Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little note for the readers...

                    It's been long since I m posting on this space. The initial days were almost a dud.. People hardly visited here. In those days the only motivation to keep writing came from my friends who followed the blog (some never read anything) and although not inclined much into the blogging stuff, made me feel happy that they liked it.. These friends are still the ones I text whenever I write something new.. They are Manasi and Nupura.. Both of them love to read novels and my blog is religiously followed.(although after a text).
                    Then came a few blogger friends like Aditya , who joined this blog.. The readers were mostly limited to the people I personally know..
                    Then came Anoop who was doing some sort of a research on why girls get more followers (I had only 12 at that time and he was at 48!) by the name Ninu.. He became a regular after I became his 50th follower.. His comments were always the first ones to come and he became my only follower who didn't have to be notified via text and facebook share ! Thanks Anoop for being the first of my genuine followers!
                    Through Anoop, I got to know of RedHanded.. Her positive comments during "A college Crush" series made me upbeat to write and post more often! These were the two people genuine interested in what I wrote..
                     I started writing for The Writer's Lounge where Chirag found me and became one of my regular followers and is still the one.. Thanks for your constant attention on my blog and your regular comments :)
                    Coming to one of my sweetest followers.. This one too I found from Anoop's space! MSM .. The moment I read her first post I found the connect.. She brightens up my day with her comments and makes me want to write better... :)
                    One of my favorite writers is Blasphemous Aesthete .. His subjects and views completely amaze me. He is a way too matured writer than me and his posts really make me think in a different light! It was you who was following my series that made me edit and make it so beautiful! Yes, you reading and liking it was great!!!
                    Then there are followers like MehakThe Enigma,Vinati and Always Happy who drop in sometimes and drop in a real nice comment :) Love you all..
                     I have one more person who says he reads my blog , only a little bit late. He was one of the first blogger I started following. He is on break from writing and I m really waiting for his posts.. He is one of my favorites Freelancer!!!!!!!!!!
                     Thanks to all my readers I am constantly motivated to write more and improve. Your comments make me want to spin new tales and more twists :)
                     Coming Soon!!!!!!!!! A series called "Women of strength" a tale of different women battling the world and their strength. I plan to do this series in collaboration with my blogger friends. You too can write any of the tales you know of or can imagine and post it as a guest post..anyone willing to write is welcome ! Do let me know..
                     I have another plan in mind which I will soon reveal :)


Vinati said...

it's always a pleasure to read your posts!!!
and I'm glad that i came across your blog. :)

Take care!

chirag said...

u write very well and i always liked ur post
keep it up and thanks for mentioning me in the post

maithili said...

@vinati: :) that was sweet :)
@chirag : thanks for the compliment and I will try to keep improving wid every series I write ;)

Freelancer said...

haha...i guess i am back from the dead. break's over. plus you have got competetion in the lounge now.

keep writing, blogging is a slow and tedious job. but if you love to write, we should never stop.

The Solitary Writer said...

where am i mentioned here? you missed your papa on this blog post..daddy's hurt girlie

maithili said...

@The solitary Writer: you never come here! What do I talk about you here then? I will someday do a post on you maybe titled "The untold stories". That would suit you :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Heyyyyy :D I am one of your sweetest followers? :) :) Thanks! I really really love what you write and seriously, your posts inspire "me" to write.... You are such an amazing and down to earth writer....Keep Writing! :D :D

Jyoti Mishra said...

I am really looking forward to your new posts, and u need not to notify me I use google reader :P

Red Handed said...

Hey i just saw my blog name there!
Thankyou my girl!
You have a blog worth reading and that's why it is read.

maithili said...

Thank you soo much! I missed you!! missed your comments on my blog :)

Arjun said...

What a time to join in... Take me in pls.. :)


maithili said...

@Arjun : welcome to my blog :)

deeps said...

and me too here..

Anoop said...


hehe hey maithili...tat was nice of u...... omg.. mentioned my name many times.. :D hehe m grateful.. :D

u do write a lot of stories... y dont u mail me some of ur new ones? let me post it too..... i dont hav anythin to post... :(


i missed lot of ur posts.. need to read them one by one..m not in a good mood these days.. :(
wil read n comment soon k.. :)

maithili said...

@Anoop :you are an amazing writer.. freshness in your posts is your don't need my stories.. you can just write about what you think and do it brilliantly in 3 lines :)
missed you on my blog and your posts too :)
Take care and feel free to share :)
Add me on gmail.. My id is given on Woman of strength post :)