Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lucky boy continues

"But why lucky boy?" asked Mia."Remember that annual day jackpot? He got the prize money in that. That's why Pushy calls him Lucky boy".
"Oh really? But what's his real name?" Mia asked further. Katie replied,"He is Rehan. Ninth grader new admission. No wonder we haven't seen him before."
Katie had found out all she needed.
 Mia was not the one to be left behind. Soon after, she found out that he lived near school and that he was actively involved in sports.
They began to spend their lunch hours hanging close by and never once missing a chance to have a good look at him.
 Katie and Mia were the best of friends in school. A Lucky boy could create ripples but never a rift in their friendship. They never
acknowledged their crush on him. "He is you cup of tea" was what Mia would reply if Katie teased her and Katie would retort back by saying,"No,no he is your cake".
 Crushes are not new to teenage life but sharing of crush might be a rare case. This friendship surpasses all the tales of teenage jealousy.
 "so are you going to talk to him" quizzed Mia one day. "Me? Mad or what? No way" was the same response of Katie.Both equally interested and both equally reluctant.
 Poor guy Rehan! He noticed the girls and often thought one of them would approach him because they happened to be everywhere he was. But his Lucky boy charm didn't work this time.
They both never spoke to him. The year passed and both Mia and Katie got promoted to the eighth grade. It was heard that Rehan left the school following another transfer of his father.
Katie and Mia soon forgot of their common crush and found out new hobby ideas( not involving sharing of crush anymore).
 Years later if Katie and Mia meet up and Rehan's mention crops up then the immediate response is always,"Oh wasn't that your first crush? what were you thinking?" and both would burst into
laughter and go back down the memory lane. This time it's both of them teasing at the same time...

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