Wednesday, May 25, 2011

coming back to love... Part 11

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             She woke up early in the morning.. She was humming and searching for the perfect dress to wear.. Anandita was still in a mood to sleep more and sleepily said, "Ash, it's just 6.30.. Go to sleep or atleast stop the irritating humming!" she croaked.
              She laughed and said," Di you sound soo phunnny!! And yeah don't call me Ash!!"
My sister is going nuts she said to herself  and then she realised and woke up with a rush ,"Oh my goodness!! Prem is coming back today!!! No wonder you are all happy!!"
             Ashna blushed and said, "Yes, he is but I m not going to meet him. I am going to prepare for the evening. Isn't it a coincidence that today only he is coming and today only this thing is happening!"
            "Oh yes.. He will be so surprised na Ashna?"
            "You bet.. I m going to knock him out today!" and she laughed more.
Anandita was happy for her sister.. Things were perfect and she went back to sleep..

        Back on the Indian soil.. His Mom and Dad had come to receive him too.. He had expected her too but she didn't come. Good I will give her the surprise in a better form he thought.
        He rested and checked his mobile when he got up. No missed call or message from her. Where was she?
       He texted her..
"Hey I m back.. If someone is free we can meet?"

After almost 15 minutes and after him checking 10 times in that duration came the reply,
"Welcome back.. Meet you as soon as free."

So she was busy....with whom? why was he thinking such things??

      "Prem, get ready we have to go." his mom called out.

       "Mom I m tired..not coming anywhere." He was already not in a good mood..
       "okay we will go to Ashna's house, you stay back beta.. rest." she said in a light tone.
       "Ashna's home? why?" he got excited.
       "Will tell you only if you come."
        "Ok getting ready in a jiffy."
She looked as her son came out. He was looking handsome she thought..

He was excited to see her after such a long time. He thought how she would react. What she must have thought over in his absence. She had changed him so much. Now he was happier. More enthusiastic about life. She had taught him to live life every moment and not just work on the future. She taught him to spread joy even though she herself was not that happy. She unknowingly taught him to be a kid sometimes and shed off all responsibilities and chill and pamper oneself once in a while.. He had changed so much for her...

He went in a flashback about all that happened between them so far.. He wondered what she would be doing and how she would respond to the change..

      When they entered Ashna's buiding complex it was fully decorated.. He thought someone might be getting married..
      Ashna's parents were all dressed up and welcomed them. Anandita too was dressed in sharara.. What was happening he wondered.. Where was Ashna? His eyes were scanning the entire place...

     He pulled Anandita aside..

"What's happening here Anu?" he asked.
"Oh my someone is looking really handsome!" she teased.
"Thanks..  now tell kya ho raha hai?"
"Culture function hai complex ka." she said
"Where is Ashna?" he asked.
"Don't get so impatient.. she will reveal herself soon.. to everyone.." she winked and went near the stage.. He tried looking for her but she disappeared.

He sat with both the families in the front row... The stage was set.. The sisters nowhere to be seen...

Then came the biggest jolt... When the curtain raised.....

(to be continued)


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