a small thing to do and I agreed without even asking Shaan.. But when I saw how the small favor resulted I panicked. I knew the culprit was on the dancefloor so I was insisting on the frisking.."
         Now we remembered how she had argued about the frisking.
         "Shaan too had got a text asking for petrol.. Shaan had refused flatly but the risk was too great and the person wanted petrol without any receipt or suspicion. Shaan was asked to just keep it near the highway dustbin. As long as Shaan was on duty the petrol was still there.. The next day it wasn't..and next day Mili had the accident.." Red was weeping.
         "After your accident I texted that person to stop everything or else I would complain and I m sure that drug trap was just to teach me a lesson and keep me mum. I battled all the way on my journey with my conscience. Shaan too supported my decision to tell you all. I m extremely sorry.. My actions have resulted in so much harm." She broke down..
          "Red do you or Shaan know anyone who wears a rudraksh bracelet or any Keith Fernandes?"asked Karan.
          "No.. I don't think so.."she replied..
          After some more apologizing from her, we signed off.. Atleast now we knew one person out of the two involved.. The other one was yet to be known..

         Next day the four of us got ready and headed to the address of Keith Fernandes. Only Karan went up to the house while the rest of us stayed in the car. Nobody knew Karan here..
         After sometime he returned back.
         Our questioning look made him say, "Fake... Keith Fernandes has been dead for almost a year. Natural death that too.. Someone else is  using his sim.. or someone acquired sim in his number..We will have to check who is using this number."
        "Oh god! Anything happens now.. I think we should go straight to the police." I said.
         They remained silent..
         "Crap.. Mili do you know whose area we are in?" asked Arjun.
      I hadn't noticed at all where I was.. Now I realised... Could this be the connection?
         Karan made another phonecall..
       " Got the place from where the number was last operated.." he said with apprehension.
       "Where?" asked Pradeeta
       "Arjun's apartment.."

Whose area we were in? Who was the one blackmailing Redhanded? Who is using the number from Arjun's apartment?

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unknown intentions.. Part 9

Read Part 8
             Sourav again went to call Arjun.
Pradeeta sketched unperturbed. Now I could see what she was sketching.. It was the place where Anoop's cat was found. It seemed like she was sketching it out to focus on all that she saw. The sketch however was devoid of the cat. She began sketching something like a bracelet of beads.. This one I had never seen with anywhere.
            I let her complete. Karan too sat stunned at her work.
"We should let her be.. Let's go outside." Karan said and helped me out of the room.
            We all sat huddled in Arjun's apartment. The other apartment was kept locked. We all wanted to stay together. In the hall all were watching "Golmaal". It helped ease the air of tension.
           Arjun hurriedly entered.
         "God! Arjun where have you been ? It's been 4 hours since you went! What happened to your cellphone?"  I shot questions to him.
         "Wait a minute. I will be back." He said and went to the bedroom.
We waited for him to be back. I was getting restless and bored. I and Karan went back to see if Pradeeta was done with her sketch.
         As soon as we entered, Arjun followed us and quickly closed the door.
"What's happening Arjun? Why are you behaving so strange?" Karan asked him.
        Pradeeta looked up. She was done with the sketch. Arjun, I and Karan looked at it. The beads that she was making was on a hand. A hand with rudraksh beads...
       "This is awesome. Not many people would be wearing it. We could identify who has a rudraksh beads." I said.
       " What I m telling you should not go out of this room." Arjun told us.
       "I dropped them at the station and made sure they boarded the train. The train was to leave at 3.30. There was half hour left for that. They were in and I told them I am leaving but I whiled some time at the book stall. I saw that Red alighted the train and was talking to a guy. I have never seen him. She was weeping it seems. They talked for long and when the train was about to leave she entered the train again. I watched them from a distance."
       "Red with a guy?" Me and Pradeeta were surprised. We didn't know she had a guy in her life..
       "Yes.. I found it fishy. Why would she hide it from us? I decided to follow the guy. He looked decent alright. He took a bus and I too boarded the same bus leaving my car at the station. He was looking around as if scared that someone would spot him. He had a phone in his hand, yet when he disembarked from the bus he chose to use a PCO."
        We didn't know where all this was getting.
       Arjun continued.
"After he left the booth, I entered the booth and pressed redial. A male picked up the phone and shouted back ,"You idiot, didn't I tell you not to call again from the same number?" and ended the call. I noted the number redialled and saved it. By then he had already started going far away. So I again followed him."
      "I saw him enter the petrol pump. He sat at the counter! He worked there."
      "Petrolpump?" asked Pradeeta.
      "Yes.. I even went there after I went back to station and drove my car to the petrol pump. You know I m friendly with an attendant there. He told me that guy was name Shaan and he studying at the KMC college. He works part time at the petrol pump and helps in accounting."
       Arjun was excited. Things were now getting more complex.
      "Shaan could easily get petrol on which she slipped." Karan said.
      "But why would Red's guy want to kill me? I don't even know him!" I fumed.
      "Could Red be doing this?" wondered Pradeeta.
      "But then the drug trap doesn't fit in the scheme! why would she get framed?" I reasoned.
      "Give me that number you saved. We could find out from mobile company. I know someone there. You guys ask Red to come online on Skype as soon as she reaches home. We need to confront her. She might as well be a puppet. " instructed Karan.
       I texted Red and she replied in affirmative.
Now we atleast had some leads but where was it leading.. The number.. Shaan.. Red.. the rudraksh beads... Would they give an answer?

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 8

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           "Hello... Mom..... " Red made a call first to her home.
    She vehemently denied all allegations and finally managed to convince her parents of her innocence.. They were still very cross with her. They wanted her to head back home as soon as she is done with the hostel inquiry.
    Sadana was chickening out of calling home. Arjun made a call at her home and gave her the phone. She began crying before explaining anything, which seemed to work in her favor.. Her parents didn't get angry surprisingly and supported her. They too wanted her to come back home soon. It was agreed that the parents would say Sadana and Red had been home.
    Both of them went to the hostel, while we waited nervously for them. Arjun, Re, Anshul and Vinati had accompanied them.
     Pradeeta came over to the bedroom where I was resting.
    "You saw that bush while we were out?" she asked me.
    "Yes.. I didn't find it so important to tell you that time." I told her.
    "I think I saw someone there." she said in a whisper.
    "You think or you saw? someone or something?" I asked.
    " I don't know. Not with my eyes.. But I did see something.. I had a feeling. It was someone. I m sounding crazy ,ain't I? she asked me with doubt.
    " No not crazy. Some people do have a strong instinct. Can you think what that someone was like?" I tried to encourage her.
    "I knew you would understand.. I will try to concentrate more on my  senses and tell.. I need to be alone for sometime."
    I let her be.. She was mystic.. Maybe she could help us out..
Karan came into the room with coffee and my tablets..
"Here take this. Medicine time for you." He said.
"Karan all this is very disturbing. We all need to be together all the time.. Never know what more could happen."
"Yes.. this is getting out of hand. It's frustrating that we are not making any breakthrough to the culprit. Anoop is innocent.. Anshul doesn't seem like the one.. Something is missing.." He said.
    We were still discussing when the remaining of them returned.
"What happened?" I asked Redhanded.
"As Karan thought, they did find the drug. It was in a bag. It doesn't belong to me or Sadz.. Don't know where the bag came from." She was tired of the grilling it seemed.
"What did they say?" asked Chirag.
"Well they would have a detailed enquiry and take action after college reopens." she said.
"Sadz and Red.. here is your ticket." said Arjun.
"You both are going home today?" I asked. The holidays won't be fun without them ..
"Have to dear.. We are feeling bad too.. Leaving  you in this condition.. But you know we can't take any risks." Red said.
"I understand.. " I said.
They both packed and were ready to leave. Arjun went to drop them to the station in his car.

I dozed off to sleep under the effect of medication.. It was almost 7 in the evening when I woke up. The room was silent. In one corner Karan sat reading the newspaper. Pradeeta was sketching  sitting on the bed.
Karan saw me awake and came to me.
"Hey, you feel ok?" he asked.
"Much better. The head doesn't hurt much now.."
Pradeeta was intently sketching. She didn't even look at me.
We both looked over what she was painting and we both were startled. She seemed oblivious to us.

Sourav came rushing to the bedroom.
"Guys its been four hours since Arjun left.. He isn't back.. The station is only an hour from here!" he said without taking a breath.
"Call him.. Must have gone to eat somewhere." I said.
"His cellphone is switched off! I m trying him since an hour." He replied.
I got worried. Any of us being out now made us concerned..

What was that Pradeeta had sketched that shocked us? Where was Arjun ? Why had he switched off his cellphone?

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unknown intentions.. Part 7

          Read Part 6 
            "Guys I m in trouble.."
           "What happened? who was it?" Pradeeta asked.
"It was from the hostel. They have got information that I have drugs in the room. They want me to come there right away and open the room." she informed us.
           "Oh my God" Sadana put her hand on her forehead.
           "What?" chirag asked.
           " I am her room partner! Which means we both are now going to be subjected to this!" Sadana said.
          "Don't worry, you guys don't have anything up there right?" asked Sourav.
          "I have a feeling that drugs are going to be found anyway." Karan's statement sent down thrills.
          "We don't have any drugs up there, we had locked the room before coming! How can the drugs land up there?" asked Redhanded.
          "You both are the targets! The plot is to get you in trouble!" added Vinati.
          "This is outrageous. I mean we both will get rusticated if the substance is found. It is strictly prohibited. We might end up losing the seat at college." cried Sadana.
          "It could be reported to police." Sourav said.
          "Oh no.. what will we answer at home? My life is ruined!" Sadana was on the verge of breakdown.
          Redhanded handled the situation.
         "Hey Sadz we are innocent. Someone has framed us. We will find a way out don't worry.  I m there with you right?" she calmed Sadana.
         "Weren't you both supposed to be home? This matter will get reported to your home.. If you go to hostel they will ofcourse get to know that you both didn't go home." Sourav was making them both more frightened.
         "Shit shit shit..Why did I even agree to this plan of spending Christmas here? I m trapped." Redhanded was frustrated.
         "Red listen to me.. First you both need to call up your parents and tell them the truth about you being here. " Anshul said.
         "Anshul you don't know my parents! They will never trust me to be alone in this city again! I will have to leave this college and study in my city!" Sadana was getting hopeless.
         "Sadana they are your parents. They will get angry but that is just their concern for you. If you don't tell them the truth, they will get informed by the hostel anyway. Your seat is anyway in danger. Better to have the confidence of your parents right? If you behave this way  they will feel you are guilty." reasoned Anshul.
        " Anshul is absolutely right!" seconded Karan.
        " We all friends are there with you both. We will too talk to your parents." Arjun assured.

Friends do lighten the trouble.. Here all of us were supportive of Redhanded and Sadana because we knew they couldn't do anything so wrong.. 
        There was someone in the room who thought, "Fools.. they don't know what is awaiting them yet." 

       (to be continued)