Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An untold love story Part 7

"Angad I cannot talk about breaking up this engagement.. The whole family would be mad . They value honour more than life!" She was in tears. It broke my heart to see her cry. I had no where to elope with her. She would have to wait till next month.. Hopefully I could take her out of her then.
I held her close. I felt helpless. 
"Angad lets just run away. I don't care if we don't have money and comforts. I will be happy wherever you keep me. Right now I just want to be with you. I cannot face my relatives and I cannot fake happiness. They will take me away next month to the city." 
I could see in her eyes, the fear of losing me..
"Rhea have patience.. I will do my best to work out something before next month..Even if I cannot,  I sure won't let you get married to someone else.." 
She weeped.. I was testing her patience but I had no way out.. I had no money.. 

Life can be strange sometimes.. I have to meet the one who made my life miserable for the sake of the one who made my life beautiful..

I have never mentioned my past to anyone.. Anthony uncle is the only one who knows.. 

SHE was the one who made it worth going to college.. I was the artist and she was my muse. The long boring hours at college would pass restless without her.. She became my muse first, then my friend, then my lover and then my sister-in-law..

I had few dreams.. My passion being the first and she my second.. My father was a reputed businessman but I lacked the liking and the sense for business. I was happy with my colors and canvases. Business was what bhai did. 

She was content with me. We saw dreams of a small house to us. Unknown to me she dreamt of bigger things.. While I saw the world in her, she saw me as her pass into the world of her dreams.. 
My reclusive nature was not unknown to her, perhaps she was waiting to bring in a change.. 

We were planning to marry.. She insisted she see my family as a friend first.. I was naive and madly in love.. She was a wolf in the garb of a goat.. 

She soon found her way with bhai and started avoiding me.. Bhai had been so smitten with her that he was blind to reason.. She had come home as a friend and she went back as my brother's fiance.. All this while I was innocently waiting her return and feedback at our little love nest.. 

Before she came, came the news that she and bhai were getting engaged... 

I tried, I tried my best to convince bhai.. But he was too arrogant because of success and too proud to accept that she loved him only for his money..
She married him.. I left the country for good.. 
I broke contact with everyone.. My parents thought I was doing my art course.. Bhai n she were too much in bliss.. The silent spectator of my sufferings was Anthony uncle..
I had vowed never to see her again.. I hated women after that.. 
Fate had other plans..

Only a year after I went to NewYork, I got the the saddest news of my life.
My whole family perished in an aircrash..

Lucky bitch, wasn't on board..

I came back to India to do the last rites of my family.. I was now an orphan.. 
My grief was beyond expression.. In a single day, my entire family had washed off.. What was left, was an unpleasant remembrance of my past..

The will nominated me as the heir of the property.. She was no where mentioned in the will.. She made a big hue and cry about the injustice meted out to her. After all her husband was the first nominee in the will and in case of his death, she was the rightful beneficiary she argued.. 

The tables of fate had turned.. 
I was the beneficiary.. She knew her case was weak. I could fight on and would have won as and when the case came to hearing.. Till then I was content with what I had..

For Rhea, I wanted it speeded up..

She however, did not want an out of court settlement.. I did not know what she wanted.. 
In court, anyhow she was going to lose everything.. An out of court settlement would atleast give her something to fall back on..

I did not want to meet her but now I had to..
"Shikha what do you want?"
"Aren't you being too rude to me Angad.. Did you not once love me? Did we not once plan our future together? she asked in a seducing manner.
"Shut up, you screwed it all. " I hated her with new vigor.
"I know.. I should have never left you.. IT was so good with you Angad.. "
"What is it that you want now Shikha?"
"You.." she replied without any shame..

How could he? How could he keep this from her? Even after so many years of separation, reading this still made her jealous, still made her teary.. How much she had trusted her and he hadn't told her this? 

"Just 15 days Angad. I m scared." Rhea said and burrowed her face in my chest.. I stroked her hair .. We lay in my bedroom.. Her presence calmed me. I was as anxious as she was but I had to take a decision.

Shikha wanted me back in her life because she had no man and no money.. I meant both! I was sick of her behavior. I had to part with more than I was willing to give her but what the heck! I could live in peace with my Rhea then..

I could not tell Rhea..not until the problem had been sorted. I left in the early hours of morning for Delhi..To talk for the last time with Shikha's lawyers.. 

He had tried to protect her but his distance had made her apprehensive.. She stayed close to him but he was lost somewhere else.. It was frightening.. Had she taken the wrong step? 

Had he told her then, of his troubles, so much could have been avoided... 

P.S : Last part coming soon.. :)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

OMG! What a bitch Shikha is! I feel so bad for Angad and Rhea! :( I hope all is settled for good!

PS: I am saying this again, but I am totally in awe with the way you write from a guy's perspective :D :D Hats Off!! :) :)

Can't wait for the next part!

Keirthana said...

I am hanging on to every word of the story. Please post the last part soon and I am having my fingers crossed that it should have a happy ending.

Your stories rock, Maithili.

Rahul Bhatia said...

An enjoyable read!Await the last part..

maithili said...

@MSM : Thanks :) I have been so busy to comment back earlier but your comments motivated me to take this further :)

@Keirthana : Thank you Keirthana :) hope you like it :)

@Rahul :Thanks for reading!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Awww, don't say that. You are a wonderful writer :D :D