Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Distance makes heart grow fonder... Part 10

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             He was leaving for the airport.. His parents and Ashna were coming with him to see him off.. All through the journey he glimpsed her through the mirror.. For days now he won't get to see his doll... She caught him looking once or twice and blushed away..
           "Prem don't behave so love sick.. Your mom is with me in the back seat remember! " she texted him.
He laughed at the text.. and replied back.. "Will miss you badly.. What to do can't get enough of you!"
           "Bad flirt! by the way we all will miss you." she texted back.
Prem's mom wasn't unaware who both of them were texting to, but she let it pass..
           He said goodbye one last time and looked at her long enough to make her uncomfortable and then left..
           Ashna hadn't realised till that time how much she liked Prem. It had been just 1 hour since he left and she already missed him.
         It was boring going to college and not getting text from him on the way, "hey wait at the station.. m reaching."
        It was lonely walking back home alone.. She didn't feel like coming online much as he wasn't going to be there to chat.. She waited for him to call but he didn't call even once..His mom called her up sometimes and conveyed the message that he had asked how all of them were.. She wondered why he didn't call..
       She read books all day, but missed sharing them with Prem.. They had so much in similar and yet they were so much different.. She didn't know if she had one friend other than Prem with whom she could be herself..with all her imperfections and insecurities..
      Everyone wanted her to be happy and cheerful, but Prem understood her need for space.. her need for silence... He unquestioningly let her be herself.. She missed and how.. She missed him terribly...
     He had been her unconditional support.. She missed his jokes, his concern, getting angry on him for silly reasons and then confusing him with her responses. She almost never thought of Ashish now.. IT was only Prem she thought about all the time...
She opened her crimson diary and scribbled..

Dear Diary,

I think I m falling in love with Prem.. I m missing him badly.. why doesn't he call? Has he forgotten me?

He longed to be back with her.. He was planning to surprise her this time.. Little did he know that she was preparing to give him the biggest surprise of his life..

P.S : Watch out for this place to know the surprise from both parties :) To be continued...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The smileys at the end of the surprises, I am hopeful. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh God! I hope she has a pleasant surprise for him! You are a magical writer! :D