Monday, October 24, 2011

An untold love story - Part 6

    Love can be so beautiful, only she could reprove this to me.. I had shunned all contacts with the world and in the most deserted part of this town, I find my world again..
   Whatever the greater problems love may pose, it is amazing how much strength it could give.. 
   We will work it out somehow.. Right now, I m happy spending my days in this place. Where we can be lost for hours in the beauty of nature and in each other's love.. The long morning walks, the secret afternoon nap (which she takes in my backyard in my lap) and the evening market wandering.. wow, life is perfect..
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What bliss she had found in that one month with Angad.. Those morning walks were the most refreshing walks of her life.. That lazy afternoon when she lay in Angad's lap and he stroked her hair so lovingly, making her go into slumber.. She tried to stay awake.. She did not want to lose a moment with him and he always softly whispered, "shh.. I m there with you.." How she believed him! 
 Her wedding was only 2 months away. I did not want anything to go wrong this time. I had to sort out my past and come clean about it. I started sneaking out in the evening to contact the lawyer who was handling my case. 
I knew Rhea didn't like my missing out our evening dates, but I wanted to tidy up the mess and only then tell her. It was just a matter of 2 weeks and then I would have finally got rid of my past.

SHE was acting adamant. SHE wanted me to personally meet her. I did not want to see her face. Not that SHE affected me anymore but I really didn't want to see that face again. After another frustrated evening at the chamber I returned to my house to find the house in dark.. 

Anthony uncle was not home.. I somehow made my way into the bedroom when someone hugged me from behind..
"Shhh.. Angad its me.. " her scent intoxicated me..
Her breathes were now quicker and shorter.. Slowly she lit the candles and a beautiful fragrance spread in the room.. As I adjusted my eyes to the dim light, I could see a different bed which was the one I had kept for spare use.. She had decorated that bed with beautiful flowers. The room had exotic candles and wine glasses.. 

"Rhea.." Before I could say anything more, her lips sealed my words..
"Angad we have missed enough evening dates, you have to compensate for all of them" she said with a naughty grin..
She inched closer and yet there was a little hesitance in her.. I knew how much this meant for her.
"Rhea are you sure?" I asked cupping her face in my hands.
"More than I have ever been in my life" she answered coyly
With that she gave herself completely to me and became mine forever.. 


"Rhea what have we done.."
"The right thing.. I m yours forever now Angad"
There.. I understood how desperately she wanted to prove her loyalty to me.. How innocent her love was.. I wanted to protect her from my past.
Yes she had wanted to be his.. How naive she was! She had thought he didn't completely trust her decision to marry him and so started keeping distance.. She wanted to be close to him..very close.. What was he doing? What was running in his mind while he became one with her? Who was SHE he was talking about? What was his past or rather WHO was his past?

(to be continued)

P.S Ok I promise you all to complete this series this week :)

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haha.. yes please do complete it! I am waiting to see how it ends! :)
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