Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just to say ...

                    This post is to convey someone something...
         This is for The Enigma ... I tried to comment on your blog but there is some problem with it. It asks for word verification but doesn't show the box. Anyhow you can fix it later.. Here's what I want to say..
        First time ever someone dedicated something for me so Thanks for being the first one to dedicate a post for me :)
        I really liked your view that no one ever analyses what someone else feels for them. You got to make them realize by expressing it.. Life is too short to wait and let others realize your feelings for them..
        Secondly thanks for following my blog..
        Thirdly I like your blog...
        Fourthly do post more often..

So here I express myself ...if tomorrow never comes :)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Congrats :D pls mail me ur id, I need to ask something :D

maithili said...

thanks :) well i do not know ur id... do check ur latest post comments :)

The Enigma said...

Thank you so much..
I just fixed that word verification thing.
I love your writings a lot.. I'm just going through your posts.. Your stories are simply awesome.. Thanks to the Writer's Lounge.. Where i saw your post at first.. You have got great skills.. try improving them.. You can reach great heights.. Waiting for your next series.

and yeah 'll write more often from now.. :)

Love you :)