Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Lucky Boy

Katie and Mia had both given their names for the general knowledge exam that happened every year in school. They were now regular participants. Though only a certificate was handed at the end of the year, it was always fun to to go to school on this particular day when all the school was deserted and they could have lots of fun roaming in the campus before the exam. Right from the first grade Katie and Mia had a favorite place in the school. It was the wall that faced the playground on one side and the road on the other. This was their place of timepass in the otherwise boring school time.
      Numerous play periods were passed standing there and commenting on the games and the passersby
until some instructor chided them to join the games. Games were one of the few things they never participated in.
      It was 10.45 and they were still standing and giggling about something when the entrance warning bell rang. Exam started at 11.
      Mia said,"Katie do you realise we are now seniors? Lets go to the class and see how many juniors turned up". Katie lazily replied "Yeah,lets go ,there's nothing interesting here." Oh God! Has this exam now started for the ninth graders as well?" Katie shouted out aloud. The fun was all gone. They sank back into their respective seats and looked at the ninth graders. One of them came over to the board and scribbled something. Two more of his friends followed and started doing the same. There was some playful fight going on over what they were scribbling. Then the ninth grader turned around. Though Katie and Mia almost knew everyone atleast by their faces due to their passtime activities ,this one was a new face. Katie was more interested,"Have you seen him?" "nope" was the reply from Mia.
     Miss Pushy entered the class with the question papers. Miss Pushy was a little deaf or maybe acted like one. She had long and thick hair which were always adorned with white flowers. There were rumours in school that she suffered from depression following her mother's demise but then every other person had some disorder according to the rumours in this school.
      She looked at the ninth grader and said,"Lucky boy, get back to your seat."
"Lucky boy?" both Katie and Mia said aloud at and time and giggled. A look from Pushy quitened them but the name stuck around for a long time. Lucky boy then returned to his seat. The exam commenced and ended without more event and Katie and Mia returned home. A new story started that day. Katie and Mia just had a new crush rather a common crush "THE LUCKY BOY".

(the story continues )

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