Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Witnessing a change.. Part 2

  For the first part read here

Dear Diary,
           It's been a month since me and Ricky have been going around.. Things have changed so much in this short span.. Ricky has been distant lately.. I don't know what to do to please him..
          Maybe I m not that good a girlfriend.. I don't fit into his group.. My friends are anyway so much in their own world.. It's strange how I long to be with Ricky when I m away from him, but the moment we are together I want be back home..
          Last week we went to his cousin's party.. I had never been to such parties before.. I don't even have the kind of outfit worn at such parties.. Evening gowns, tunics, etc etc what not.. Fashion talks completely out of my sphere of knowledge.. All I know is they were all skimpy.. Something no one would dare wear on street.. I felt uncomfortable.. Ricky seemed to be enjoying the music ( I don't have an ear for such hard stuff) but I couldn't bring myself to dance with them.. I wanted to leave early, leaving him no option but to accompany me back..
          Once in the region where we could hear ourselves I felt sorry for spoiling his party..
"Ricky m sorry.. I just can't be like this people.. They are ..they are so different.." I was feeling low.
"Hey its ok baby.. You don't have to be like them.. You are special.. I love you for that." he said reassuringly..
         When we reached for the parking lot, I was just shocked to see his cousin and his girl in the car..
"Hey your cousin is here?"
"Leave them baby..must be making out.."
"The casuality in his tone made me feel like I m from some other planet.."
"Nothing..isn't it rather too dangerous to do such things... I mean they aren't married.."
"Oh come on!! Everyone does it.. This is 21st century.. Don't tell me you aren't going to do it.."
"Ricky... lets just drop this subject.." I was getting nervous... Thankfully he let it go..

Diary, I love him a lot.. I trust him too.. I just get uncertain when the stark difference in our thoughts erupts.. Thinking about all this ado about making out before marriage... I really don't know... It's wrong .. I don't know why..

P.S (to be continued)


chirag said...

need to read some more

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh, shit. Poor girl. :(
On a different note, it is so real, it sent shivers down my spine. :D