Saturday, June 11, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 6

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             What followed took us by shock! 
He caught Anshul by his collar! Anoop never mingled much with our gang but Anshul he liked. They were both members of the Science club and got along well.
             "What did you do to Innu?"he roared with anger.
             "Who is Innu?" asked Chirag.
             "Innu is his cat." I whispered. 
             "Was my cat. Anshul what did you feed her! She died of poisoning!" His grip was tightening around Anshul. Sourav and Chirag were trying to pull him back. 
              "Anoop I didn't do anything." Anshul was trying to convince him.
              "Didn't you want Innu for some stupid photography? Wasn't she with you for more than 2 hours? You didn't even bring her back to me! I found her lying by the bushes. I took her to a vet. She had vomited a lot.  You killed her." He tried to hit him but the other boys stopped him.
              He sat on the sofa after much persuation and broke down. He really did heart his cat.
    "Anshul you knew he had a white cat yet you didn't tell any of us!" shrieked Vinati.
    "What did you do to the cat? Why didn't you give him back?" asked Redhanded.
            "Anshul I never expected this from you.." Pradeeta voiced her disappointment.
     "Guys I wanted to tell you." He was searching for at least one of us to believe that.
     "I wanted to tell you last night about the cat.. but was scared that you people will hold me responsible for whatever happened. I did take Innu for photography. Anoop had come to party just to take her back."
      "What did you do to the cat Anshul?" Anoop was now uncontrollable.
      "Bro I didn't do anything to Innu, I swear.  I don't know how but I dozed off while photography and then Innu wasn't there when I woke up. I made you wait at the party so that I could find Innu. When you left I thought you found her.. I didn't do anything." He was trying to convince.
      "This is such a lame story Anshul! How can someone just sleep like that! This is irresponsible! Even if you didn't  poison Innu, you are responsible for Innu's death." Chirag retorted.
      "Believe me guys. I could never do something so inhuman! To poison a cat ! No way, I haven't!" denied Anshul.. 
       Again none of us knew what to believe.. 
"Anshul where were you when we all went to the clinic?" asked Arjun suspiciously.
 " Arjun do you also doubt me? I had gone to meet Polly.. Ask Re if you don't believe me. He was there too." 
  "Enough of all this bullshit! I just want to know who killed my Innu. I won't leave that bastard!" Anoop interrupted violently.
  "Just a minute Anoop.. How did you find Innu near the bushes? When did you leave the party?" Karan asked.
  "I went to attend a phone call.. I got away from the noise and she was right there near the bushes . I could recognise her from that much distance." He had tears in his eyes.
   "Was that before the light wents out?"
   "What lights went out?" He looked perplexed.
   So he had left the party before the lights went off .. We told him what happened to Polly..
    "If it weren't for the phonecall.. I wouldn't even have found her ! She was so close to gate.. Any vehicle could have run over her.. All that while I would have happily sat there thinking Anshul had her safe."
     Anshul was in remorse.
"Anoop and Pradeeta were there outside minutes before you left maybe.. I even saw something moving there near the bushes but couldn't see anything." I told.
      Pradeeta gave me a look of astonishment.
"Someone must have been there.. The moment you people went inside, the cat must have been let out." added Redhanded.
     Twinkle Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are........

 "Either pick up the phone or cut it! Just stop the irritating ringtone ya" It was Arjun again getting mad again at Redhanded's ringtone.

"Hello... yes speaking.. What? this is not possible! " she spoke tensely.. 

We were listenly intently.. She cut the call and looked at us..

"Guys I m in trouble.."

(to be continued)


Rachit said...

suspense remains intact.. Nice read :)

maithili said...

@Rachit :Thanks :) Suspense continuees :)

Welcome to my blog and thanks for the follow :)

sm said...

nice read
good grip on story

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Whoa!! Totally hooked and in it! What next! I am about to fall off from my chair :D :D

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I think i did fall of my chair! :D I keep trying to guess the next part.... but this time i have no clue what's going on!!!!

maithili said...

@Sm :Thank you :)
@MSM : Yeye purpose served :) keep reading :)
@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thanks ! That is a compliment to my first mystery writing :)