Saturday, May 21, 2011

Becoming Friends.. Part 4

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           He couldn't concentrate on anything.. He had been so selfish! He had to apologize.. for making her cry..
                He kept looking out for her all through the day. He was getting restless to see her.
   He saw her during the break.. As usual with lot of people surrounding her.. How could he approach her?
               She looked at him once but not for long..
He thought about how to talk to her. He didn't want to make a fool of himself before her friends.. Then he remembered she had called him last night. He searched her number and texted her.. Then begun the wait..

              She was in a large group of friends yet so alone. She was worried about her grandma.. She didn't mention about that to anyone but him.. She wanted to be home soon. Her phone beeped.. It was a text message from Prem..
             "Hey I m really sorry.. I have been such a jerk. Would you still want to work with me? "
She looked up at him and gave him a smile.. He was a jerk but atleast he was true about it..
              She went upto him..
"Hey that's okay.. But don't ever shout aloud at me okay... I cant bear it.. " She said quite sweetly..
             Oh! I would not even think of ever hurting you again, he thought to himself..
"ok I will keep that in mind.. How's your Grandma now?" he asked.
"Hmm she's ok... " Her expression changed... Grim..
"Hey if you don't want to work soon it's okay. We will start later. I have done the basic study anyway." he offered to help.
"Nah.. that's fine. We will start today?" she asked.
"Hmm if you want. "
"okay cool.. my place then!" she chirped.
He was amused how she could give so many expression within a moment!
"Where do you stay?" he asked.
"Borivali... near Don Bosco." she replied.
"Okay that's hardly 10 minutes from my place."
"Hey wow.. We can go together now then. What say?" she was thrilled.
"Okay." He hesitated a bit.
"Hey don't worry. Mom and my sis are at home! " she guessed his hesitance and winked.
"I have something for you. Here." He gave her.
"Ohh!! Chocolate!! That too "fruit n nut" I love!" she was just short of jumping with joy.
"To say sorry" he shied.
"Aww that's so sweet. Friends?" she asked.
"Friends" he winked back ... Did he just wink at her? What was happening to him? He was getting so different! He had never ever said sorry to someone with a chocolate. Never winked childishly! He should have known then, this girl was going to change a lot in his life.

(to be continued)

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