Friday, May 20, 2011

The day love came... Part 1

           IT was first day of the winter session of college.. He loved winter. It was always pleasant to get up and feel the early morning dew.. The chirps of the birds about to leave their home for food.. He looked outside the window and gulped a fresh breathe of  air.. He was happy to go back to college today..
           Introducing Prem Bhat. The male lead of this story. Before proceeding further there are a few things about this guy that makes him stand apart..
           He wears geek glasses out of need and not for fashion. He has been sporting the same haircut since his school days. Dresses in formals on weekdays and appears in casuals on Saturday ( something he followed on his own). Always found with his I-Pod when travelling and with his big fat books when alone. He is someone who would choose reading a book over IPL (major difference). He is a member of the "First bench Association" and had always been a brilliant student. He doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Partly because he never did find anyone fitting into his definition of "his girl". Partly because he never did acquaint himself with many girls.
          Somethings about him no one knows...
He is a die-hard romantic at heart.. No ,DDLJ isn't his favorite movie.. But you know, those things like looking for a long term relation.. That spirit to fight it out through tough times.. He is someone who is looking for that kind of love.
He is trained in martial arts. You wouldn't believe it going by his appearance. He never was someone all about show off..
He really values his family. His Dad is his hero and his mom is his confidante. No he isn't a Mamma's boy.. He uses his own ideas but his mom is someone he always turns to in despair..

           He reached the college.. His group was right there in the canteen, sharing all about the missed days..His friend Atul waved his hand to call him over..
          "Hey Prem, check out who you got for poster presentation?" he chirped..
          "Who? or what?" he asked back..
           "No.. it's a who.. seems like college wants us First Year P.G students to work with First Year undergraduates so that they get some experience of it.. " He looked quite enthusiastic about it and Prem guessed it might have to do with him getting some hot chick as his partner.
            "Ok I will check out.. It's put up on the notice board right?"
            "Yes, dude." He answered and got back to his talking.
Prem walked over to the notice board.

He searched for his name.... against it was the name of his partner....
"Ashna Bhat" he said aloud..

"Hey hi.. that's me" said a sweet voice from behind him..

He looked back to see who it was and he was surprised for a moment..

(To be continued)

P.S I plan to stretch this in many series so have patience ;) 


Anonymous said...

wow lovely story. Would be looking forward to reading its part 2. (:

Eyeshadow said...

absolutely...waiting for d next one..

maithili said...

coming soon... :)