Friday, September 30, 2011

An untold love story Part 2

            Sometimes in the middle of nowhere, life blesses you with a fairytale..

     There was something special about that day.. In years, I had unusually woken up to the chirping of the birds. I opened the curtains to let the first rays of the sun enter the room. The air was still thick with fog. My room overlooked the garden which was only separated by only wall from our backyard. 
     The house which was only a wall away was the closest to our house and vacant, like all things in my life. The estate agent had told me when I moved in here, "Here is the house which suits your requirement. Not a soul around. You could die here and not a soul would know for months!". I had muttered, "Perfect".
     The house was magnificent 2 storied and too well furnished. I had often wondered who would invest so much in such a house and not live even a day in it. Something about the house caught my interest. The house looked alive! Yes, the curtains were thickly covering the house today. The garden looked freshly mowed. A little hustle-bustle of servants could be seen. Somebody had arrived!! 
     In one corner of the garden I could see a figure. I went over to the other window to have a closer look. A young girl, dressed in a lavish gown and wearing a hat had taken seat on a wooden bench and was deeply engrossed in a novel. She smiled while still reading.. a pretty picture.. She looked like the queen of flowers that surrounded her. Maybe she sensed my eyes devouring her beauty. She looked up alarmed and I quickly hid myself.. She went back to her dreamworld of books.. 
     The artist in me had been aroused. I quickly snatched my canvas, paintbrushes and positioned myself close to the window. She became my muse.. my inspiration which I needed. 
It was close to noon when she went inside the house. I waited fervently every single morning for her to start her reading so that I could capture her well. It took me 5 days to make a picture of her and that till date is my best work..
     Even though I was done with my painting, watching her read became my favorite activity. I would while away half of my day looking at her. Who was this girl? What was she doing here? The question about her haunted me. I was truly enchanted by her beauty. 
Rhea knew where the painting would be.. She had never known he was watching her.. She had been believing all these years that she was the one who was first drawn to him.. 

     For the first time since we had shifted, the door bell rang. I was irritated by this intrusion.I took it on  myself to see that whoever it was, would never return back. I open the door ready to snarl at the intruder. 
   "What the hell do you want?" I had mouthed the words before even having a look at who was standing at the door. 
    It was HER. She looked like she walked straight out of my painting. I was proud of her! She resembled all the intricate details I had done of her sketch. 
    A delicate sharp nose, a high cheekbone but not a hint of arrogance, bright hazel brown eyes that took in everything they saw, tender lips and flowing tresses. Her face was captivatingly attractive. Her eyebrows arched in perfect symmetry. She was wearing a loose dress but it did not hide the hints of that slender figure, those long legs. I stole my eyes lest they meander on unknown paths.
    "I m sorry. One of my cats might have come into your compound by mistake. I cannot find him. Will you please help me?"
     She was nervous and I was more than that. If she came in and saw the painting!! The thought was enough to chill me. 
     " Shouldn't you teach your cats some manners? I m sorry lady, I cannot waste my time looking for your stupid cat. Anthony uncle will help you when he returns. Now please leave me alone."
      She looked heartbroken and yet her eyes kept searching her cat. She must have loved it a lot.. I hated cats. 
      I closed the door shut, my heart finally returning the pulse back to normal. I watched her silently from the living room. She walked back.. as if wiping a tear.. Something inside me hurt.. Man! This was new!!

stock vector : Valentine hanging labels. Vector art

(to be continued)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Wow! A guy's mind beautifully captured. I love the way this is going. I am curious to know more about how he came to know about Rhea! :D :D

PeeVee said...

Sounds so mean the way he yelled at her -_-
But I'm guessing not for long?:)

Can't wait to see where you take this!

Jyoti Mishra said...

u captured it all well..
n the way u weave all this in words is great !!

Rahul Bhatia said...

So well written! Waiting to read what follows!

maithili said...

@MSM : Thank you dear :)
@PeeVee : YEs not for long :)
@ Jyoti : Thanks a lot girl!
@Rahul Bhatia: THank you for the kind words!