Thursday, October 13, 2011

An untold love story- Part 4

Continued  from Here
          I got her car repaired by a nearby garage boy the next day. I later returned to my room keeping a watch on her compound. 
        At her usual time she came to read. 
        My pulses quickened as if an unknown pleasure was filling my heart. 
        I went to the backyard and was about to call her when I realised I don't know her name! 
        I stood there watching her and thinking what to do to attract her attention. It would look stupid if I banged something and would be rude if I whistled! I was deliberating to jump the wall and talk to her when she looked at me. She jumped with joy and quickly came running to the wall! She was blushing and her cheeks were turning rose red in the sunlight that was now glowing on her. She looked angelic.
"Hey" I said
"Hi" she replied and looked around nervously.
"Will it be okay if I get your car now?" I asked.
" Oh no problem, my parents aren't home. Bring it in." she said with relief.
"What's your name?" she asked the question that I was about to ask.
"Angad, and yours?" 
"Rhea." she smiled.

I took her car while she kept on staring. She was a young girl and I knew she was smitten. I had to keep myself in check. 
Yes she was smitten.. He was her first love. She had never felt such strong feelings for anyone. She had struggled with her self enough to let go of that dream. 
The days following their talk she had spent in his thoughts. She was even more eager to get a glimpse of him. Sometimes when he used to venture into his backyard, she would walk to the wall and think of ways to start a conversation. 
She caught him smiling at her more often now. She was going mad for him! 

I m not sure anymore of what my feelings are. She is drawing me towards her. I cannot stay away from her. I do not want to. I yearn to talk to her, to hold her close. 
Her soft giggle lightens up my day, in her lovely eyes I see my entire world.. 
I tried ignoring her but I couldn't. I thought being her friend would be enough but what a fool I had been! With every passing day the wall that separates us is dangerously collapsing.

It had been a week since I saw her. She did not come to read in the morning nor did she wait at the gate in the evening. I was becoming desperate to see her. Did she go back as mysteriously as she came? The very thought of not seeing her ever hurt me. Maybe I was not destined to experience love..
How could she forget that whole week ! She had existed like a dead body. She had wanted to die. That was when she realized how much she wanted him !
Life had gone pale in her absence. I had lost all hopes of seeing her beautiful face again..But life gives you surprises when least expected. 
I woke up in the afternoon ( getting up in the morning and not seeing her was too painful) and went about my work. It was almost after 2 that I opened the window to let in some air and voila! IT was her standing there in her garden watching me with eyes that spoke volumes! I knew that she was longing for me as much as I was dying for her. My joy knew no bounds! 

I ran into the backyard and jumped through that darned wall. She had gone red and was now looking pale. 
"What happened to you?" I asked her in concern.
"I was standing here for you since morning" she replied.
I was simply touched and cursed myself for not getting up.
I hugged her for the first time then. She hugged me back with such passion that it was worth all the wait and pining! 
"I m sorry Rhea."
"It's ok. It was not your fault. You didn't know I would be here." she said softly.
I kept on holding her for a long time. 
"Rhea I love you." 
"I love you too Angad.. I don't want to lose you.. I cannot live without you..." she started crying still holding me close.
I kissed her forehead trying to soothe her.
"Rhea don't cry dear."
"Yes" I knew she was about to say something.
"I .. I m.. engaged." 

(to be continued)

P.S Sorry readers the series has been going unusually slow. Will try to post more frequently now! Thanks PeeVee  and MSM for motivating me to carry this further :) 


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Just read all the parts again! (I kinda lost track). I like how its going... Waiting for the next part! :)

Keirthana said...

Going good Maithili! Eagerly waiting for the next part :)

maithili said...

@Chandana: Sorry you had to read it again due to my delay! Next parts would come soon!

@Keirthana : Thanks a lot for following the series :)