Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revelation ... Part 6

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          The presentation was done.. The results were to be declared today.. He was waiting for her to come to college. It had been a week since they had stopped being at each other's place. He missed her very much..
          It was already 11 o'clock and results were put up on the website.. He wanted to check it with her.. She was nowhere to be seen. He went over and checked the result and let out a happy smile.. They had won it!
         He called her, but she didn't pick up his phone. He looked for her all over the college but could not find her. Finally he went to one more place where the probability of finding her was the least.. THE LIBRARY..
         There she was..sitting in the farthest corner all alone.. He knew something was wrong.. He went near her..
        "Ashna.. what happened..Any problem?" he asked her softly as he sat beside her.
        She looked at him and the sight broke his heart..
Her eyes were swollen because of her long crying.. Her face had turned red.. She looked so shattered.
        "Prem... Prem... " she said between her soft sobs.. She could hardly breathe..
        "Ashna.. Listen dear.. Let's move out of here.. It's not the right place to talk.. "
       She shut her eyes and let out few more tears...
He gently wiped her tears and held her lightly, just giving her support to stand up.. They walked out of the library and  he took her to the neighboring garden. When she appeared a little more calm, he asked.
        "What happened dear? Did anyone hurt you?"
Her tears rolled down uncontrollably.. "He hurt me Prem.."
He felt something break inside him..
"Ashish.. He says he doesn't want me in his life anymore..."
He didn't know what to say.. He didn't even know who Ashish was.. As if sensing his doubts she said, "Ashish.. I have known him since school.. We were in love since last two years.. He went away to another city for his engineering last year.. You know that day when we were working, he called me to say he couldn't meet me. He had been away for one year and when he is in city he didn't want to meet me!"

He let her speak..

" You know what, I saw him yesterday with another girl. I confronted him and he says I doubt him! He even talked foul about my character.. Saying I m all day with boys... What have I done to deserve this? He broke my heart and he insulted me.. I feel so cheap.. " She broke down..

He couldn't understand how anyone could do it to someone like her..

"Hey Ashna.. you are not cheap.. He is cheap.. He is a loser if he couldn't value you.. You just don't deserve someone like him.. It's not your fault.. "

She looked at him..

"What's wrong in me Prem? Why do I always get hurt?"

"There's nothing wrong with you.. You are just better than others. You are the most beautiful person I have met. Not just superficially , but you have a beautiful soul.. You deserve the best.. " He spoke out everything buried in his heart.

"Really Prem?" she asked him innocently..

He just wanted to hug her close...

"Yes, really.. what  do you say? yeah God Promise" he replied in a kid's tone..

"hihihi" she giggled and gave him a hug.. She held onto to him for sometime and said, "You know what, it really sounds cute."

That was the moment he knew she was "his girl"... He would keep her happy always...

"Hey I have something for you.. Here.." He gave her a "Fruit n Nut"..

"What's the occasion?" she asked grabbing the chocolate..

"We won the poster presentation." He said.

The gleam in her eyes.. He would do another 1000000 presentations and win them for that gleam..

"Wow!! So that calls for a dinner party tonight at my home."

"Do you even know to boil eggs?" he bantered.

"You don't worry.. Your friend, that is my Mom will take care of it.. You just reach on time. Will message you the time later."

"Should I drop you home?" he offered.

"What? Like you bought the BEST bus or what?" she joked back..

"Nope. Got dad's car.. Had to take it for servicing.."

"Oh great. Let's go then. I m done with my classes."

Now that he knew she was the one... He was already thinking about that right moment to tell her.. Right now she was already nursing her broken heart.. This was not the right time.. He had to wait for a more appropriate time...

(to be continued)


chirag said...

story is doing very nice
really like it now....

Mehak said...

ah.. waiting for the nxt part! enjoying the story..:)