Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming closer.. Part 9

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            "Wake up sleeping beauty."
             "Prem I m not sleeping!! " said Ashna...
"Then what? you have been here for last 2 hours.. swaying in this swing.. "
"I love it here.. Look its so calm.. Its raining drops and then it suddenly breaks into a sunshine.. It looks like pearls are falling from above and I want to collect them all.. " she described poetically..
       "Amazing! What description! Why do you close your eyes then?" he asked.
       "Hmmm its like I want to experience it all with my eyes closed and capture it within my soul... Dreaming of living this day with my Prince.. It's a girl thing.. you won't know."
       "Hooo... By the way all girls are in kitchen.. gossiping and catching up on everything.. You want to miss that?"
        "Hmm yeah.. I just want to sit here and be at peace.. I m so very happy here.. Thanks Prem.. I want to come here everytime I can! " she said.
         He thought, how it would be when they would be here all alone.. They could visit it anytime she wanted if she became his life partner.. He smiled to himself..
        "Hey Prem I never asked you, but do you have a girlfriend?"
  Her question caught him unaware.
        "No..." he smiled "atleast not yet.."
        "Ohhhh...so you are planning to have one huh?"  she prodded him further.
         He said nothing.. Why could he not say he wanted her to be his girlfriend?
         "Ok tell me what kind of a girl you want?" she asked.
"Well someone like... like...I don't know how to describe!" he gave up.
         "Oh come on! Don't tell me you don't know what kind of a girl you want. I mean I could always tell what type of a guy I want." she replied.
         He thought this was the best chance to know what was her choice.
        "And what kind of a guy do you want?" he asked.
"Well... Hmm.. someone smart.. sweet..helping.. kind... caring... intelligent.. who let's me be.. who can make situations lighter.. who can listen to me.. who respects me.. who would keep me happy.. who would always support me .. who would always be with me..." her list went on and on and on...
       He listened to her trying to remember all she said... She saw his confused look..
  "Well Prem to cut it short I want someone who would truly love me.. for who I am and I think rest of the requirements he would fulfil himself... " she said..
        True he thought...
While the fathers discussed politics and business, the females kept themselves busy with gossiping more and more and more.. when they got tired they dressed up and went around the farm and the markets, ate and slept..
         Prem and Ashna spent most of the time together.. She would want to go all around the farm, Sit below the trees.. swing and read.. She was content... What Prem was waiting was, for the time to express himself..
        It was Sunday afternoon when they had gone near the water pump.. Ashna had slipped in the mud..
   "Oh Shit.. Prem I m all dirty..what to do?"
    "Wait here there is a pump.. Wash yourself.."

He took her near the pump. He watched her trying to open the pump with all her strength and then she said
"Prem.. help na!"

He went over to help and while she splashed water on her face, he thought this was going to be the last day here.. He should tell her..

  She playfully splattered some water on him and they began playing like kids.. Suddenly he pulled her hand and with a serious expression he told,
  "Ashna there is something I want to tell you."
  She was all ears to what he had to say.

  "Ashna I got a month long scholarship to go to Germany."
   "Oh that's really great Prem.. congratulations!"
   "Before leaving I had to tell you this.. Ashna I love you a lot." He looked at her trying to decipher her expression.
    "Prem... are you serious?" She was still thinking it was some prank.
     "Yes Ashna... This is about my life and my first love.. I love you and I don't expect your answer right now. You take your time. This is the perfect moment for me to tell you this.. What you answer should be rightfully thought over. I m looking for a long term partner in you dear. Before you came into my life, I had a vague idea what love was.. But you showed me how to love and live.. You are the girl I want to be with always and I will try my best to keep you happy."
      She didn't answer him anything.. Suddenly things had changed.. There was an awkward silence between them as they walked back to their farmhouse.
      They set out for home that evening..

Just one day and he would be away from her for a whole month... The very thought was unbearable.. He had to make through it.. How desperately he wanted her in his life...

Ashna was silent all through  the journey.. She didn't want to hurt him but she didn't know if she was ready for a relation.. If he was the one... She didn't know.. She had a month to think over it...


chirag said...

it will be a long wait for the boy
but not for me

inquisitive-life said...

That's a peppy writing... Interesting...

Keep Writing....

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

haaye Dil! :P :D

Good going.
Rather, great going. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

maithili said...

@inquisitive-life : thanks

@Blasphemous Aesthete: that's a lot coming from you :)