Saturday, May 21, 2011

The clash.. Part 3

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               He accepted her request on facebook.. Her name was "DollPrincess".. He had this image of her still playing "house house" with dolls and laughed it aside.. He sat with his book and started doing his research on the internet.
              He got a chat from her..
             "Hey Prem"
              "Hi.. what time tomorrow we start?"
       He waited for about half an hour but there was no reply. He had to start tomorrow anyway.. This girl clearly wasn't helping things. He logged out and went to sleep.
               Next day he collected all material from the college and went home early so that he could work in peace.
               It was weekend so he had ample time for himself. He shut off all contact and was engrossed with his work.
               Sunday night when he checked his mobile.. There were 8 missed calls from Ashna.. He thought if he should call her but decided against it..
               Monday morning when he reached college, she was already waiting for him at the gate.
"Hey Prem, Atul told me you started working on the presentation. What's your problem? couldn't you inform me?"

"Hello Miss!! I did ask you on facebook.Waited for half an hour for your reply. If you don't have the courtesy to reply back, why should I bother waiting for you? I have other work too and I want to get over with this presentation."

"That is so rude! I have never seen anyone as selfish as you." Her eyes blazed with rage. She was turning red.

"I am not selfish. You are. You just want to have fun and make me do everything. Well cool. I don't want anything to do with you. Carry on your thing." He too was raising his voice now. A few passerby started staring at them. That alarmed him.

She lowered her voice.
"You know what I am done with this thing too. I was a fool to think you would teach me a few things. People like  you just work for themselves. You carry Mr Genius." Her expression now softened from anger to hurt.

He looked at her eyes and saw a tear fill up her eyes. She looked aside.

"Ok Prem.. Next time around if someone doesn't reply back to you, it doesn't mean that person is busy chatting with someone else. That person's grandma could have had a accident and that person could be needed to go leaving everything back. "

She walked in haste. Her hair bouncing with her every step. He watched her wipe away her tear carefully. She was so sensitive..

He felt bad for saying such harsh things for her..for misunderstanding her. He went back to his class with a heavy heart...

to be continued

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chirag said...

nice story ..taking a interesting turn
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