Monday, May 23, 2011

The Plan.. Part 8

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           "So are your parents coming over to our place to discuss this?"
          "Yes.." he said..
           "Oh wow!! Prem I m really so excited about this!"
           "Have you told Ashna this?" he asked
           "Not yet."
           "Oh god! when are you going to tell her? She will kill us if she comes to know it last!"
           "Hello! She is my sis first.. Don't worry. She will not."
           "Ok cool.. we will come at 6."

Ashna entered the room and Anandita cut the call. This had been happening very often. She wondered why Di was hiding something from her. Was she in love with someone?
           "who was it Di?"
           "Ah no one.." she went outside the room.
Ashna got irritated. She logged onto internet and sat occupied..
    The door bell rang. Anandita opened the door. Excited voices from the hall attracted Ashna's attention. Something was going on. She went to the hall..
    Prem and his parents were there. His Mom was huggine her mom.

"Its been such a surprise Sushma! We had been only 10 minutes away for so many years!" said her Mom.
"Anita I m so glad we met because of these kids!" Prem's mom said.

Anandita and Prem stared at each other! What was happening? They exchanged curious glances. Their father looked equally surprised.

"Prem, she is Anita my college friend! We are really close friends in college but had lost touch afterwards!" his mother explained.

"Anu and Ashna didn't I tell you stories of my college life? She is the same Sushma !"

Now it all began making sense.. Their fathers shook hands and all sat down to talk.

Ashna was still confused what this was all about! She too sat with all of them.

"Anita had I known you were Ashna's mom, I would have made this plan long back! you have such lovely daughters" said Prem's mom.

"Now I  m super excited about the plan." Ashna's mom replied.

"If you all don't mind, will someone tell me too what the plan is?" Ashna was frustrated of the cryptic now!

They all stopped the discussion and looked at her.

"Beta, we all are going to our farmhouse in Khandala for the weekend!" said Prem's mom..

The smile on her face... all 100 watts of it .. It was all Prem wanted to see and he got it. He couldn't thank Anandita enough for this supercool plan.. Maybe he would get some lone time with Ashna and he could confess his feelings for her..

"wow Mom!! this must me yours and Prem's idea as usual!! since you both didn't include me! " Ashna said.

He kept watching her... His Mom caught him looking at her and she didn't need any other sign to tell that her boy had fallen for Ashna..

"No this time its your Di and Prem." said Anandita..

"Prem you have hijacked all my family!! Dad do you plan any Dhamaka with Prem??" she asked
"Hey if I do .. I won't tell you.." he joked. There was a hearty laughter..

"Kya fark padhta hai.. your family and Prem's family is one only now.." said his Mom..

This time it was Prem who realised his Mom's intent.. Then there was Ashna's mom who caught her friends comment and she began thinking on it... :)

So the families set out on the weekend for Khandala..

Prem was waiting for the right moment.. Anandita was happy about her idea working. she could already see Ashna getting happier day by day.. She was right.. A get together and a change of location was what Ashna needed..

The night before they set out...

Ashna wrote...

Dear Diary,

Did I tell you about Prem??? 

(to be continued)


Vinati said...

And did I tell you that you write very well :)
I so want complete the read...quick quick...i have a very high curiosity level!! :P

chirag said...

nice one

maithili said...

@vinati : thanks a lot :) I appreciate the compliment... coming soon..

@chirag: thanks a lot:)