Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Between friends..

"Hey idiot what's up?"
"hmm the ceiling.. and yeah there is a fan as well"
"Very funny.. you planning to hang yourself or something?"
"Why would I do something stupid?"
"Oh that's great.. anyway I called to inform you that the fan wouldn't be able to bear your weight. Good that you have enough sense." HE chuckled..
"Aye I m not that fat okay?"
"Yep baby.. only a little bit chubby..what you call ?? ohh yeah baby fat! By the way it's baby elephant isn't it?
"Whatever.. I m not in a mood to argue with you.."
"Why what happened to the great debater?"
"I think I know.. The girl is in love.."
"I don't want to talk about it."
"You should have thought about it earlier.. "
"That is why I didn't tell you for last 2 years.. I knew you would get pleasure out of teasing me.. You know what ?you are a jerk." Now she was really cursing herself for disclosing the secret to him.
"Wow.. 2 years!! Like when we were in 10th standard??"
"We haven't failed a single class.. So calculate for yourself what class we were in .."
"Hey why the lashing ? People in love don't do that."
"Listen if you can't respect my feelings atleast don't make fun of it." She was now on the verge of tears..
"I m not making fun of your feelings.." He sounded confused..
"Hey come on Misha.. that's how our relation has always been.. "

It was the truth.. They had been together like forever.. Best of friends.. She hated him when he dumped their plan to hangout with the boys and completely forgot about her.. But he had always been a charmer.. Their on and off fights were the laughing stock of their families.. He was her companion and play mate and she never really felt the need of any other friend.. She had other friends but he was the one who always remained constant..
It was only when one of her friends told her about the huge crush she had on Shyam and wanted her to act as the mediator to get to him, she felt the flames of a fuming jealousy.. Then realisation struck.. It was now more than friendship.. She had fallen in love with him..

Out of sheer stupidity and desperation she had smsed him last night.."Shyam I sort of like you"..
He had taken her lightly and replied.."Hey idiot I like you 2.. btw happy realisation."
Call it inexperience in such matters or the restlessness, she smsed him again.. "Not that way Shyam.."
He completely ignored her message and replied late night.. "Go to sleep  idiot.."
Yes.. she was an idiot.. Now it would never be the same again..

"Hey are you there or dozed off lazy bones"
"yeah there.."
"So tell me all about it."
"About what?"
"Your love.. I want to know how deep it is.."
"Listen Shyam I m sorry .. I shouldn't have told you that.. Now please let go off that thing.. You wouldn't know crap about it.."
"Oh why so?" he was asking it as inquisitively as he had once asked her in class 9 ,"Misha what is PMS?"
She didn't know what to reply to that.. She simply said I don't know.. She thought of smart answers to reply to that.. She couldn't find any..until she read in a book where in a similar context the girl replies "Pissed-off-men syndrome".. She burst out laughing.. THis was the perfect answer for him.. When she told him the answer, he simply took it in as genuine answer.. Aww he trusted her!!

"Because you have never been in love..except for your stupid games.."
"And you.."
"YEah I have been in love ."
"I wasn't asking you.. I was telling you... I have been in love with games and you.. you long before the games came.." HE made it sound so simple..
"As a friend..yeah..but.."
"You birdbrain!! I love you ..in whatever way possible!!"
She stopped short of words.. She needed someone to pinch her back to reality..
"Yeah really.. But I can change that if you don't open the door.."
"What?? where are you?"
"Outside your house."
HE was her neighbor..HE had been staying at a hostel near his college.. He had come all the way for her!!
She opened the door.. There he was smiling at her..
She hugged him tight... He held her in his arms for a long time..

"Why did you not reply to me last night then?"
"What you wanted to be the hero or what? I wanted to propose you.. not the other way round"
"Then what were you waiting all along?"
"Your birthday.." he gave a 100 watt smile..
"Since when?"
"Hmm ever since I knew the meaning of PMS :P"
"That was when..."
"one year back"
"See you are always late..!!"
"yeah yeah I know.. now go give me something to eat.. Came so far.. starving!!"
"Oh.. ok"
She turned to go inside when he pulled her back into his arms..
"Before you do it again..let me do it the proper way.. Misha I love you.." He had never looked so serious in his life..
"Someday will you take my surname? I seriously hate yours :)"
"Shyam my surname is very dashing..."
He rolled his eyes.. They often debated on this !!
"Whatever..don't start again.."
"But I wouldn't mind yours too :)" She winked at him .. :)

P.S Had written this sweet, naughty love confession sometime back.. kept it on hold for editing and waited for the right moment to post ;) 
Well Maithili will be away from the blogworld for a week  from tomorrow.. cousin's marriage :) 
Keep writing and I will be back to check and comment on all that you people write ;)


lines n shades said...

love your style of writing.. glad to have stopped by :)

maithili said...

@lines n shades : thanks a lot :) thanks for dropping in :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D This Guy is a Natural, huh? Oh Man! So Cute! I am blushing with this way of expressing love....Heyyy, will miss your posts :(

maithili said...

@MSM : yep he is her best friend afterall!! I will miss your posts too!!

Red Handed said...

MY STORY!!! ME n my best friend! Awwwwww...two years its been now too :D..awww BLUSHING!

deeps said...

ohhh so nice...
well, with who else we can have such a (long) chat? :P

Arjun said...

I could so relate this post to few of my episodes in love.. :)

1 week for your cousin's wedding??? Marathon wedding uh?? ;)


maithili said...

@RED HANDED: ur story?? wow!! lucky girl!! ITs always soo cute when two besties become lovers :) Love the nokjhok type of love :)

maithili said...

@Deeps: very true! long chats are for the very special ones :) Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog :)

maithili said...

@Arjun : Mast! If you could relate it to your love episode then pat on my back !! :)
Well marriage is only one day but functions you know! big fat indian wedding! That too of south Karnataka!!

P.S If you are thinking what I m doing here then let me tell you I got tickets of the night train :(

Eyeshadow said...

This is just too awesome...i loved the way the love is framed!!way to go babes!!keep up the good work!!a hardcore romantic u r!!

maithili said...

@eyeshadow :Thanks a lot dear :)

chirag said...

that was very nice maithili
there is a magic in ur writings

maithili said...

@Chirag :Thanks chirag.. thats a great compliment!