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unknown intentions.. Part 9

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             Sourav again went to call Arjun.
Pradeeta sketched unperturbed. Now I could see what she was sketching.. It was the place where Anoop's cat was found. It seemed like she was sketching it out to focus on all that she saw. The sketch however was devoid of the cat. She began sketching something like a bracelet of beads.. This one I had never seen with anywhere.
            I let her complete. Karan too sat stunned at her work.
"We should let her be.. Let's go outside." Karan said and helped me out of the room.
            We all sat huddled in Arjun's apartment. The other apartment was kept locked. We all wanted to stay together. In the hall all were watching "Golmaal". It helped ease the air of tension.
           Arjun hurriedly entered.
         "God! Arjun where have you been ? It's been 4 hours since you went! What happened to your cellphone?"  I shot questions to him.
         "Wait a minute. I will be back." He said and went to the bedroom.
We waited for him to be back. I was getting restless and bored. I and Karan went back to see if Pradeeta was done with her sketch.
         As soon as we entered, Arjun followed us and quickly closed the door.
"What's happening Arjun? Why are you behaving so strange?" Karan asked him.
        Pradeeta looked up. She was done with the sketch. Arjun, I and Karan looked at it. The beads that she was making was on a hand. A hand with rudraksh beads...
       "This is awesome. Not many people would be wearing it. We could identify who has a rudraksh beads." I said.
       " What I m telling you should not go out of this room." Arjun told us.
       "I dropped them at the station and made sure they boarded the train. The train was to leave at 3.30. There was half hour left for that. They were in and I told them I am leaving but I whiled some time at the book stall. I saw that Red alighted the train and was talking to a guy. I have never seen him. She was weeping it seems. They talked for long and when the train was about to leave she entered the train again. I watched them from a distance."
       "Red with a guy?" Me and Pradeeta were surprised. We didn't know she had a guy in her life..
       "Yes.. I found it fishy. Why would she hide it from us? I decided to follow the guy. He looked decent alright. He took a bus and I too boarded the same bus leaving my car at the station. He was looking around as if scared that someone would spot him. He had a phone in his hand, yet when he disembarked from the bus he chose to use a PCO."
        We didn't know where all this was getting.
       Arjun continued.
"After he left the booth, I entered the booth and pressed redial. A male picked up the phone and shouted back ,"You idiot, didn't I tell you not to call again from the same number?" and ended the call. I noted the number redialled and saved it. By then he had already started going far away. So I again followed him."
      "I saw him enter the petrol pump. He sat at the counter! He worked there."
      "Petrolpump?" asked Pradeeta.
      "Yes.. I even went there after I went back to station and drove my car to the petrol pump. You know I m friendly with an attendant there. He told me that guy was name Shaan and he studying at the KMC college. He works part time at the petrol pump and helps in accounting."
       Arjun was excited. Things were now getting more complex.
      "Shaan could easily get petrol on which she slipped." Karan said.
      "But why would Red's guy want to kill me? I don't even know him!" I fumed.
      "Could Red be doing this?" wondered Pradeeta.
      "But then the drug trap doesn't fit in the scheme! why would she get framed?" I reasoned.
      "Give me that number you saved. We could find out from mobile company. I know someone there. You guys ask Red to come online on Skype as soon as she reaches home. We need to confront her. She might as well be a puppet. " instructed Karan.
       I texted Red and she replied in affirmative.
Now we atleast had some leads but where was it leading.. The number.. Shaan.. Red.. the rudraksh beads... Would they give an answer?

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