Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surprise Surprise Part 12

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          Ashna on the stage!!!!!!.. She took his breathe away.. He had never seen anything more beautiful.. She was dressed in a red choli and lehenga with  shimmering gold work on it.. Blushed cheeks and those colored lips.. Dark eyes... She looked nothing less than bride bejeweled with glow and happiness...
             She was there to dance!
She looked at him from the stage... Her heart beating fast..Her eyes had pined to get a glimpse of him.  She was getting nervous in front of everyone but then she got the courage and thought,
                       Pyaar kiya toh darna kya   :P
        She could always excuse and say "It was just a song" but the message she was sending was loud and clear even for the deaf...
        He would have died out of happiness when he heard the song she was dancing to....

"Prem meri aankhome hai.. prem meri saaso me hai...."
"Banni banni bani re bani Prem deewani bani..ab kya kare dil diya na.."

Her expressions spoke volumes..full of love and surrender and he knew then that he had her.... for a lifetime.... He got stares from both the parental units but he shrugged it off.. This was the happiest day of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He ran backstage the moment her dance was done.. Anandita stopped him..
"Where are you going?" she enquired.
"To meet her" he wasn't even looking at her.
"No boys in the dressing room."
"Hey please do me a favor then. Please get her out na. I want to talk to her now.. Please please."
"Ok. ok Mr Loverboy. She will come wait."

She walked to him. She wanted to run to him and hug him but the apparel was too heavy for that.

"Hey" he said, speechless at her beauty.
She looked happy to see him.. Then she noticed ...

"Prem! where are your glasses? What happened to your hair?? Let me look at you!" she exclaimed with joy.
"Got lens baby! And a new hairdo.. isn't it good?" he asked.
"Good !! oh my god!! It's freaking hot!! You look like awesome!! " She was attracted to  his new look. She had fallen in love with the geeky, sweet Prem, she had no idea he could look so mindblowing! This was like an icing on the cake! He was looking so handsome.. Or was it that he was handsome all along and she had failed to notice it.. Today she was looking at him with eyes of love.... No, he really did look so charming..
"And you look like my bride." he smiled.
"Awww...  how was it?" she asked.
"Bold! very bold!! I couldn't have imagined you could do something like this! But I m crazy about you now! Madly madly in love with you. You have given me the happiest moment of my life.. I will never forget this."
"I love you too Prem and I missed you like hell!! Why the hell didn't you call me? Didn't you miss me?"
"I missed you every moment. Well I just wanted to give you some space.. To Think.. It seems you used it wisely!" he joked.
"Don't I just love that cuteness of yours!" she said and hugged him and he held her tighly... She was his world now..
'Ashna..this is the happiest day of my life.."
"Mine too.." she crooned.
"What are you going to answer for the public display of affection"
"Arrey tujhse kaha hai toh keh dungi me jaake sabse " :P
"Dialogue mat maar!!"
"Everyone knows its a good dance number.. Not your fault if your name is Prem too! " she said innocently.
"Prem I will be back.. Need to get out of this outfit.. It's too heavy."
"No wait.. I want to capture this  moment."
He clicked a snap of hers in the outfit and then called Anandita to click a snap of their together.. She obliged.. They looked perfect with each other !
She came back in her casual pink t-shirt and blue jeans and she still looked like a bride.. She would always be beautiful for him...

"Don't stare like that" she blushed.
"Why? Ab toh mera maal hai ! "
"Prem you are too much!" she laughed.
"I have something for you" he said.
HE gave her..
"Oh Fruit n Nut "
"And something else."
He took out the pair of earrings he had bought for her.
"Wow it's beautiful.. Thanks a lot Prem.Promise me you will never leave me."
"I promise.. and you promise you will always love me like this." he said.
"More than this.." she said..
She looked stunning in those earrings.. He thought the earrings looked dazzling on her... ;)

They spent the rest of the time away from others, sharing all that transpired in their absence as they entered a whole new world of romance... The geek guy and his cute girl forever changed each other's life for the best...

Outside the two moms smiled at each other knowingly.. Soon they would be more than friends....

P.S hope you guys liked this series....


chirag said...

it was a superb series and really like to see my girl in the dress which ashna wore....
lovely series

Vinati said... was a good story..with a filmy touch at the end (and that song...mind-blowing:P )

keep writing such light-hearted and romantic stories!! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Don't just hope, it was beautiful, it was awesome. A wonderfully narrated story, and old friends now ready to become much more, relatives. Nice, really nice.

And thank you for the honor you have coveted upon me in the last post. And trust me, what you write, you write best.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Manu said...

Awww...this one was really sweet...The happy ending was something i was longing to read...! ;)

maithili said...

@Chirag :Thanks.. I too loved the dress :)
@vinati :The whole point of naming his Prem was I wanted to use the song :) Glad you liked it
@Blasphemous Aesthete: Happy happy that you liked the series and Thanks for that awesome compliment :)
@Manasi: Finally a series that made me "Aww so sweet" after all the serious and dark stories :) Thanks !!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh God! I found myself blushing along with Ashna! The story was THAT touching :D :D Beautiful! I can't say anymore! Like always....Plz Plz keep writing :D