Friday, June 10, 2011

Unknown Intentions.. 3

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             Everyone was tired. Polly and Mridu left for home. The rest of us settled down at Arjun's place.. The girls moved into the adjacent apartment.
            'Coffee anyone?" I asked.
            "I m not going to make. " Arjun said.
            "I didn't count on you. Just tell me where it is.. I will make." 
I made coffee and served the guys first before heading to the girls room. Redhanded , Vinati and Sadana were still discussing the details of the evening. 
            Pradeeta was sitting alone in the balcony.
I handed her a mug of coffee..
"What are you thinking?"
She looked lost..
"All this is really disturbing."
"I know. Anoop has a cat.." I said in a low tone.
"Oh my God! Are you sure?" she asked me.
"Yes.. I talked to him once.. He loves cats. He does have a cat but I don't know if its a white one."
"Do you think Anoop can do something like this?"
"I really don't know." I sighed..

I left her to her thoughts and went to the balcony of Arjun's apartment. Karan was there.
"Did you have coffee?" he asked.
"No.. I knew you would keep some for me." I smiled.
"I did." he grinned back.
I sipped the coffee.. He kept staring at me .. that loving, indulgent gaze... I blushed.. just what he wanted.. He pulled me into his arms..
"Oh I missed you so much." he said softly stroking my hair.
"I missed you too.."
"Ahemm Ahemm.." said the haddi in kabab Arjun.. 
"Yeah you can come." Karan replied to his coughings..
"She will kill you with her coffee." he told Karan.
"That's why I keep half for her always .. Let's die together baby " Karan too joined in.
"Urggh both of you!" I clenched my teeth.

"So what do you think we should do tomorrow?" asked Arjun , ofcourse to Karan .
"I have to say something to you both." I told them about Anoop.
" I don't think Anoop has done it." Arjun replied. I was not believing it either.
"You doubt anyone Arjun?" Karan asked.
"I feel Re did it." he said with a straight face.
"Arjun I would love to believe that" I laughed.
"I know.. didn't you see he was the one close to Polly before the lights went off."
"Wait a second! Why didn't  I think of this before? There have to be two people involved. Lights going off couldb't be a coincidence." Suddenly lit my dimaag ki batti.
"Awesome baby! That's what I have been thinking.. Who could be the two people?" Karan remarked.
God! He was always before me :(

"Did you know Re had a scene with Polly some days back?"
"What scene?" I asked.
"Nothing the idiot tried to make a pass at her.. She insulted him."
"Still he came to dance with her?" I asked.
"Don't  you know how shameless he is?" 
"Oh yeah..right. How do you know so much about him?" I asked Arjun.
"Dosto aur dushmano ki khabar rakhta hu me " 
Time to put on the thinking cap.. Now who could these two people be...Could it be Anoop and Re.. 
Outside in the room Re sat watching cartoon... Can someone so dumb be so dangerous?

Arjun left me and Karan alone finally.. We sat in the balcony late into the night....

Someone was conniving yet another plan.. This time would there be more clues? What would be the next assault?
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to be continued


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh Damn! This got my heart racing! Even I am sure not Anoop but someone totally unexpected has done it... :/

chirag said...

kya yaar mera to koi role hi nahi hain....:(
arjun thoda der se aata kabab main haddi...
want to read more

Jyoti Mishra said...

this is growing interesting...

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nice post!

Red Handed said...

Since you have been suspecting Anoop since the first post...i am sure its not him :P

Mebbe someone who wants him out of the group

Nupura said...

hey awesome work maithili!!!! going gr8... im waiting eagerly for the the next parts!!! post soon.. :)

Anoop said...

Thanks Red. At least u got it now.. :)

n yea i hav a cat...though.. :)