Friday, June 10, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 4

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             The next morning I woke up late. The girls had gone over to Arjun's apartment to get the breakfast ready. I lay on the bed for some more time.. The day was going to be a long one..
             I freshened up and was about to step out when Karan came.
"Good morning love."
"Hey good morning."
"I got you breakfast here only."
"Oh thanks a lot."
"So did you sleep well last night/"
"I did.. What is everyone else doing ?"
"Hmm well they are all still playing the guessing game. The guys were planning to go out somewhere."
"Out? where?"
"Don't know honey. I will be leaving in sometime." He made a sad face.
"I will just have bath. We will go out before you leave ok?"
"Ok.. but quick " He pulled my cheeks.. Sometimes he treated me just like a baby ;)

I hurried to the bathroom. I was just about to enter the shower when I heard something trip.
"Who's that?"
No reply..
"Karan is that you?"
The sound stopped. Must be somewhere else I thought.

I was still deciding where to go when I stepped out of the bathroom. My heart leaped as if it would come out of my mouth when I stepped into that pool of liquid and the next thing I felt was my head banging hard against the wall.. I wanted to let out a scream but the vocal chords failed to vibrate and darkness fell upon ...


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh Shit!!! Karan! :| Someone's in the house!!! :| Jeez! More More More :/ This has me totally on edge!! :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

i just read all the parts! Nice.. i like how the story is going! :)

deeps said...

come on wake up..
u arent going to remain down there the whole day?

Arjun said...

lol.. Finally they targetted u only... Now it feels nice to be the culprit.. :P

But seriously, nice ya.. Keep me on the hooks... :)


chirag said...

kon hain ghar main...
kahi koi mental to nahi hain
ya kahi sabko marne ki sazish to nahi,,,,,