Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Between friends..

"Hey idiot what's up?"
"hmm the ceiling.. and yeah there is a fan as well"
"Very funny.. you planning to hang yourself or something?"
"Why would I do something stupid?"
"Oh that's great.. anyway I called to inform you that the fan wouldn't be able to bear your weight. Good that you have enough sense." HE chuckled..
"Aye I m not that fat okay?"
"Yep baby.. only a little bit chubby..what you call ?? ohh yeah baby fat! By the way it's baby elephant isn't it?
"Whatever.. I m not in a mood to argue with you.."
"Why what happened to the great debater?"
"I think I know.. The girl is in love.."
"I don't want to talk about it."
"You should have thought about it earlier.. "
"That is why I didn't tell you for last 2 years.. I knew you would get pleasure out of teasing me.. You know what ?you are a jerk." Now she was really cursing herself for disclosing the secret to him.
"Wow.. 2 years!! Like when we were in 10th standard??"
"We haven't failed a single class.. So calculate for yourself what class we were in .."
"Hey why the lashing ? People in love don't do that."
"Listen if you can't respect my feelings atleast don't make fun of it." She was now on the verge of tears..
"I m not making fun of your feelings.." He sounded confused..
"Hey come on Misha.. that's how our relation has always been.. "

It was the truth.. They had been together like forever.. Best of friends.. She hated him when he dumped their plan to hangout with the boys and completely forgot about her.. But he had always been a charmer.. Their on and off fights were the laughing stock of their families.. He was her companion and play mate and she never really felt the need of any other friend.. She had other friends but he was the one who always remained constant..
It was only when one of her friends told her about the huge crush she had on Shyam and wanted her to act as the mediator to get to him, she felt the flames of a fuming jealousy.. Then realisation struck.. It was now more than friendship.. She had fallen in love with him..

Out of sheer stupidity and desperation she had smsed him last night.."Shyam I sort of like you"..
He had taken her lightly and replied.."Hey idiot I like you 2.. btw happy realisation."
Call it inexperience in such matters or the restlessness, she smsed him again.. "Not that way Shyam.."
He completely ignored her message and replied late night.. "Go to sleep  idiot.."
Yes.. she was an idiot.. Now it would never be the same again..

"Hey are you there or dozed off lazy bones"
"yeah there.."
"So tell me all about it."
"About what?"
"Your love.. I want to know how deep it is.."
"Listen Shyam I m sorry .. I shouldn't have told you that.. Now please let go off that thing.. You wouldn't know crap about it.."
"Oh why so?" he was asking it as inquisitively as he had once asked her in class 9 ,"Misha what is PMS?"
She didn't know what to reply to that.. She simply said I don't know.. She thought of smart answers to reply to that.. She couldn't find any..until she read in a book where in a similar context the girl replies "Pissed-off-men syndrome".. She burst out laughing.. THis was the perfect answer for him.. When she told him the answer, he simply took it in as genuine answer.. Aww he trusted her!!

"Because you have never been in love..except for your stupid games.."
"And you.."
"YEah I have been in love ."
"I wasn't asking you.. I was telling you... I have been in love with games and you.. you long before the games came.." HE made it sound so simple..
"As a friend..yeah..but.."
"You birdbrain!! I love you ..in whatever way possible!!"
She stopped short of words.. She needed someone to pinch her back to reality..
"Yeah really.. But I can change that if you don't open the door.."
"What?? where are you?"
"Outside your house."
HE was her neighbor..HE had been staying at a hostel near his college.. He had come all the way for her!!
She opened the door.. There he was smiling at her..
She hugged him tight... He held her in his arms for a long time..

"Why did you not reply to me last night then?"
"What you wanted to be the hero or what? I wanted to propose you.. not the other way round"
"Then what were you waiting all along?"
"Your birthday.." he gave a 100 watt smile..
"Since when?"
"Hmm ever since I knew the meaning of PMS :P"
"That was when..."
"one year back"
"See you are always late..!!"
"yeah yeah I know.. now go give me something to eat.. Came so far.. starving!!"
"Oh.. ok"
She turned to go inside when he pulled her back into his arms..
"Before you do it again..let me do it the proper way.. Misha I love you.." He had never looked so serious in his life..
"Someday will you take my surname? I seriously hate yours :)"
"Shyam my surname is very dashing..."
He rolled his eyes.. They often debated on this !!
"Whatever..don't start again.."
"But I wouldn't mind yours too :)" She winked at him .. :)

P.S Had written this sweet, naughty love confession sometime back.. kept it on hold for editing and waited for the right moment to post ;) 
Well Maithili will be away from the blogworld for a week  from tomorrow.. cousin's marriage :) 
Keep writing and I will be back to check and comment on all that you people write ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

The award goes to...

Thought of giving away an award and spent the better time thinking for what to give an award! Something different has to be given and so I thought of this award for the "Thought Provoking Blogger" and the award   goes to Blasphemous Aesthete !! 

                                                                  Made by Maithili...

Each one of us bloggers is striving to create something different in our blogs. What strikes you in this blog is the simple yet thought provoking views of this blogger! From education, to words to perception.. each post of his kept me thinking.. A very genuine and honest inquisitiveness I experience while reading his posts. This blog really stands out from the rest in that it gives you food for thought! ;) 
                 One of  my favorites from his posts is War of words and Raindrops for the sunshine .. I like the carefully chosen and perfect quotes in his posts.. 
                 Congratulations  Blasphemous Aesthete!! 

Before taking this award I want you to answer 5 question :) 

1. What is your most cherished gift?
2. Which is your favorite color?
3. Beach or hillstation?
4. Book you like to read again and again.
5. When is your birthday :)

Simple questions .. answer and link it back to me :) 

Once again congratulation!!! Keep writing!!! 

P.S : Thank you MSM for telling me how to give awards : ) 

Woman Of Strength

                   She was all of five when they all left for the native place. Life in Mumbai she hadn't experienced much. She had a younger sister. Her mother was pregnant for a third time. She enjoyed her carefree time in the village. When it was time to leave everyone but her was ready. Yes, she was left behind by her family to live all alone in the village with the extended family. Her parents and sisters (her mother delivered another girl child) left for the city.
                   She lived in a house with 5 other children, her cousins. There were elders but all too occupied with their farm work and children. She had to learn to do her chores. Money was scarce so was the care. She attended a convent school and struggled to keep up with the strict rules. Embarrassment and poverty were constant companions. In these hard times the only company she had was that of her cousin sister Jalaja. The two girls were elder than all the rest of 5 cousins. They shouldered all responsibilities together. 
                   Life progressed in the village. She excelled in studies. Her family came to visit in the holidays. They now had 2 sons too and the parents were happy they had sons finally. All were cared for in the city and she wondered what wrong she had done to be left alone. The siblings treated her like a stranger. She was dark complexioned than  her sisters. This became a point of teasing for them. She beared the hurt.
                   Soon she grew up to be 16 and completed school. She had adjusted to the life in village. She looked after her aging grandmother in all these years. She felt at home in the village. Then she was called to the city by her father and all the struggles started again.
                   She was deprived of the city life, the clothings, the  language spoken in the city and many more things, but one thing she had was STRENGTH. The strength to start life again. The strength to hold on to herself and not give in to "fitting in". She was looked upon as an added burden by her siblings. They all were a team and she was the stranger. She was looked down and constantly teased. Her companion here was a neighborhood married woman not much older than her. She became her elder sister in city. Guiding her and sharing with her the ways of the city. 
                   She graduated and got a good job. She worked hard to get into better places. The sisters now worried that because of her dark complexion she would not get married early and their marriages too would be held back. 
                  She married at a mature age to a railway employee who owned his house( which was of prime importance) without giving any dowry. Within a year she gave birth to a baby girl. The child had to be cared for and needed the supervision of elders and she was a first time mother. She went to her mother's home . The siblings (the house had two rooms) constantly complained how they were disturbed because of the child. Her father persistently asked when she would be leaving. This enraged her husband and he took her and the child back home. She had to care for the child and the house and also carry on her job. Her child was sensitive and fell ill several times and needed to hospitalised. She spent sleepless nights nursing her child back to health when everyone around broke her heart by saying, "The  child is not going to last much. If you want it to live, you should quit your job." She couldn't quit as the money was needed for the expensive medicines. 
                 The child bridged the gap between her home and her. The child touched the hearts of her siblings and parents. They wanted to care for the child. She and her husband shifted to a house closer to her parents. Four years of extensively caring and nursing, the child began to develop into a healthier one. 
                 Time slipped by. One of the sisters got married , while the other one( the beautiful of the three) is still to be married. One of her brother (epilepsy patient) stays at home. The other brother works and manages somehow. She had another baby boy and her family is complete.
                 In all these years, several times her father fell ill. She and her husband were the only people who cared. Her mother had to be operated upon and she was the only one at her side.
                 A few days back her mother was hospitalised and she was the one who cared and stayed with her. All the years of pain she left behind. All she has is sympathy and forgiveness for everything they did. She selflessly works and cares for all. Every mother cares selflessly for her children even if they value her or not. This is one daughter who selflessly cares for her parents and siblings even if they value her or not..
                She is still the close aide of her cousin Jalaja and her city neighbor ( who know stays distant but in contant).
                 Her daughter is not half as courageous and strong as her. Her daughter stayed with her and saw her through all the tough times. Her daughter may not celebrate Mother's day but knows that her mother is the one who brought her back to life. Her daughter is right now writing this to let you know of this one "Woman of Strength" 
                 Yes this woman is my mother ... :) 
                                 That's me and Mom :)

P.S :  This is the first one of the "Woman of Strength" series and I thought to start it from the woman I draw strength from. I am still to hear who is going to help me carry on the series. This could be any of the woman you know of.. Please mail me at maithili.bhatnagar4@gmail.com and let me know if you are willing to write .. waiting to hear from you guys ;) 

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A little note for the readers...

                    It's been long since I m posting on this space. The initial days were almost a dud.. People hardly visited here. In those days the only motivation to keep writing came from my friends who followed the blog (some never read anything) and although not inclined much into the blogging stuff, made me feel happy that they liked it.. These friends are still the ones I text whenever I write something new.. They are Manasi and Nupura.. Both of them love to read novels and my blog is religiously followed.(although after a text).
                    Then came a few blogger friends like Aditya , who joined this blog.. The readers were mostly limited to the people I personally know..
                    Then came Anoop who was doing some sort of a research on why girls get more followers (I had only 12 at that time and he was at 48!) by the name Ninu.. He became a regular after I became his 50th follower.. His comments were always the first ones to come and he became my only follower who didn't have to be notified via text and facebook share ! Thanks Anoop for being the first of my genuine followers!
                    Through Anoop, I got to know of RedHanded.. Her positive comments during "A college Crush" series made me upbeat to write and post more often! These were the two people genuine interested in what I wrote..
                     I started writing for The Writer's Lounge where Chirag found me and became one of my regular followers and is still the one.. Thanks for your constant attention on my blog and your regular comments :)
                    Coming to one of my sweetest followers.. This one too I found from Anoop's space! MSM .. The moment I read her first post I found the connect.. She brightens up my day with her comments and makes me want to write better... :)
                    One of my favorite writers is Blasphemous Aesthete .. His subjects and views completely amaze me. He is a way too matured writer than me and his posts really make me think in a different light! It was you who was following my series that made me edit and make it so beautiful! Yes, you reading and liking it was great!!!
                    Then there are followers like MehakThe Enigma,Vinati and Always Happy who drop in sometimes and drop in a real nice comment :) Love you all..
                     I have one more person who says he reads my blog , only a little bit late. He was one of the first blogger I started following. He is on break from writing and I m really waiting for his posts.. He is one of my favorites Freelancer!!!!!!!!!!
                     Thanks to all my readers I am constantly motivated to write more and improve. Your comments make me want to spin new tales and more twists :)
                     Coming Soon!!!!!!!!! A series called "Women of strength" a tale of different women battling the world and their strength. I plan to do this series in collaboration with my blogger friends. You too can write any of the tales you know of or can imagine and post it as a guest post..anyone willing to write is welcome ! Do let me know..
                     I have another plan in mind which I will soon reveal :)

Surprise Surprise Part 12

Read Part 11
          Ashna on the stage!!!!!!.. She took his breathe away.. He had never seen anything more beautiful.. She was dressed in a red choli and lehenga with  shimmering gold work on it.. Blushed cheeks and those colored lips.. Dark eyes... She looked nothing less than bride bejeweled with glow and happiness...
             She was there to dance!
She looked at him from the stage... Her heart beating fast..Her eyes had pined to get a glimpse of him.  She was getting nervous in front of everyone but then she got the courage and thought,
                       Pyaar kiya toh darna kya   :P
        She could always excuse and say "It was just a song" but the message she was sending was loud and clear even for the deaf...
        He would have died out of happiness when he heard the song she was dancing to....

"Prem meri aankhome hai.. prem meri saaso me hai...."
"Banni banni bani re bani Prem deewani bani..ab kya kare dil diya na.."

Her expressions spoke volumes..full of love and surrender and he knew then that he had her.... for a lifetime.... He got stares from both the parental units but he shrugged it off.. This was the happiest day of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He ran backstage the moment her dance was done.. Anandita stopped him..
"Where are you going?" she enquired.
"To meet her" he wasn't even looking at her.
"No boys in the dressing room."
"Hey please do me a favor then. Please get her out na. I want to talk to her now.. Please please."
"Ok. ok Mr Loverboy. She will come wait."

She walked to him. She wanted to run to him and hug him but the apparel was too heavy for that.

"Hey" he said, speechless at her beauty.
She looked happy to see him.. Then she noticed ...

"Prem! where are your glasses? What happened to your hair?? Let me look at you!" she exclaimed with joy.
"Got lens baby! And a new hairdo.. isn't it good?" he asked.
"Good !! oh my god!! It's freaking hot!! You look like awesome!! " She was attracted to  his new look. She had fallen in love with the geeky, sweet Prem, she had no idea he could look so mindblowing! This was like an icing on the cake! He was looking so handsome.. Or was it that he was handsome all along and she had failed to notice it.. Today she was looking at him with eyes of love.... No, he really did look so charming..
"And you look like my bride." he smiled.
"Awww...  how was it?" she asked.
"Bold! very bold!! I couldn't have imagined you could do something like this! But I m crazy about you now! Madly madly in love with you. You have given me the happiest moment of my life.. I will never forget this."
"I love you too Prem and I missed you like hell!! Why the hell didn't you call me? Didn't you miss me?"
"I missed you every moment. Well I just wanted to give you some space.. To Think.. It seems you used it wisely!" he joked.
"Don't I just love that cuteness of yours!" she said and hugged him and he held her tighly... She was his world now..
'Ashna..this is the happiest day of my life.."
"Mine too.." she crooned.
"What are you going to answer for the public display of affection"
"Arrey tujhse kaha hai toh keh dungi me jaake sabse " :P
"Dialogue mat maar!!"
"Everyone knows its a good dance number.. Not your fault if your name is Prem too! " she said innocently.
"Prem I will be back.. Need to get out of this outfit.. It's too heavy."
"No wait.. I want to capture this  moment."
He clicked a snap of hers in the outfit and then called Anandita to click a snap of their together.. She obliged.. They looked perfect with each other !
She came back in her casual pink t-shirt and blue jeans and she still looked like a bride.. She would always be beautiful for him...

"Don't stare like that" she blushed.
"Why? Ab toh mera maal hai ! "
"Prem you are too much!" she laughed.
"I have something for you" he said.
HE gave her..
"Oh Fruit n Nut "
"And something else."
He took out the pair of earrings he had bought for her.
"Wow it's beautiful.. Thanks a lot Prem.Promise me you will never leave me."
"I promise.. and you promise you will always love me like this." he said.
"More than this.." she said..
She looked stunning in those earrings.. He thought the earrings looked dazzling on her... ;)

They spent the rest of the time away from others, sharing all that transpired in their absence as they entered a whole new world of romance... The geek guy and his cute girl forever changed each other's life for the best...

Outside the two moms smiled at each other knowingly.. Soon they would be more than friends....

P.S hope you guys liked this series....

coming back to love... Part 11

   Read Part 10 
             She woke up early in the morning.. She was humming and searching for the perfect dress to wear.. Anandita was still in a mood to sleep more and sleepily said, "Ash, it's just 6.30.. Go to sleep or atleast stop the irritating humming!" she croaked.
              She laughed and said," Di you sound soo phunnny!! And yeah don't call me Ash!!"
My sister is going nuts she said to herself  and then she realised and woke up with a rush ,"Oh my goodness!! Prem is coming back today!!! No wonder you are all happy!!"
             Ashna blushed and said, "Yes, he is but I m not going to meet him. I am going to prepare for the evening. Isn't it a coincidence that today only he is coming and today only this thing is happening!"
            "Oh yes.. He will be so surprised na Ashna?"
            "You bet.. I m going to knock him out today!" and she laughed more.
Anandita was happy for her sister.. Things were perfect and she went back to sleep..

        Back on the Indian soil.. His Mom and Dad had come to receive him too.. He had expected her too but she didn't come. Good I will give her the surprise in a better form he thought.
        He rested and checked his mobile when he got up. No missed call or message from her. Where was she?
       He texted her..
"Hey I m back.. If someone is free we can meet?"

After almost 15 minutes and after him checking 10 times in that duration came the reply,
"Welcome back.. Meet you as soon as free."

So she was busy....with whom? why was he thinking such things??

      "Prem, get ready we have to go." his mom called out.

       "Mom I m tired..not coming anywhere." He was already not in a good mood..
       "okay we will go to Ashna's house, you stay back beta.. rest." she said in a light tone.
       "Ashna's home? why?" he got excited.
       "Will tell you only if you come."
        "Ok getting ready in a jiffy."
She looked as her son came out. He was looking handsome she thought..

He was excited to see her after such a long time. He thought how she would react. What she must have thought over in his absence. She had changed him so much. Now he was happier. More enthusiastic about life. She had taught him to live life every moment and not just work on the future. She taught him to spread joy even though she herself was not that happy. She unknowingly taught him to be a kid sometimes and shed off all responsibilities and chill and pamper oneself once in a while.. He had changed so much for her...

He went in a flashback about all that happened between them so far.. He wondered what she would be doing and how she would respond to the change..

      When they entered Ashna's buiding complex it was fully decorated.. He thought someone might be getting married..
      Ashna's parents were all dressed up and welcomed them. Anandita too was dressed in sharara.. What was happening he wondered.. Where was Ashna? His eyes were scanning the entire place...

     He pulled Anandita aside..

"What's happening here Anu?" he asked.
"Oh my someone is looking really handsome!" she teased.
"Thanks..  now tell kya ho raha hai?"
"Culture function hai complex ka." she said
"Where is Ashna?" he asked.
"Don't get so impatient.. she will reveal herself soon.. to everyone.." she winked and went near the stage.. He tried looking for her but she disappeared.

He sat with both the families in the front row... The stage was set.. The sisters nowhere to be seen...

Then came the biggest jolt... When the curtain raised.....

(to be continued)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just to say ...

                    This post is to convey someone something...
         This is for The Enigma ... I tried to comment on your blog but there is some problem with it. It asks for word verification but doesn't show the box. Anyhow you can fix it later.. Here's what I want to say..
        First time ever someone dedicated something for me so Thanks for being the first one to dedicate a post for me :)
        I really liked your view that no one ever analyses what someone else feels for them. You got to make them realize by expressing it.. Life is too short to wait and let others realize your feelings for them..
        Secondly thanks for following my blog..
        Thirdly I like your blog...
        Fourthly do post more often..

So here I express myself ...if tomorrow never comes :)

Distance makes heart grow fonder... Part 10

       Read Part 9   
             He was leaving for the airport.. His parents and Ashna were coming with him to see him off.. All through the journey he glimpsed her through the mirror.. For days now he won't get to see his doll... She caught him looking once or twice and blushed away..
           "Prem don't behave so love sick.. Your mom is with me in the back seat remember! " she texted him.
He laughed at the text.. and replied back.. "Will miss you badly.. What to do can't get enough of you!"
           "Bad flirt! by the way we all will miss you." she texted back.
Prem's mom wasn't unaware who both of them were texting to, but she let it pass..
           He said goodbye one last time and looked at her long enough to make her uncomfortable and then left..
           Ashna hadn't realised till that time how much she liked Prem. It had been just 1 hour since he left and she already missed him.
         It was boring going to college and not getting text from him on the way, "hey wait at the station.. m reaching."
        It was lonely walking back home alone.. She didn't feel like coming online much as he wasn't going to be there to chat.. She waited for him to call but he didn't call even once..His mom called her up sometimes and conveyed the message that he had asked how all of them were.. She wondered why he didn't call..
       She read books all day, but missed sharing them with Prem.. They had so much in similar and yet they were so much different.. She didn't know if she had one friend other than Prem with whom she could be herself..with all her imperfections and insecurities..
      Everyone wanted her to be happy and cheerful, but Prem understood her need for space.. her need for silence... He unquestioningly let her be herself.. She missed and how.. She missed him terribly...
     He had been her unconditional support.. She missed his jokes, his concern, getting angry on him for silly reasons and then confusing him with her responses. She almost never thought of Ashish now.. IT was only Prem she thought about all the time...
She opened her crimson diary and scribbled..

Dear Diary,

I think I m falling in love with Prem.. I m missing him badly.. why doesn't he call? Has he forgotten me?

He longed to be back with her.. He was planning to surprise her this time.. Little did he know that she was preparing to give him the biggest surprise of his life..

P.S : Watch out for this place to know the surprise from both parties :) To be continued...

Coming closer.. Part 9

Read Part 8
            "Wake up sleeping beauty."
             "Prem I m not sleeping!! " said Ashna...
"Then what? you have been here for last 2 hours.. swaying in this swing.. "
"I love it here.. Look its so calm.. Its raining drops and then it suddenly breaks into a sunshine.. It looks like pearls are falling from above and I want to collect them all.. " she described poetically..
       "Amazing! What description! Why do you close your eyes then?" he asked.
       "Hmmm its like I want to experience it all with my eyes closed and capture it within my soul... Dreaming of living this day with my Prince.. It's a girl thing.. you won't know."
       "Hooo... By the way all girls are in kitchen.. gossiping and catching up on everything.. You want to miss that?"
        "Hmm yeah.. I just want to sit here and be at peace.. I m so very happy here.. Thanks Prem.. I want to come here everytime I can! " she said.
         He thought, how it would be when they would be here all alone.. They could visit it anytime she wanted if she became his life partner.. He smiled to himself..
        "Hey Prem I never asked you, but do you have a girlfriend?"
  Her question caught him unaware.
        "No..." he smiled "atleast not yet.."
        "Ohhhh...so you are planning to have one huh?"  she prodded him further.
         He said nothing.. Why could he not say he wanted her to be his girlfriend?
         "Ok tell me what kind of a girl you want?" she asked.
"Well someone like... like...I don't know how to describe!" he gave up.
         "Oh come on! Don't tell me you don't know what kind of a girl you want. I mean I could always tell what type of a guy I want." she replied.
         He thought this was the best chance to know what was her choice.
        "And what kind of a guy do you want?" he asked.
"Well... Hmm.. someone smart.. sweet..helping.. kind... caring... intelligent.. who let's me be.. who can make situations lighter.. who can listen to me.. who respects me.. who would keep me happy.. who would always support me .. who would always be with me..." her list went on and on and on...
       He listened to her trying to remember all she said... She saw his confused look..
  "Well Prem to cut it short I want someone who would truly love me.. for who I am and I think rest of the requirements he would fulfil himself... " she said..
        True he thought...
While the fathers discussed politics and business, the females kept themselves busy with gossiping more and more and more.. when they got tired they dressed up and went around the farm and the markets, ate and slept..
         Prem and Ashna spent most of the time together.. She would want to go all around the farm, Sit below the trees.. swing and read.. She was content... What Prem was waiting was, for the time to express himself..
        It was Sunday afternoon when they had gone near the water pump.. Ashna had slipped in the mud..
   "Oh Shit.. Prem I m all dirty..what to do?"
    "Wait here there is a pump.. Wash yourself.."

He took her near the pump. He watched her trying to open the pump with all her strength and then she said
"Prem.. help na!"

He went over to help and while she splashed water on her face, he thought this was going to be the last day here.. He should tell her..

  She playfully splattered some water on him and they began playing like kids.. Suddenly he pulled her hand and with a serious expression he told,
  "Ashna there is something I want to tell you."
  She was all ears to what he had to say.

  "Ashna I got a month long scholarship to go to Germany."
   "Oh that's really great Prem.. congratulations!"
   "Before leaving I had to tell you this.. Ashna I love you a lot." He looked at her trying to decipher her expression.
    "Prem... are you serious?" She was still thinking it was some prank.
     "Yes Ashna... This is about my life and my first love.. I love you and I don't expect your answer right now. You take your time. This is the perfect moment for me to tell you this.. What you answer should be rightfully thought over. I m looking for a long term partner in you dear. Before you came into my life, I had a vague idea what love was.. But you showed me how to love and live.. You are the girl I want to be with always and I will try my best to keep you happy."
      She didn't answer him anything.. Suddenly things had changed.. There was an awkward silence between them as they walked back to their farmhouse.
      They set out for home that evening..

Just one day and he would be away from her for a whole month... The very thought was unbearable.. He had to make through it.. How desperately he wanted her in his life...

Ashna was silent all through  the journey.. She didn't want to hurt him but she didn't know if she was ready for a relation.. If he was the one... She didn't know.. She had a month to think over it...

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Plan.. Part 8

      Read PART 7 
           "So are your parents coming over to our place to discuss this?"
          "Yes.." he said..
           "Oh wow!! Prem I m really so excited about this!"
           "Have you told Ashna this?" he asked
           "Not yet."
           "Oh god! when are you going to tell her? She will kill us if she comes to know it last!"
           "Hello! She is my sis first.. Don't worry. She will not."
           "Ok cool.. we will come at 6."

Ashna entered the room and Anandita cut the call. This had been happening very often. She wondered why Di was hiding something from her. Was she in love with someone?
           "who was it Di?"
           "Ah no one.." she went outside the room.
Ashna got irritated. She logged onto internet and sat occupied..
    The door bell rang. Anandita opened the door. Excited voices from the hall attracted Ashna's attention. Something was going on. She went to the hall..
    Prem and his parents were there. His Mom was huggine her mom.

"Its been such a surprise Sushma! We had been only 10 minutes away for so many years!" said her Mom.
"Anita I m so glad we met because of these kids!" Prem's mom said.

Anandita and Prem stared at each other! What was happening? They exchanged curious glances. Their father looked equally surprised.

"Prem, she is Anita my college friend! We are really close friends in college but had lost touch afterwards!" his mother explained.

"Anu and Ashna didn't I tell you stories of my college life? She is the same Sushma !"

Now it all began making sense.. Their fathers shook hands and all sat down to talk.

Ashna was still confused what this was all about! She too sat with all of them.

"Anita had I known you were Ashna's mom, I would have made this plan long back! you have such lovely daughters" said Prem's mom.

"Now I  m super excited about the plan." Ashna's mom replied.

"If you all don't mind, will someone tell me too what the plan is?" Ashna was frustrated of the cryptic now!

They all stopped the discussion and looked at her.

"Beta, we all are going to our farmhouse in Khandala for the weekend!" said Prem's mom..

The smile on her face... all 100 watts of it .. It was all Prem wanted to see and he got it. He couldn't thank Anandita enough for this supercool plan.. Maybe he would get some lone time with Ashna and he could confess his feelings for her..

"wow Mom!! this must me yours and Prem's idea as usual!! since you both didn't include me! " Ashna said.

He kept watching her... His Mom caught him looking at her and she didn't need any other sign to tell that her boy had fallen for Ashna..

"No this time its your Di and Prem." said Anandita..

"Prem you have hijacked all my family!! Dad do you plan any Dhamaka with Prem??" she asked
"Hey if I do .. I won't tell you.." he joked. There was a hearty laughter..

"Kya fark padhta hai.. your family and Prem's family is one only now.." said his Mom..

This time it was Prem who realised his Mom's intent.. Then there was Ashna's mom who caught her friends comment and she began thinking on it... :)

So the families set out on the weekend for Khandala..

Prem was waiting for the right moment.. Anandita was happy about her idea working. she could already see Ashna getting happier day by day.. She was right.. A get together and a change of location was what Ashna needed..

The night before they set out...

Ashna wrote...

Dear Diary,

Did I tell you about Prem??? 

(to be continued)

Healing the wounds.. Part 7

   Read Part 6 

               She sat alone in the balcony on a rocking chair. A chaos of thoughts in her mind.. Ashish ditching her this way was a blow to her. However much she was hurt, but something deep inside her was relieved. She didn't know what it was, it was ceasing her tears. The relation was not complete. Something lacked in it. She had come to terms with the fact that it was not she who had done anything wrong and she had to let him go. What bothered her was, when she thought she loved Ashish all this time, why this feeling of relief on his separation. She wondered if the shock had rendered her mentally damaged....
               He watched her as she rocked herself slowly.. Deep in her own thoughts and expressionless. It had been sometime he was sitting in her room. 2 weeks had gone by since he realised his feelings for her. She was her usual self with everyone around, but in those moments of solitude, her face spoke of a melancholy unknown to him. He wanted her to snap out of it, but there was no way he could speed up things.
              Anandita entered the room. She noticed Prem staring intensely and yet with apparant affection for Ashna.. Her sister, oblivious to his presence had fallen off to sleep..
              "Didn't you tell her you are here?" she asked.
Suddenly he panicked. He was so intently observing her, he hadn't even realised Anandita coming into the room.
             "Ah.. no.. she was sort of busy in her thoughts..so.." he thought of a reason to explain.
"So you thought of day-dreaming too?" she giggled. He couldn't help thinking, they giggle the same way!
            "I understand Prem.. don't bother explaining. She is taking her time. If you ask me, I am happy she is no longer with Ashish. They never really had any serious relation. I mean it's not like it was casual for her or something. But they have spent better part of their affair, apart. He never seemed right to me. Never made an effort to maintain the relation.."
             He listened to her with rapt attention. She was telling things he wanted to know but couldn't ask Ashna.
            "I want her to be happy Anandita.. not this way.." He didn't know why, but he shared it with her.
  She smiled.
             "I have an idea.." she said.
       They talked for sometime and then decided to wake up Ashna..

She woke up with a start.. A few strands of hair stroking her cheeks.. God! she is soo beautiful he thought.
           "Oh Prem! you didn't tell me you would be coming!" she exclaimed.
           "Aunty called me for lunch.. I thought you would be knowing." he said.
           "You two best friends never tell me anything." she complained.
           "Okay lets have lunch now." Anandita said.

They would discuss their plan later in detail. They would include Ashna's and Prem's parents too. He was waiting for Anandita's idea to work for Ashna..
           IT was 11 PM..
Ashna sat with her crimson colored diary.. It had been long since she had written anything.. That day she wrote out her pain.. Her tears.. She went across the previous pages and cried out some more.. She then kept it aside and went to sleep...
          Anandita pretended to be asleep through all this... She thought... The wound to her self-esteem has filled up.. It only needs a healing touch of love... Soon she will have her cheerful Ashna back...

(to be continued)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revelation ... Part 6

Read Part 5
          The presentation was done.. The results were to be declared today.. He was waiting for her to come to college. It had been a week since they had stopped being at each other's place. He missed her very much..
          It was already 11 o'clock and results were put up on the website.. He wanted to check it with her.. She was nowhere to be seen. He went over and checked the result and let out a happy smile.. They had won it!
         He called her, but she didn't pick up his phone. He looked for her all over the college but could not find her. Finally he went to one more place where the probability of finding her was the least.. THE LIBRARY..
         There she was..sitting in the farthest corner all alone.. He knew something was wrong.. He went near her..
        "Ashna.. what happened..Any problem?" he asked her softly as he sat beside her.
        She looked at him and the sight broke his heart..
Her eyes were swollen because of her long crying.. Her face had turned red.. She looked so shattered.
        "Prem... Prem... " she said between her soft sobs.. She could hardly breathe..
        "Ashna.. Listen dear.. Let's move out of here.. It's not the right place to talk.. "
       She shut her eyes and let out few more tears...
He gently wiped her tears and held her lightly, just giving her support to stand up.. They walked out of the library and  he took her to the neighboring garden. When she appeared a little more calm, he asked.
        "What happened dear? Did anyone hurt you?"
Her tears rolled down uncontrollably.. "He hurt me Prem.."
He felt something break inside him..
"Ashish.. He says he doesn't want me in his life anymore..."
He didn't know what to say.. He didn't even know who Ashish was.. As if sensing his doubts she said, "Ashish.. I have known him since school.. We were in love since last two years.. He went away to another city for his engineering last year.. You know that day when we were working, he called me to say he couldn't meet me. He had been away for one year and when he is in city he didn't want to meet me!"

He let her speak..

" You know what, I saw him yesterday with another girl. I confronted him and he says I doubt him! He even talked foul about my character.. Saying I m all day with boys... What have I done to deserve this? He broke my heart and he insulted me.. I feel so cheap.. " She broke down..

He couldn't understand how anyone could do it to someone like her..

"Hey Ashna.. you are not cheap.. He is cheap.. He is a loser if he couldn't value you.. You just don't deserve someone like him.. It's not your fault.. "

She looked at him..

"What's wrong in me Prem? Why do I always get hurt?"

"There's nothing wrong with you.. You are just better than others. You are the most beautiful person I have met. Not just superficially , but you have a beautiful soul.. You deserve the best.. " He spoke out everything buried in his heart.

"Really Prem?" she asked him innocently..

He just wanted to hug her close...

"Yes, really.. what  do you say? yeah God Promise" he replied in a kid's tone..

"hihihi" she giggled and gave him a hug.. She held onto to him for sometime and said, "You know what, it really sounds cute."

That was the moment he knew she was "his girl"... He would keep her happy always...

"Hey I have something for you.. Here.." He gave her a "Fruit n Nut"..

"What's the occasion?" she asked grabbing the chocolate..

"We won the poster presentation." He said.

The gleam in her eyes.. He would do another 1000000 presentations and win them for that gleam..

"Wow!! So that calls for a dinner party tonight at my home."

"Do you even know to boil eggs?" he bantered.

"You don't worry.. Your friend, that is my Mom will take care of it.. You just reach on time. Will message you the time later."

"Should I drop you home?" he offered.

"What? Like you bought the BEST bus or what?" she joked back..

"Nope. Got dad's car.. Had to take it for servicing.."

"Oh great. Let's go then. I m done with my classes."

Now that he knew she was the one... He was already thinking about that right moment to tell her.. Right now she was already nursing her broken heart.. This was not the right time.. He had to wait for a more appropriate time...

(to be continued)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting familiar.. Part 5

Read Part 4   
   They reached her home. All through the way, she was chattering all about her family. He gave her a patient listening only interrupting to say, Accha.. hmmm.. ok.. Her mom opened the door and before she could ask anything Ashna started her story, " Mom this is Prem.. My senior in college and now my friend. we are going to do presentation. So we will be dropping home early from college to complete at our place ok.. " It was more of information than permission. What could her mom say?
        She turned to Prem.
        "Prem let's go to my room. All my stuff is there."
        "Ashna let him atleast sit for a while. Wait I will get you both something to eat. Then start your work."

He was busy looking at a wall in her house, having all their family pictures framed. Most of the pictures featured Ashna and other girl he guessed was her sister. Her house was vibrant with many colors. He loved her house at first sight. Something peaceful about it.
        She entered her room. She shouted at once.."Deeee deeee.... come here quick"
Her sister was in another room. Her name was Anandita.

"What is it Ashna. Why are you raising your voice so much?" she asked her irritatingly. She had been engrossed in her book.

"Why did you not clean up the room? See the whole bed is strewn with my clothes and your books. Look at the table!! Everything is a mess." she was getting so nervous

"What is new in that? Isn't that how you leave it? If not for me cleaning the room, it's worse than a cowshed." She laughed over her.

"Di didn't you see we have my friend over at our place. What would he think?" she asked.

"Oh!!! Crisis!!! Shut the door and let;s get started.

They both quickly collected their things and dumped it in the respective drawers. It had taken a good 20 minutes when Ashna realised..

"Oh shit Di.. He is all alone outside. I completely forgot. How mannerless of me. Mom is in kitchen too."

"Go then. I will arrange the rest."

Ashna went into the hall, all geared up with her apologies for ditching him alone..

" Look at this. This is Ashna when she was just 2 years old. You know what she had done? She brushed her hand over the blades of her father's razor and came running to me. I picked her up and then she realised we were taking a family photo so she posed quite cheerfully. It was only later when we realised her fingers were bleeding. When we asked why she did it, she replied.. "Ma the blade was soo shiny!!! I thought it would be good to touch . But it hurt."

He laughed looking at her picture. There were few others in which she was pulling her sister's plate. One in which she was feeding her sister.. Cute family pictures. He had been busy talking to her Mom. She was a cheerful and friendly person.

Ashna looked at her Mom and Prem. They were bantering over her. She smiled at how easily he had befriended her mom. Her Mom was clearly taken by his nature.. But she faked to take offence and said,
"Mom , Prem enough of laughing over me. Prem let's start the work please."
"Sure.." He joined her in her room. Her sister was there too. They all began the work..

A week had passed. They had become regular at each others house. Prem's Mom loved Ashna.. Well his mom always did want a daughter and she adored Ashna like one.. Prem had almost fit into Ashna's family.

Often her father would say, "Look at Prem, he is such a gentle and good guy and look at your other friends.. Fashion retards.. Prem is the most decent friend you have." Ashna would always be proud of her friend but didn't show it.

    One such afternoon, they were working together when she got a call on her cell phone. She walked away towards the balcony. Prem couldn't stop wondering who it was.. He felt it would be like poking his nose into her life.. But he was really curious..

    When she returned, she was low. She didn't speak much. They completed their work soon. They had just one day of work and the presentation would be done.. He felt sad.. He genuinely liked her company. She was so honest, so cheerful and accepting. He had never met anyone like her..
    Ashna was upset after the call.. She hadn't expected it.. She wondered what Prem would be thinking about her strange behavior. He was a good guy so maybe he wouldn't judge her.. She felt thankful for having one friend who was as real as he looked..
    Prem was waiting for her to say something.. But she didn't.. Her silence was making him impatient... Why was he feeling so much for her... Had he developed something more than friendship for her?

To be continued.

Becoming Friends.. Part 4

     Read Part 3
           He couldn't concentrate on anything.. He had been so selfish! He had to apologize.. for making her cry..
                He kept looking out for her all through the day. He was getting restless to see her.
   He saw her during the break.. As usual with lot of people surrounding her.. How could he approach her?
               She looked at him once but not for long..
He thought about how to talk to her. He didn't want to make a fool of himself before her friends.. Then he remembered she had called him last night. He searched her number and texted her.. Then begun the wait..

              She was in a large group of friends yet so alone. She was worried about her grandma.. She didn't mention about that to anyone but him.. She wanted to be home soon. Her phone beeped.. It was a text message from Prem..
             "Hey I m really sorry.. I have been such a jerk. Would you still want to work with me? "
She looked up at him and gave him a smile.. He was a jerk but atleast he was true about it..
              She went upto him..
"Hey that's okay.. But don't ever shout aloud at me okay... I cant bear it.. " She said quite sweetly..
             Oh! I would not even think of ever hurting you again, he thought to himself..
"ok I will keep that in mind.. How's your Grandma now?" he asked.
"Hmm she's ok... " Her expression changed... Grim..
"Hey if you don't want to work soon it's okay. We will start later. I have done the basic study anyway." he offered to help.
"Nah.. that's fine. We will start today?" she asked.
"Hmm if you want. "
"okay cool.. my place then!" she chirped.
He was amused how she could give so many expression within a moment!
"Where do you stay?" he asked.
"Borivali... near Don Bosco." she replied.
"Okay that's hardly 10 minutes from my place."
"Hey wow.. We can go together now then. What say?" she was thrilled.
"Okay." He hesitated a bit.
"Hey don't worry. Mom and my sis are at home! " she guessed his hesitance and winked.
"I have something for you. Here." He gave her.
"Ohh!! Chocolate!! That too "fruit n nut" I love!" she was just short of jumping with joy.
"To say sorry" he shied.
"Aww that's so sweet. Friends?" she asked.
"Friends" he winked back ... Did he just wink at her? What was happening to him? He was getting so different! He had never ever said sorry to someone with a chocolate. Never winked childishly! He should have known then, this girl was going to change a lot in his life.

(to be continued)

Judgement or joke?

       This ain't related to the story I m doing now! But what is this thing about "Rapture" and "Judgement day" going on with everyone? I mean everyone is talking about it! Facebook is full of statuses on it!
        Here is all about it http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/05/20/judgement-day.html .. I mean it's ridiculous! What have these believers done other than believing?? Does that mean all people of other beliefs deserve to be vanquished??
       I know certain people from this belief (very closely) who have done nothing in life but wait for the judgement so that they would be taken into another world where they would be given all joys! What nonsense! What is the whole point of coming into this world then? Just to believe in the Judgement day??
      If the world has to end, it will end. One can do nothing about it! What could the people killed in Tsunami do anyway? One can't fastforward life just because its going to end!
      As for these believers I feel nothing but pity! Why would God protect someone who would go around rejoicing the fact that "they are going to be saved" while all others perish! I have never heard of a more sadistic belief!
      As for those who are non-believers there is no need to panic.. The world is not going to wait for you to live your life and then end. You could die now walking on the street in some mad accident. So it has got nothing to you being "non-believers". If someone is still scared, here's my solution..
       If the world is ending.. you have done what you could have..
If it doesn't, you have a bonus of good relations!!

P.S: I m a believer .. believer in God and not the Judgement day. I would rather die with my people than be given partial treatment and saved in other world.

The clash.. Part 3

Read here for Part 2             
               He accepted her request on facebook.. Her name was "DollPrincess".. He had this image of her still playing "house house" with dolls and laughed it aside.. He sat with his book and started doing his research on the internet.
              He got a chat from her..
             "Hey Prem"
              "Hi.. what time tomorrow we start?"
       He waited for about half an hour but there was no reply. He had to start tomorrow anyway.. This girl clearly wasn't helping things. He logged out and went to sleep.
               Next day he collected all material from the college and went home early so that he could work in peace.
               It was weekend so he had ample time for himself. He shut off all contact and was engrossed with his work.
               Sunday night when he checked his mobile.. There were 8 missed calls from Ashna.. He thought if he should call her but decided against it..
               Monday morning when he reached college, she was already waiting for him at the gate.
"Hey Prem, Atul told me you started working on the presentation. What's your problem? couldn't you inform me?"

"Hello Miss!! I did ask you on facebook.Waited for half an hour for your reply. If you don't have the courtesy to reply back, why should I bother waiting for you? I have other work too and I want to get over with this presentation."

"That is so rude! I have never seen anyone as selfish as you." Her eyes blazed with rage. She was turning red.

"I am not selfish. You are. You just want to have fun and make me do everything. Well cool. I don't want anything to do with you. Carry on your thing." He too was raising his voice now. A few passerby started staring at them. That alarmed him.

She lowered her voice.
"You know what I am done with this thing too. I was a fool to think you would teach me a few things. People like  you just work for themselves. You carry Mr Genius." Her expression now softened from anger to hurt.

He looked at her eyes and saw a tear fill up her eyes. She looked aside.

"Ok Prem.. Next time around if someone doesn't reply back to you, it doesn't mean that person is busy chatting with someone else. That person's grandma could have had a accident and that person could be needed to go leaving everything back. "

She walked in haste. Her hair bouncing with her every step. He watched her wipe away her tear carefully. She was so sensitive..

He felt bad for saying such harsh things for her..for misunderstanding her. He went back to his class with a heavy heart...

to be continued

Friday, May 20, 2011

First talk Part 2

READ  PART 1      
         She was a pretty girl.. fully of life and fun..always flashing smiles , talking to everyone around her and always surrounded by people..  Who would not like to have her amongst them?
         She stood there giving him one of her innocent grins and he was taken over.. Ofcourse, not "his girl" type.. but she had the charm he had to admit..
         "Hey Prem! You are my partner!! wow!! We are gonna rock this thing! " she was so excited.
He didn't know what to say to that..
         "Yeah ..ok" he replied back.
She looked at him questioningly and her eyes asked him a thousand queries..
         "What ok? there is a problem... " she said in a softer tone..
           "What is it Ashna?" He asked.
          "I don't know crap about this poster presentation thing" she said with a smile..
He could not help but give her a smile.. She was so childish !
           "Don't worry..that's what I m for. You just have to help me and learn ok?" He explained her like he would explain a 5 yr old.
           "Wow that is cool.. I will learn everything! " she got back to her jolly mood.
           "Hey you are there on facebook na?" she asked.
           "Yes I m.. "
           "Ok.. add me on facebook.. I will send you a request. My name on fb is.. forget it .. You will see my pic and know " she gave him a naughty smile..
           He wondered what  it was all about when she walked downstairs.. He had to get the books for his presentation.. After all he was the "BRAIN" in this "beauty with brains" combo..

A little bit about our bubbly Ashna..
She was once a chubby Ashna.. Dolly they called her.. chubby cheeks but with a dimple on her cheek.. Beautiful dark eyes sparkling with possibilities. Luscious pink lips.. She was a natural beauty.. Someone called our doll "fat" once and that someone never had a chance to say that again... She lost her baby fat.. That is Ashna.. Just needs that one thing to push her to extreme.. Spends the better half of her day socializing (both real and virtual) and the latter half with her other pursuits.. Writing being one of them.. Writes for herself.. No one ever gets a peek into her diary.. Listens to songs... Goes to sleep 9/10 times chatting to someone at night..

Somethings about Ashna no one knows..
She hates being called "Ash".. Loves chocolates. Independent but still hugs her teddy when alone.. Loves reading.. anything and everything.. Loves romantic stories... Likes playing with toddlers.. Children are the apple of her eyes.. Adores elder sister... Doesn't talk much with her parents... Something that's got to do with her sister being her best friend.. Joy of her house... Easily makes friends and maintains contacts well...
Well that is all about her for the timebeing.. Rest you will come to know in the coming parts... :)

(to be continued)