Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An untold love story -part 3

                     I returned to my room and buried myself in the art books when a soft  purring sound grabbed my attention. A white furred cat was hidden under my bed. I lost my cool. I hated cats and was about to grab it out when I remembered... her.. 
               Thankfully Anthony uncle had returned and he pulled the cat out and let her into the neighboring compound. I saw her through the screens.. She jumped with joy and held her cat protectively.. 
                I wanted to stay away from her.. I wanted to stop looking at her so obsessively everyday.. I wanted to concentrate on my work... I decided to not bother with her any more..

Her thoughts were all jumbled. He was such a mystery for her.. Then and even now.. 
She still remembered those chilled winter mornings when she would sit in the garden reading, her eyes on the first floor of the opposite villa..for a glimpse of him.. She wondered what lay inside that room.. 
He never came out during the day but he would take his jeep out every evening to the market. The market was a walkable distance..but the route dangerous after sunset. She waited by the gate of her house for his jeep to return every evening.. There was something about him that screamed out "Stay away" and yet that was the thing that made him so alluring for her.


   I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding her..until she came into my way. I was returning from my usual evening out when I saw her. It seemed her car had broken down and she was distraught with panic. 
   She signaled for me to stop and begged, "Please please please help me out with my car."
    I looked at her, she was today not in her usual gowns but in a top and a short skirt which reached only till above her knees, giving a good view of her legs. She had covered herself appropriately with her top. Her heels gave her a more lady like appearance than that of her usual innocent girl looks. Perhaps I had been looking at her too intensely, she shifted her weight showing discomfort. I quickly took my gaze on the car. I was not great with getting it right and neither did I want to keep her standing there as it was after sunset. Wild animals were not the only threat, wild people as well.. Drunk wild people.. 
    "I don't have time to repair this thing.. I will drop you home.. Hop on.."
    " I can't leave my car here.. I m not supposed to be out driving alone.. I need to reach home before anyone else reaches home."  
    " I will see what I can do to reach your car.. Right now get in or I will drive away." She looked at me in dilemma.. I opened the door of the jeep and she got in.. 
    "Do you even have a license?" I asked her for she looked no more than 17..
    "Ofcourse I have.. I m 19 !" she answered. Well that was close :) 
We headed into the driveway.. I saw another car in front her house..
"Oh shit, my parents are already here.. I will be killed for sure!!" She was too scared and almost on the verge of tears.
" Hey relax, I have an idea.." I said while she looked unsure. I drove into my own compound. Anthony uncle rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses. HE would have pinched himself too for the sight baffled him. 
" Questions later" I answered his unasked questions and then proceeded to the backyard with her.

"Oh my, this backyard is connected to our backyard through a mere wall!!" she looked amused. Although our backyard was not visible to her from her own compound, I had a clear view of theirs from my room everyday.. 
A portion of the wall had broken during the monsoon last year when a tree had fallen on it. I could easily jump through the stunted wall portion now. I lifted her up and she gave me that look of shock and fear. With one movement I carefully transferred her to the other side of the wall.

"Tell your parents your car is given for repair.. I will bring it tomorrow morning."
There were a lot of things she might have said but she just hurried into her house and I walked back to my room..

I saw the concern in Anthony uncle's eyes. 
"Don't worry uncle, it won't happen again.. "


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Wow! Wow! I am amazed by the way you are spinning this tale...I can't wait to read the next one!

PS: You are one of the most amazing writers I have read! :D :*

maithili said...

Thank you soo much dear! Taking this forward very soon!