Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An untold love story Part 7

"Angad I cannot talk about breaking up this engagement.. The whole family would be mad . They value honour more than life!" She was in tears. It broke my heart to see her cry. I had no where to elope with her. She would have to wait till next month.. Hopefully I could take her out of her then.
I held her close. I felt helpless. 
"Angad lets just run away. I don't care if we don't have money and comforts. I will be happy wherever you keep me. Right now I just want to be with you. I cannot face my relatives and I cannot fake happiness. They will take me away next month to the city." 
I could see in her eyes, the fear of losing me..
"Rhea have patience.. I will do my best to work out something before next month..Even if I cannot,  I sure won't let you get married to someone else.." 
She weeped.. I was testing her patience but I had no way out.. I had no money.. 

Life can be strange sometimes.. I have to meet the one who made my life miserable for the sake of the one who made my life beautiful..

I have never mentioned my past to anyone.. Anthony uncle is the only one who knows.. 

SHE was the one who made it worth going to college.. I was the artist and she was my muse. The long boring hours at college would pass restless without her.. She became my muse first, then my friend, then my lover and then my sister-in-law..

I had few dreams.. My passion being the first and she my second.. My father was a reputed businessman but I lacked the liking and the sense for business. I was happy with my colors and canvases. Business was what bhai did. 

She was content with me. We saw dreams of a small house to us. Unknown to me she dreamt of bigger things.. While I saw the world in her, she saw me as her pass into the world of her dreams.. 
My reclusive nature was not unknown to her, perhaps she was waiting to bring in a change.. 

We were planning to marry.. She insisted she see my family as a friend first.. I was naive and madly in love.. She was a wolf in the garb of a goat.. 

She soon found her way with bhai and started avoiding me.. Bhai had been so smitten with her that he was blind to reason.. She had come home as a friend and she went back as my brother's fiance.. All this while I was innocently waiting her return and feedback at our little love nest.. 

Before she came, came the news that she and bhai were getting engaged... 

I tried, I tried my best to convince bhai.. But he was too arrogant because of success and too proud to accept that she loved him only for his money..
She married him.. I left the country for good.. 
I broke contact with everyone.. My parents thought I was doing my art course.. Bhai n she were too much in bliss.. The silent spectator of my sufferings was Anthony uncle..
I had vowed never to see her again.. I hated women after that.. 
Fate had other plans..

Only a year after I went to NewYork, I got the the saddest news of my life.
My whole family perished in an aircrash..

Lucky bitch, wasn't on board..

I came back to India to do the last rites of my family.. I was now an orphan.. 
My grief was beyond expression.. In a single day, my entire family had washed off.. What was left, was an unpleasant remembrance of my past..

The will nominated me as the heir of the property.. She was no where mentioned in the will.. She made a big hue and cry about the injustice meted out to her. After all her husband was the first nominee in the will and in case of his death, she was the rightful beneficiary she argued.. 

The tables of fate had turned.. 
I was the beneficiary.. She knew her case was weak. I could fight on and would have won as and when the case came to hearing.. Till then I was content with what I had..

For Rhea, I wanted it speeded up..

She however, did not want an out of court settlement.. I did not know what she wanted.. 
In court, anyhow she was going to lose everything.. An out of court settlement would atleast give her something to fall back on..

I did not want to meet her but now I had to..
"Shikha what do you want?"
"Aren't you being too rude to me Angad.. Did you not once love me? Did we not once plan our future together? she asked in a seducing manner.
"Shut up, you screwed it all. " I hated her with new vigor.
"I know.. I should have never left you.. IT was so good with you Angad.. "
"What is it that you want now Shikha?"
"You.." she replied without any shame..

How could he? How could he keep this from her? Even after so many years of separation, reading this still made her jealous, still made her teary.. How much she had trusted her and he hadn't told her this? 

"Just 15 days Angad. I m scared." Rhea said and burrowed her face in my chest.. I stroked her hair .. We lay in my bedroom.. Her presence calmed me. I was as anxious as she was but I had to take a decision.

Shikha wanted me back in her life because she had no man and no money.. I meant both! I was sick of her behavior. I had to part with more than I was willing to give her but what the heck! I could live in peace with my Rhea then..

I could not tell Rhea..not until the problem had been sorted. I left in the early hours of morning for Delhi..To talk for the last time with Shikha's lawyers.. 

He had tried to protect her but his distance had made her apprehensive.. She stayed close to him but he was lost somewhere else.. It was frightening.. Had she taken the wrong step? 

Had he told her then, of his troubles, so much could have been avoided... 

P.S : Last part coming soon.. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

An untold love story - Part 6

    Love can be so beautiful, only she could reprove this to me.. I had shunned all contacts with the world and in the most deserted part of this town, I find my world again..
   Whatever the greater problems love may pose, it is amazing how much strength it could give.. 
   We will work it out somehow.. Right now, I m happy spending my days in this place. Where we can be lost for hours in the beauty of nature and in each other's love.. The long morning walks, the secret afternoon nap (which she takes in my backyard in my lap) and the evening market wandering.. wow, life is perfect..
    Liebe - danslamaisonrouges Jimdo-Page!

What bliss she had found in that one month with Angad.. Those morning walks were the most refreshing walks of her life.. That lazy afternoon when she lay in Angad's lap and he stroked her hair so lovingly, making her go into slumber.. She tried to stay awake.. She did not want to lose a moment with him and he always softly whispered, "shh.. I m there with you.." How she believed him! 
 Her wedding was only 2 months away. I did not want anything to go wrong this time. I had to sort out my past and come clean about it. I started sneaking out in the evening to contact the lawyer who was handling my case. 
I knew Rhea didn't like my missing out our evening dates, but I wanted to tidy up the mess and only then tell her. It was just a matter of 2 weeks and then I would have finally got rid of my past.

SHE was acting adamant. SHE wanted me to personally meet her. I did not want to see her face. Not that SHE affected me anymore but I really didn't want to see that face again. After another frustrated evening at the chamber I returned to my house to find the house in dark.. 

Anthony uncle was not home.. I somehow made my way into the bedroom when someone hugged me from behind..
"Shhh.. Angad its me.. " her scent intoxicated me..
Her breathes were now quicker and shorter.. Slowly she lit the candles and a beautiful fragrance spread in the room.. As I adjusted my eyes to the dim light, I could see a different bed which was the one I had kept for spare use.. She had decorated that bed with beautiful flowers. The room had exotic candles and wine glasses.. 

"Rhea.." Before I could say anything more, her lips sealed my words..
"Angad we have missed enough evening dates, you have to compensate for all of them" she said with a naughty grin..
She inched closer and yet there was a little hesitance in her.. I knew how much this meant for her.
"Rhea are you sure?" I asked cupping her face in my hands.
"More than I have ever been in my life" she answered coyly
With that she gave herself completely to me and became mine forever.. 


"Rhea what have we done.."
"The right thing.. I m yours forever now Angad"
There.. I understood how desperately she wanted to prove her loyalty to me.. How innocent her love was.. I wanted to protect her from my past.
Yes she had wanted to be his.. How naive she was! She had thought he didn't completely trust her decision to marry him and so started keeping distance.. She wanted to be close to him..very close.. What was he doing? What was running in his mind while he became one with her? Who was SHE he was talking about? What was his past or rather WHO was his past?

(to be continued)

P.S Ok I promise you all to complete this series this week :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An untold love story

 For a moment my world seemed to topple. How could she do this to me?
"Rhea you were engaged before you came here?" I asked hoping for a negative answer.
"Yes.." She withdrew herself from my arms and looked downwards. She couldn't face me.
"Then why did you come here? To play with my emotions?" I shouted at her and she winced.
"Angad.. I didn't mean to. My engagement was fixed when I didn't even know what love was. I came here and fell madly in love with you. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else."
"Why did you come here?" I was angry. I felt deceived. 
"To spend some time in the place I grew up before I leave this country. I lived here till I entered my teenage. My parents then shifted to the city. This town is close to me."
"Rhea just go back to your house. I don't want to talk to you." I didn't know what was happening with me. How can this happen to me? I walked back into my room where I stayed all day.
She had been confused. Here she was ready to leave behind everything for Angad and there he was not even willing to talk to her. She had faith in her love for him but did he want her? She was naive to the ways of world and to the handling of men. She worried about how she would live if Angad didn't want to marry her..

I lay on my bed thinking back of the past.. Love was painful, I had experienced and yet I dared to make the same mistake. 
"Baba, are you well?" Anthony uncle looked concerned.
"I m okay" I answered knowing that he would not be satisfied with the answer.
"You love her right?"
"I do not.."
"You have to forget the past baba"
"I have.. But the present is no different. She would leave me."
"IF she is ready to leave everything for you, what is stopping you from accepting her?"
"She is young, she will miss her comfort.. "
"Give her a chance..She's been standing all day waiting for you."
I looked outside. She was pacing in her compound.. Maybe I had to give her a chance.. Her determination and faith evaporated my anxiousness..
What past? What was it that Rhea didn't know till date? All these years while Rhea thought only she had hid her engagement, Angad was holding a bigger secret? She had to know what it was.. Was she fooled and made to feel guilty all her life? Was it really her fault for what happened?

(to be continued)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A to Z of my life!!!

Picked this up from Viya's blog. Had fun doing this!! 
A. Age:  19 years 8 months 21 days 9 hours :P :P lols ..simply saying I m about 4 months short to complete 20 :P :P

B. Bed size:  double 

C. Chore you hate: washing clothes!

D. Delinquent:  I m not!! :P 

E. Essential start to your day: Good breakfast and Tea.. Else I m haunted by that terrible headache!

F. Favorite color: Red :) 

G. Gold or Silver: Gold but not to blingy!

H. Height:  5'2 (height me maar khaa gayi :( )

I. Instruments: I m not such an instrumental person :P :P 

J. Job title: Pharmacy Student 

K. Keep a lid on:  some personal fantasies :P 

L. Live: Mumbai meri jaan! 

M. Mac or Microsoft? : Haven't used MAc, so microsoft it is.

N. Nicknames: maiths, meetu, maithu mili.. for more details read This etc etc etc

O. Off Limits:  Depends on who it is ! 

P. Pet peeve:  mixing up languages, impunctuality!!

Q. Quote from a movie:  
Itni shidaat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,
 ki har zaare ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai from Om shanti om

R. Right or left handed: Right!!

S. Siblings: one kid bro! :) 

T. Time you wake up:  for morning lectures 6 am.. for afternoon lectures 8 am.. for holidays whenever I open my eyes  :P 

U. Underwear: Colorful.. nice designs. cotton! araam ka maamla hai :P 

V. Vegetables you dislike:  bitterguard, and some other vegetables I can't name! I love only leafy vegetables, potato and soyabean and other pulses.. Rest all come under dislike! 

W. What makes you run late:  Waking up late or getting out late!

X. Xanax: Moving trains put me to sleep like that crib for kids!! A certain ma'am's tone also makes me sleeep! 

Y. Yummy food you make:  Brownies!

Z. Zen:  On the beach on a rainy day or day dreaming !! 

An untold love story- Part 4

Continued  from Here
          I got her car repaired by a nearby garage boy the next day. I later returned to my room keeping a watch on her compound. 
        At her usual time she came to read. 
        My pulses quickened as if an unknown pleasure was filling my heart. 
        I went to the backyard and was about to call her when I realised I don't know her name! 
        I stood there watching her and thinking what to do to attract her attention. It would look stupid if I banged something and would be rude if I whistled! I was deliberating to jump the wall and talk to her when she looked at me. She jumped with joy and quickly came running to the wall! She was blushing and her cheeks were turning rose red in the sunlight that was now glowing on her. She looked angelic.
"Hey" I said
"Hi" she replied and looked around nervously.
"Will it be okay if I get your car now?" I asked.
" Oh no problem, my parents aren't home. Bring it in." she said with relief.
"What's your name?" she asked the question that I was about to ask.
"Angad, and yours?" 
"Rhea." she smiled.

I took her car while she kept on staring. She was a young girl and I knew she was smitten. I had to keep myself in check. 
Yes she was smitten.. He was her first love. She had never felt such strong feelings for anyone. She had struggled with her self enough to let go of that dream. 
The days following their talk she had spent in his thoughts. She was even more eager to get a glimpse of him. Sometimes when he used to venture into his backyard, she would walk to the wall and think of ways to start a conversation. 
She caught him smiling at her more often now. She was going mad for him! 

I m not sure anymore of what my feelings are. She is drawing me towards her. I cannot stay away from her. I do not want to. I yearn to talk to her, to hold her close. 
Her soft giggle lightens up my day, in her lovely eyes I see my entire world.. 
I tried ignoring her but I couldn't. I thought being her friend would be enough but what a fool I had been! With every passing day the wall that separates us is dangerously collapsing.

It had been a week since I saw her. She did not come to read in the morning nor did she wait at the gate in the evening. I was becoming desperate to see her. Did she go back as mysteriously as she came? The very thought of not seeing her ever hurt me. Maybe I was not destined to experience love..
How could she forget that whole week ! She had existed like a dead body. She had wanted to die. That was when she realized how much she wanted him !
Life had gone pale in her absence. I had lost all hopes of seeing her beautiful face again..But life gives you surprises when least expected. 
I woke up in the afternoon ( getting up in the morning and not seeing her was too painful) and went about my work. It was almost after 2 that I opened the window to let in some air and voila! IT was her standing there in her garden watching me with eyes that spoke volumes! I knew that she was longing for me as much as I was dying for her. My joy knew no bounds! 

I ran into the backyard and jumped through that darned wall. She had gone red and was now looking pale. 
"What happened to you?" I asked her in concern.
"I was standing here for you since morning" she replied.
I was simply touched and cursed myself for not getting up.
I hugged her for the first time then. She hugged me back with such passion that it was worth all the wait and pining! 
"I m sorry Rhea."
"It's ok. It was not your fault. You didn't know I would be here." she said softly.
I kept on holding her for a long time. 
"Rhea I love you." 
"I love you too Angad.. I don't want to lose you.. I cannot live without you..." she started crying still holding me close.
I kissed her forehead trying to soothe her.
"Rhea don't cry dear."
"Yes" I knew she was about to say something.
"I .. I m.. engaged." 

(to be continued)

P.S Sorry readers the series has been going unusually slow. Will try to post more frequently now! Thanks PeeVee  and MSM for motivating me to carry this further :) 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An untold love story -part 3

                     I returned to my room and buried myself in the art books when a soft  purring sound grabbed my attention. A white furred cat was hidden under my bed. I lost my cool. I hated cats and was about to grab it out when I remembered... her.. 
               Thankfully Anthony uncle had returned and he pulled the cat out and let her into the neighboring compound. I saw her through the screens.. She jumped with joy and held her cat protectively.. 
                I wanted to stay away from her.. I wanted to stop looking at her so obsessively everyday.. I wanted to concentrate on my work... I decided to not bother with her any more..

Her thoughts were all jumbled. He was such a mystery for her.. Then and even now.. 
She still remembered those chilled winter mornings when she would sit in the garden reading, her eyes on the first floor of the opposite villa..for a glimpse of him.. She wondered what lay inside that room.. 
He never came out during the day but he would take his jeep out every evening to the market. The market was a walkable distance..but the route dangerous after sunset. She waited by the gate of her house for his jeep to return every evening.. There was something about him that screamed out "Stay away" and yet that was the thing that made him so alluring for her.


   I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding her..until she came into my way. I was returning from my usual evening out when I saw her. It seemed her car had broken down and she was distraught with panic. 
   She signaled for me to stop and begged, "Please please please help me out with my car."
    I looked at her, she was today not in her usual gowns but in a top and a short skirt which reached only till above her knees, giving a good view of her legs. She had covered herself appropriately with her top. Her heels gave her a more lady like appearance than that of her usual innocent girl looks. Perhaps I had been looking at her too intensely, she shifted her weight showing discomfort. I quickly took my gaze on the car. I was not great with getting it right and neither did I want to keep her standing there as it was after sunset. Wild animals were not the only threat, wild people as well.. Drunk wild people.. 
    "I don't have time to repair this thing.. I will drop you home.. Hop on.."
    " I can't leave my car here.. I m not supposed to be out driving alone.. I need to reach home before anyone else reaches home."  
    " I will see what I can do to reach your car.. Right now get in or I will drive away." She looked at me in dilemma.. I opened the door of the jeep and she got in.. 
    "Do you even have a license?" I asked her for she looked no more than 17..
    "Ofcourse I have.. I m 19 !" she answered. Well that was close :) 
We headed into the driveway.. I saw another car in front her house..
"Oh shit, my parents are already here.. I will be killed for sure!!" She was too scared and almost on the verge of tears.
" Hey relax, I have an idea.." I said while she looked unsure. I drove into my own compound. Anthony uncle rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses. HE would have pinched himself too for the sight baffled him. 
" Questions later" I answered his unasked questions and then proceeded to the backyard with her.

"Oh my, this backyard is connected to our backyard through a mere wall!!" she looked amused. Although our backyard was not visible to her from her own compound, I had a clear view of theirs from my room everyday.. 
A portion of the wall had broken during the monsoon last year when a tree had fallen on it. I could easily jump through the stunted wall portion now. I lifted her up and she gave me that look of shock and fear. With one movement I carefully transferred her to the other side of the wall.

"Tell your parents your car is given for repair.. I will bring it tomorrow morning."
There were a lot of things she might have said but she just hurried into her house and I walked back to my room..

I saw the concern in Anthony uncle's eyes. 
"Don't worry uncle, it won't happen again.. "