Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting familiar.. Part 5

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   They reached her home. All through the way, she was chattering all about her family. He gave her a patient listening only interrupting to say, Accha.. hmmm.. ok.. Her mom opened the door and before she could ask anything Ashna started her story, " Mom this is Prem.. My senior in college and now my friend. we are going to do presentation. So we will be dropping home early from college to complete at our place ok.. " It was more of information than permission. What could her mom say?
        She turned to Prem.
        "Prem let's go to my room. All my stuff is there."
        "Ashna let him atleast sit for a while. Wait I will get you both something to eat. Then start your work."

He was busy looking at a wall in her house, having all their family pictures framed. Most of the pictures featured Ashna and other girl he guessed was her sister. Her house was vibrant with many colors. He loved her house at first sight. Something peaceful about it.
        She entered her room. She shouted at once.."Deeee deeee.... come here quick"
Her sister was in another room. Her name was Anandita.

"What is it Ashna. Why are you raising your voice so much?" she asked her irritatingly. She had been engrossed in her book.

"Why did you not clean up the room? See the whole bed is strewn with my clothes and your books. Look at the table!! Everything is a mess." she was getting so nervous

"What is new in that? Isn't that how you leave it? If not for me cleaning the room, it's worse than a cowshed." She laughed over her.

"Di didn't you see we have my friend over at our place. What would he think?" she asked.

"Oh!!! Crisis!!! Shut the door and let;s get started.

They both quickly collected their things and dumped it in the respective drawers. It had taken a good 20 minutes when Ashna realised..

"Oh shit Di.. He is all alone outside. I completely forgot. How mannerless of me. Mom is in kitchen too."

"Go then. I will arrange the rest."

Ashna went into the hall, all geared up with her apologies for ditching him alone..

" Look at this. This is Ashna when she was just 2 years old. You know what she had done? She brushed her hand over the blades of her father's razor and came running to me. I picked her up and then she realised we were taking a family photo so she posed quite cheerfully. It was only later when we realised her fingers were bleeding. When we asked why she did it, she replied.. "Ma the blade was soo shiny!!! I thought it would be good to touch . But it hurt."

He laughed looking at her picture. There were few others in which she was pulling her sister's plate. One in which she was feeding her sister.. Cute family pictures. He had been busy talking to her Mom. She was a cheerful and friendly person.

Ashna looked at her Mom and Prem. They were bantering over her. She smiled at how easily he had befriended her mom. Her Mom was clearly taken by his nature.. But she faked to take offence and said,
"Mom , Prem enough of laughing over me. Prem let's start the work please."
"Sure.." He joined her in her room. Her sister was there too. They all began the work..

A week had passed. They had become regular at each others house. Prem's Mom loved Ashna.. Well his mom always did want a daughter and she adored Ashna like one.. Prem had almost fit into Ashna's family.

Often her father would say, "Look at Prem, he is such a gentle and good guy and look at your other friends.. Fashion retards.. Prem is the most decent friend you have." Ashna would always be proud of her friend but didn't show it.

    One such afternoon, they were working together when she got a call on her cell phone. She walked away towards the balcony. Prem couldn't stop wondering who it was.. He felt it would be like poking his nose into her life.. But he was really curious..

    When she returned, she was low. She didn't speak much. They completed their work soon. They had just one day of work and the presentation would be done.. He felt sad.. He genuinely liked her company. She was so honest, so cheerful and accepting. He had never met anyone like her..
    Ashna was upset after the call.. She hadn't expected it.. She wondered what Prem would be thinking about her strange behavior. He was a good guy so maybe he wouldn't judge her.. She felt thankful for having one friend who was as real as he looked..
    Prem was waiting for her to say something.. But she didn't.. Her silence was making him impatient... Why was he feeling so much for her... Had he developed something more than friendship for her?

To be continued.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I thought there was another post to continue this but you have left it at a pretty nervous juncture. Here's a little secret, I admire that boy, and that girl. :)
DO POST VERY VERY SOON. GOD SPEED. I am waiting eagerly.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

So engrossing! I can't stop reading :D