Wednesday, November 10, 2010

love is not enough (part 1)

     She knew she had to do it today. This had stretched too far. If she didn't stop it now it would destroy everything she had worked and planned for. She would not let him influence her anymore.
     Her phone beeped once again. His name flashed on the screen. She pressed "READ". "wer r u? m w8ing. come soon" She didn't reply him back. She was anyway going to severe all ties with him today.
     She looked next to her. Arun was driving too slow. It was obvious that he wanted to prolong the drive. But she was in  no mood to talk today. She thought of getting down and hailing a cab but that would appear too rude. She dropped the idea. She needed to reach CCD in 10 minutes. Reluctantly she requested,"Arun will you drive faster? Sheetal is already waiting" He  increased the speed.
     Arun looked at her. He knew she was lying but he didn't dare to confront her. The last time he expressed his objection to her platonic friendship with Jay,she had threatened to leave him.She knew he could not lose her at any cost. He was just delaying their meeting hoping that Jay would walk out in fury. But if was futile to think of anything like that because Jay was too lovelorn to do that. They reached the outlet and he dropped her at the entrance. She was relieved he didn't insist on coming in.
    She promised to call him later that night and entered CCD. She saw him seated at the regular table at the far end. It reminded her of the days when they used to meet daily during their lunch hour. After lunch they would visit CCD and then would proceed to their office.She was his junior then. Now she had come a long way. She no longer needed him or did she? Ofcourse not. She had to let go of this relation..

(to be coninued)

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