Friday, June 3, 2011

Real and Virtual

                          Let me start from where this all started..
We were sitting in the canteen.. I, Akshata, Manasi and Nupura. We were bantering over something when Nupura said, "I bought a puppy."
               Me and Akshata were all ears! Puppy!!
" Ha but usko roz 12 ghante me khilana padhta hai..nahi toh bhaag jata hai... Dhokebaaz puppy."
             The only one who got this conversation was Manasi . Me and Akshata were like , "What is this?"
Then we got to know she was talking about FARMVILLE..
              Nupura..anyone who has seen her, has definitely seen her texting wildly or smiling to herself!! She is all the time hooked to facebook and texting..
              We would be discussing something grave and she would be all into the discussion and suddenly smile.. That was the day I told, "Sometimes I don't know if you are really here or virtual. I m going to do a post on you.. Real and Virtual." So here I m doing the same!!
              She is my closest ally in college. I liked her the day I talked to her. Silently rooted her to win "Miss Fresher" which she did. She came up one day to sit with Me, Akshata and Manasi (how we gelled up is another story) and we bonded. Since then "khidki ke paas wala seat" is reserved for her.
              We both like to go through pics and comment on facebook ( both are on rehabilitation due to facebook addiction) :P
              She is someone who catches my one-liners ( remember LSD??) and is the first one to like status (although sometimes doesn't even know the gist of it).
              We can gossip gossip gossip and more gossip.. ( you know what we did for internal revisions ;p)

Today she turned 18!! Welcome to adulthood (well officially) .. We have already smuggled her for dhobi ghat ( adult movie, God and censorboard knows for what reason!!!)


Aye kanjoos we want a party ok? We will give you a gift too don't worry :P

Don't fret over the pics below! I put them together after a lot of hardwork!

 This is our Miss Fresher ............ Nupura   

              My Friends : ( Left to right ) Akshata, Nupura and Manasi at the Juhu Beach 

That's ME and NUPURA . This is T-shirt caption "I m not lazy. I ' m overflowing with Potential energy" describes her best !!!! This is my favorite snap of us together 

Nupura and me participated in T-shirt painting (The cut out portion was me!!) !! We didn't win but I m yet to see her so much engaged again!! This is one snap that shows how much she can concentrate !!! 


P.S : I kept my promise.. 

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Nupur said...

heyy thanxx a lot dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a big hug from me toooooooo..... :) :) :) missing u a lot!! see u soon.. tabhi party dungi ok?? gift taiyyar rakhna.. ;)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Happy Birthday to your Friend Nupur...Maithili :D :D This is such a cute post!!! I was all smiles reading it... :) :) I hope you have a great year Ahead Nupur!! :D :D

chirag said...
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chirag said...

nice post yar
and kaif acchi dosti hain tum sab logo ki
and ha miss fresher nupur...looking good

Rachit said...

happy bday to your friend.. :) She is blessed to have you as her friend. And, your post are wonderful. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

you are so blessed to have such friends...
Life is no fun without them

Happy b'day to ur frnd

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:O No we know what you did under the cover of revisions. :D

Its a common scene when friends get together to study, well, most of the time that is.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sourav said...

Happy birthday Nupur and enjoy the porn movie Maithili probably will giveyou as a gift for your 18th birthday! :P

Nupur said...

hey thank u all for the wishes... :P n yeah im really lucky to hav maithili as a friend :) :)

maithili said...

@Nupura : :) I was on cloud nine when I received your text!!wow you couldn't have reacted better to this gift!

maithili said...

@MSM :thanks dear :)
@chirag :dosti toh bahut gehri hai :)
@Rachit :Thanks a lot :) welcome to my blog ..

@Jyoti Mishra :Yes blessed I m :)
@Blasphemous Aesthete : lol! Isn't that what makes such studies soo special? :)

@Sourav : lol... bacchoko bigad doge kya ? :P