Friday, December 31, 2010

love is not enough (part-2)

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 This was the third time she had resolved to break all relations with Jai. The earlier two attempts didn't work because of her own indecision. There was something about Jai that made him so special to her. He brought her happiness, something which no one else could do before.
   She is Renuka Agrawal. She was destiny's child she believed. She had hardened herself after all that life had shown her. If she hadn't fought back, she would have been married at the tender age of 15 like all other girls in her small village of Rajasthan. She had grasped the opportunity of working as a help in her own Aunt's house in Pune. Her aunt was a childless widow who managed her husband's shop after his death. Her aunt was a practical woman and she thought it wise for Renuka to continue her studies so that she could help with the shop accounts. Renuka could see a door of new opportunities open up for her.
    After her schooling , she left her aunt's house without informing of her decision to live in working women's hostel while she worked in the nearby departmental stores. She studied at the night college to complete her graduation in commerce. Her struggle to make ends meet had taught her to use people and chances very well to her advantage.
     She understood quite early the art of handling men. She was amused thinking how men never really grow up. There is always a switch in their personality. They either want to be around protecting their women or they want to be pampered like a child. The trick was to never acknowledge it and always to know what mode they were in. She was an ordinary looking girl. She wasn't there to understand men and be their companion as they often thought. She was there to put to use what she knew and that' what she had been doing ever since she was on her own.
    Arun was the stable guy in her life who was blind to all her faults. He was what she could always go back to when others let her down, which was never.
     She had befriended Jai as he was a close friend of her former boss. It was due to his reference that she got promoted and transfered to the central branch of their company. Jai was always fun to be with and she would never admit it but she really loved being pampered by him. Their weekend trips were always thrilling.
     Once when they were together Jai had mentioned that his grandfather once owned a Tea Estate which was now under dispute. If he were to get his share in the estate he would turn very rich overnight. But the court case had dragged too long and now it was all a distant dream.
      Months had gone by and now this relation was like an added burden. Each meeting had to be meticulously planned. Now there was no benefit. She had to be practical and let him go. She meant no good to him but she didn't want to hurt him more.