Friday, May 20, 2011

First talk Part 2

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         She was a pretty girl.. fully of life and fun..always flashing smiles , talking to everyone around her and always surrounded by people..  Who would not like to have her amongst them?
         She stood there giving him one of her innocent grins and he was taken over.. Ofcourse, not "his girl" type.. but she had the charm he had to admit..
         "Hey Prem! You are my partner!! wow!! We are gonna rock this thing! " she was so excited.
He didn't know what to say to that..
         "Yeah ..ok" he replied back.
She looked at him questioningly and her eyes asked him a thousand queries..
         "What ok? there is a problem... " she said in a softer tone..
           "What is it Ashna?" He asked.
          "I don't know crap about this poster presentation thing" she said with a smile..
He could not help but give her a smile.. She was so childish !
           "Don't worry..that's what I m for. You just have to help me and learn ok?" He explained her like he would explain a 5 yr old.
           "Wow that is cool.. I will learn everything! " she got back to her jolly mood.
           "Hey you are there on facebook na?" she asked.
           "Yes I m.. "
           "Ok.. add me on facebook.. I will send you a request. My name on fb is.. forget it .. You will see my pic and know " she gave him a naughty smile..
           He wondered what  it was all about when she walked downstairs.. He had to get the books for his presentation.. After all he was the "BRAIN" in this "beauty with brains" combo..

A little bit about our bubbly Ashna..
She was once a chubby Ashna.. Dolly they called her.. chubby cheeks but with a dimple on her cheek.. Beautiful dark eyes sparkling with possibilities. Luscious pink lips.. She was a natural beauty.. Someone called our doll "fat" once and that someone never had a chance to say that again... She lost her baby fat.. That is Ashna.. Just needs that one thing to push her to extreme.. Spends the better half of her day socializing (both real and virtual) and the latter half with her other pursuits.. Writing being one of them.. Writes for herself.. No one ever gets a peek into her diary.. Listens to songs... Goes to sleep 9/10 times chatting to someone at night..

Somethings about Ashna no one knows..
She hates being called "Ash".. Loves chocolates. Independent but still hugs her teddy when alone.. Loves reading.. anything and everything.. Loves romantic stories... Likes playing with toddlers.. Children are the apple of her eyes.. Adores elder sister... Doesn't talk much with her parents... Something that's got to do with her sister being her best friend.. Joy of her house... Easily makes friends and maintains contacts well...
Well that is all about her for the timebeing.. Rest you will come to know in the coming parts... :)

(to be continued)


Vinati said...

And I'm totally engrossed in it..!! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I am following it! Lovely! :D