Saturday, June 11, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 8

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           "Hello... Mom..... " Red made a call first to her home.
    She vehemently denied all allegations and finally managed to convince her parents of her innocence.. They were still very cross with her. They wanted her to head back home as soon as she is done with the hostel inquiry.
    Sadana was chickening out of calling home. Arjun made a call at her home and gave her the phone. She began crying before explaining anything, which seemed to work in her favor.. Her parents didn't get angry surprisingly and supported her. They too wanted her to come back home soon. It was agreed that the parents would say Sadana and Red had been home.
    Both of them went to the hostel, while we waited nervously for them. Arjun, Re, Anshul and Vinati had accompanied them.
     Pradeeta came over to the bedroom where I was resting.
    "You saw that bush while we were out?" she asked me.
    "Yes.. I didn't find it so important to tell you that time." I told her.
    "I think I saw someone there." she said in a whisper.
    "You think or you saw? someone or something?" I asked.
    " I don't know. Not with my eyes.. But I did see something.. I had a feeling. It was someone. I m sounding crazy ,ain't I? she asked me with doubt.
    " No not crazy. Some people do have a strong instinct. Can you think what that someone was like?" I tried to encourage her.
    "I knew you would understand.. I will try to concentrate more on my  senses and tell.. I need to be alone for sometime."
    I let her be.. She was mystic.. Maybe she could help us out..
Karan came into the room with coffee and my tablets..
"Here take this. Medicine time for you." He said.
"Karan all this is very disturbing. We all need to be together all the time.. Never know what more could happen."
"Yes.. this is getting out of hand. It's frustrating that we are not making any breakthrough to the culprit. Anoop is innocent.. Anshul doesn't seem like the one.. Something is missing.." He said.
    We were still discussing when the remaining of them returned.
"What happened?" I asked Redhanded.
"As Karan thought, they did find the drug. It was in a bag. It doesn't belong to me or Sadz.. Don't know where the bag came from." She was tired of the grilling it seemed.
"What did they say?" asked Chirag.
"Well they would have a detailed enquiry and take action after college reopens." she said.
"Sadz and Red.. here is your ticket." said Arjun.
"You both are going home today?" I asked. The holidays won't be fun without them ..
"Have to dear.. We are feeling bad too.. Leaving  you in this condition.. But you know we can't take any risks." Red said.
"I understand.. " I said.
They both packed and were ready to leave. Arjun went to drop them to the station in his car.

I dozed off to sleep under the effect of medication.. It was almost 7 in the evening when I woke up. The room was silent. In one corner Karan sat reading the newspaper. Pradeeta was sketching  sitting on the bed.
Karan saw me awake and came to me.
"Hey, you feel ok?" he asked.
"Much better. The head doesn't hurt much now.."
Pradeeta was intently sketching. She didn't even look at me.
We both looked over what she was painting and we both were startled. She seemed oblivious to us.

Sourav came rushing to the bedroom.
"Guys its been four hours since Arjun left.. He isn't back.. The station is only an hour from here!" he said without taking a breath.
"Call him.. Must have gone to eat somewhere." I said.
"His cellphone is switched off! I m trying him since an hour." He replied.
I got worried. Any of us being out now made us concerned..

What was that Pradeeta had sketched that shocked us? Where was Arjun ? Why had he switched off his cellphone?

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Naice. Police please.

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