Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A simple love story (part 2) FICTION

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The librarian looked above her spectacles and adjusted it back to her eyes. It felt as if she too had experienced every moment of my anxiety. He smiled at her and then glanced at me. I had cried so much while I was pretending to read that my eye make-up had smeared and my face looked pale washed with tears.
        He came to me and we sat at our usual table. He calmly took my hands into his and whispered," I am sorry". I didn't know what he wanted to say sorry for. My stupid mind was calculating endless probabilities. Maybe he is sorry for asking me out. Maybe he is sorry for not informing about his changed plans. But then why had he bothered to come?
        He leaned closer and murmured, 'I am really sorry dear, I wanted to get you your favourite flowers on this special day. Not only did I fail miserably in doing that ,but I also made you cry on our first date."
I could see regret on his face. The intensity with which he was looking into my eyes pierced my being. It was as if he could see through everything that was going on inside me. My fears, my indecision and my feelings were all exposed to him in that moment.
       I asked him how he knew about my favorite flowers because I could remember no such incident where I mentioned him my liking for tulips. He just teased me by saying," I can get to know almost anything if I want to" and started laughing. I was still getting mad at him for running around for a tulip and making me wait and now he was making fun of me. But he looked adorable when he teased like that. The librarian coughed a few times and that made him quiet.
     He pulled me closer this time and cupped my face in his hands. What he said in the few minutes that followed will be something I will cherish for a lifetime..
    "The very first day I saw you in this library I felt drawn to you. A girl with bookmarks having a tulip flower. Lost in wonder of books and that expression you give when you find what you need are somethings I enjoy watching everyday." He reached his pockets to draw out the most beautiful purple tulip I could ever get. I could only imagine how far he could go to get this to me. I smiled at him. A tear which was around the edge strolled down my cheeks.
    He gently touched my cheeks with his lips and whispered into my ears," Have I ever told you how beautiful you look without makeup? I just love you like this". That was one moment I would want to rewind over and over again. There was so much  I felt for him that very instant but all I could say was,"I love you too".
    We still saw the movie that day even though we had to catch the next show. I don't remember much of that movie because that day nothing else mattered to me. I found my love in my ordinary guy that day and my first date will be something I will remember with butterflies in my stomach.
    As I said , ours was just a simple love story ..

P.S: A fiction with inputs from real story of the most romantic couple I know of..


Manu said...

AWESOME Sweetheart.......!!!!!!! Loved it to the core.......!!!!

Keep writing......!!!!!

maithili said...

thanks dear.. sure more stories coming up soon..

Pradnya said...

lovely writings maithili..

maithili said...

thanks pradnya..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Amazing story! Made me grin like a fool :D I love your posts! :) Falling in love with an ordinary guy, how extraordinary :D :) :) Keep Writing!

maithili said...

falling in love with an ordinary guy is sweeter than falling for ur dream man... things exceed ur expectations :)

Priyanka said...

Beautiful:) and reminded me of myself a little bit.. an ordinary story of an ordinary girl who fell in love with an ordinary guy and had an extraordinarily awesome life...