Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Witnessing a change..


Dear Diary,

        Haven't been there to write much lately.. You must be thinking I forgot you.. How can I forget my only companion of those lonely nights I spent ..feeling hopeless and dejected..when writing to you was the only comfort I had.. I used to always think if I would ever find someone who can read you.. Reading you is reading my soul..

       Well, I think he is the one.. I have found someone to share my life with.. Yes my life is whirling with the joy of it.. I used to always wonder how falling in love would be.. Now I know its beautiful..  I must be the luckiest  girl in this world to have him..
       Can you guess who it is? You probably cannot fathom how deep my luck is running.. He is Ricky, the heartthrob of college.. Yes, every girl wants him but he is only mine now..forever..
        I don't know when I nurtured feelings for him.. You know I used to think he is a show-off and often avoid him.. My friends used to say he has dated all the beautiful girls in college.. Playboy they used to say.. Well if he could have anyone, then why did he chose me? considering that I don't even figure in the "good looking" criteria.. The only explanation is that he loves me for who I am and that is what matters,isn't it?
        My friends aren't talking to me ever since me and Ricky are a couple.. No it's not like they completely shunned any contact.. But you know, that sudden stopping of conversation when I enter..that low whisperings when I and Ricky are together.. They think I don't notice.. Maybe it's strange for them as they don't have any boyfriend so far.. I  hope someday they accept Ricky too.. They will realise he is a nice guy..
        Ricky says I need to trim down a bit.. I m working hard on it.. Right now I weigh 50 kg.. At the end of this month have to reduce atleast 2 kg.. It's not like I m changing myself for him, he would accept me anyhow.. But I want to do this for myself too.. All his friends have girlfriends with size zero figure.. Laila is always looking for a chance to taunt.. Laila that snobbish, irritating creature who thinks she is the coolest girl in college.. Me going out with Ricky must have hurt her ego..
        If I even start to tell you how Ricky and me fell in love I could be writing all night and still not complete.. To keep it short.. He came to the library (giving the librarian a mini heart attack) one fine day... He was totally at lose.. Finding no book small enough for him to read he came to sit where I was already sitting and started small talks.. ( I have reason to believe he never really came looking for a book anyway).. The result of those small talks is that we got thrown out of the library for making noise..
        It was embarrassing to say the least.. He apologized to me.. We ended up exchanging numbers and what followed was long night calls, daily texting, chatting etc etc..until on 22nd July he proposed to me... :) :) and what else could I say but yes??
         I used to wonder how it would be like to be on a date..bunk lectures.. meet secretly.. It's thrilling but at the same time I feel guilty.. no one knows that while I m actually supposed to be in library, I m in the neighbouring garden with Ricky.. He says its no big deal.. But its first time for me... Well there are a lot of first times...
         It's late now.. got to sleep.. will be back soon... goodnight.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S to be continued ... :D


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Lovely post. :D I hope Ricky doesn't turn out to be a jerk! :) :) Keep writing, I am excited to know what happens. :D

chirag said...

nice post...want to read more now,,,,but need some new this time....