Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yeh dooriyaa...

Prescript : This is going to be long.. So be patient :)        
            For the nth time Trisha checked her watch.. 6.30 it showed. Rajiv had told her to wait at the cafe at 6 and Late lateef as he was this time too he didn't show up. She wanted to fight with him for making her wait so much but she was also looking forward to see him. It had been a week since he had gone to Bangalore for his admission process. She had missed him a lot. He was her closest friend. She had struggled with her feelings the entire week. Was it love or just friendship?
            He snapped his fingers right in front of her eyes. "Hello ma'am, where are you lost?" HE gave her the childish grin he had. "Uh.. nothing." she came out of her thoughts.
           "Okay now..first give me a bigg hug! Been so long yaar." he said as he took her into his arms. Did the hug feel different?
           She looked at him in a new light of love.. There was no formality ever between them. Should she say about her feelings? She was sure that even if he didn't love her back, he would still be as close as he is now..
           "Hey guess what? While I was in Bangalore I got a call from St. Peters !!and I m selected!! Can you believe it! I made into the most prestigious business school!" he said happily.
           "That means..." she began
           " I m off to London this Saturday baby!" he completed her sentence..
           'Oh.." She didn't want to spoil his evening and cheered him along. He had worked hard to make it there she knew and she didn't want her feelings to strike him or make him upset. She wanted him to focus and come back successful. He had other plans..
         Saturday came sooner than she ever remembered days passing. She saw him off at the airport tear eyed.. He hugged her and looked into her eyes a little longer than usual.. Life has to move on... Had his distance only made him closer to her heart?
Yeh dooriyan
Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan
Nigahon ki dooriyan
Hum rahon ki dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai
Door hai Kyun koi
Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha
Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

It had been a year since he had left India. He missed home and he missed Trisha... He missed the silly fights they had. He missed how they could be going to college and out of blue decide the atmosphere is good enough to go to national park and spend the day there. How they could talk about almost anything without any inhibition. How she would force him to get drenched in the rain with her.. He was sitting in the flight from London to Mumbai.. He was coming home for his sister's marriage and all he thought was ... Trisha..
               He remembered the day she became close to his heart.. The day he had flunked his exam by just one mark.. Not that it would amount to his whole year but still it was a stain of his unblemished record.. All his friends irritated him further by asking his result and showing sympathy which he did not need.. Trisha cheered him up with her nonsense and they both set out to trek ! It was only when they were spent , drunk and  happy coming back home when he remembered she hadn't talked about her score at all! IT turned out she too flunked by just one mark!
              She had started working already. He thought of giving her a surprise. He turned up during her lunch time at her office..
             "Rajeev" she was surprised to to him and happy too!
             "Hey Trish! Missed you lottt! He went to hug her and she gave him an uncomfortable hug.. She was in office after all.
             "Let's go for lunch!" he offered.
             "Rajeev.... she hesitated "I m going out for lunch with Vivan.."
             "Can't I join in?" he asked.
             "Rajeev, me and Vivan are getting to know each other... My parents want me to meet him and decide if I want to marry him.."
             "Oh.. that's fine.. See you some other time."
             He walked away with a heavy heart. If he looked back he would have seen Trisha brushing away a small tear dripping from her eye..
             He stopped at the traffic signal his thoughts still on Trisha.. Why did her meeting Vivan hurt so much? Why was he kept out of knowledge about groom searching for Trisha.. Had they drifted apart?
            A small girl knocked at his window and he rolled it down. She was selling yellow roses.. Trisha's favorite.. and he was lost in another memory of another time...
           They were riding on his bike. She didn't talk a word..Neither did she sing aloud which she usually did when she was riding with him, to irritate him. She was angry because he had been irresponsible to not bring her assignment which he took to copy on the day of submission. Nothing would pacify her. He never offered to treat her at Mc Donald's but she did not budge. She stood at the bus stop and only after repeated honking and when other people at the bus stop started shouting at him , did she climb on his bike..  He remembered how she had sat silent on the bike and how he bought her 2 dozen yellow roses to get her smile back........ There was her in everything he did..
Kabhi hua yeh bhi
Khali Rahon pe bhi
Tu tha mere saath

Kabhi tujhe milke lauta
mera dil yeh khali khali haath
Yeh bhi hua kabhi
Jaise hua Aabhi
Tujhko sabhi mein paa li

Tera mujhe kar jaati hai dooriyan
Satati hain dooriyan
Tarsati hain dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan
Trisha sat on the window..rain drizzled down the panes.. She was making a pattern with her fingers on the fogged window pane and when she looked at what she had done she saw she had unconciously written "Rajiv" and made a heart... Vivan was a good guy to get married too. He was mannered, stable and gentle guy. He was financially well off and their families liked the pair.. She met him a few times and yet she was not able to decide. He would make a good husband she had no doubt about that.. But would she love him? She thought she had gotten over Rajiv.. yet the moment she saw him at her office there was nothing more she wanted to do than rest her head on his shoulder and hold him tight so that he never leaves her.. She missed the comfort she shared with him.. Could it be the same with Vivan?
             Rajiv had gone back to London. He had met Trisha few times but felt she was distant when with him. He tried broaching the subject of Vivan but she preferred to avoid it.. He felt lonely for the first time in his life...
             They had kept in touch with each other through emails.. Another year passed by...  He was done with his course.. He could either wait and seek a job in London or go back home where Trisha was.. He would have been a fool to lose the opportunity that awaited him in London.. He chose the later option and packed his bags to return back to India..
             She had refused the proposal of Vivan. Her family thought she was crazy to lose a guy like that.. Her parents asked her if there was someone already there in life.. She answered in negative... She just said she wanted to work for some more time before she was ready to get married.... She wanted more time to get over Rajiv.. She knew his life was there in UK.. She didn't want to be away from her country..
             He took some time after he reached India to get a job.. When he was finally sure of his job , he decided to meet Trisha..
            It was the month of September.. Trisha was walking towards the bus stop. A car followed her. She fastened her pace. The car honked several times before it just slid besides her and the door opened and the hand pulled her into the car..
            She screamed for help and a warm hand shut her mouth while the other pulled her close..
She looked shocked and the next moment she was throwing out her hands to hit him.. and he playfully evaded her and then she threw her arms around him to hug him...
             "Rajiv you scared me!" she said between her giggles.
             "Did I ? so easy to scare the daredevil Trisha!" he teased her.
             "Aye stop stop stop." Trisha shrieked..
             "What?" he asked.
             "Chal come out.." It was raining out and she pulled him out and they got drenched in that rain of love..
            She was shivering and sneezed a couple of times.. He couldn't help notice how beautiful she looked with her wet hair falling on her face.. Her lips smiling happiness.. Her dainty hands rubbing against each other to give some warmth.. He loved her... They strolled in the rain to a nearby tea stall.. It was all so romantic for her..
          When they were back in the car she looked at him. She could say he was nervous.. She knew every expression of that face..
         "Rajiv... why did you come back? You wanted to settle in UK right?" she asked him softly..
         He leaned closer to her and she closed her eyes... His lips felt like a rose petal on her lips and he touched her so softly as if he feared she would break.. She was mesmerized.. His fragrance overwhelming her.. The passion of the moment.. The song "Kuch khaas hai kuch paas hai" playing in his car and the rains... It was the perfect moment..
         He hid his head in the grove of her neck and slowly his lips reached her ear lobe.. Ecstasy sent shivers down her spine.. Softly he whispered.." Don't you know why I came back?"
         She hugged him with all her love... He held her face cupped in his hands and said..
"Trisha... I love you.. I was an idiot not to know it when I saw it in your eyes the day you came to see me off at the airport.. I was blind not to see the love in all the four years of college.. Will you marry this idiot of yours?"
       "Yes.. I want to marry you, you idiot!" saying so she broke down in his arms and let him hold her.. All the times of separation..of pain..of desperation... she felt it all come out... and give rise to a new life of love...

 Kaha bhi na mene
Nahi jeena mene
Tu jo na mila

Tujhe bhule se bhi na
Bola na mene chahun fasla

Bas fasla rahein
Ban ke kasak jo kahen
Ho aur chahat yeh aur jawan
Teri meri mit jaani hai dooriyan
Begani hai dooriyan

Hat jani dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan


Priyanka said...

Awww... So sweet. Loved the way it all comes together. At the end of the day, all of us are suckers for happy endings, ain't we?:)

Seriously, how do you come up with such good plots? All your storylines are impeccable:)

Keep it coming!

Rachit said...

rains, rains and rains everywhere, monsoon makes our adrenaline level go high and sets us on a romantic ride. Loved the flow of story:)

Weakest Link

maithili said...

@Priyanka : yes all of us like a happy ending! After all the gory stuff I did romantic happy story was a welcome thing! Well plots are all around you , only I alter and think of a possible different angle to what happens around me :)

@Rachit : thank you :) I love monsoon love stories :) well what is it about weakest link?? Didn't get it :(

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You know, those song breaks in between weren't really necessary. And was it really long? I don't think so, I started and then, I was lost until it ended. Too bad I did not mark the check in and check out time, but the story was, umm beautiful and BEAUTIFUL.

Loved reading it, I was smiling by the end, on the verge of laughing :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

maithili said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete : those werent song breaks. If you give it a look the story is actually made up to describe each line of the lyrics.. :) I had the song in mind and made up the story based on it ;) Do give it a read again

Red Handed said...


I loved this one! So beautifully you depicted each and every moment.

I dint find the song necessary and even the Kahin toh hogi wo thing

But i looooooooooved this!

Rachit said...

Weakest Link is sadly my blog title :P

CATGIRL !! said...

shoo shoo romantic bhii.... yash raj is surely gonan be impressed ;-).

was just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to befriend. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
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Best of Luck for ur blogging.

Anonymous said... story...totally based on d song i love......

Mehak said...

This story took me on a wonderful, emotional ride. I'm so glad it ended happily and i love the last line!!

Keep writing!

Raam Pyari said...

that was lovely! and not long at all!

well written and loved the way it all added up :)

keep it up.

suruchi said...

aaah..veryyyyyyy nice...what would we do without these little love stories blooming everywhere:-)

and don't worry about the length..good things come in long packages:-)

very engrossing story...i could almost feel at every they'll come together:-)

maithili said...

@Red Handed : Thank you soo much :) you never forget to comment! and as for the song it wasn't a was the theme of my post :)

@Rachit :Ohh! Well will drop in soon to your space :)

maithili said...

@Ketan :Thanks :) Didnt know you liked the song soo much!

@Mehak :Thank you soo much for commenting.. I really loved your work on "Coming full circle" and tried to do something on same lines but different ;)

maithili said...

@Ram Pyari : I m soo happy you dropped by! Well it is you people who do not complain about length that assures me! :)

@suruchi: Yes I dreaded doing long stories thinking no one would read it ;) Happy that my story was engrossing enough to keep the readers till the end :) Thank you soo much for commenting and yes what would we do without those little love stories that keep us engrossed :)

Sourav said...

All is well that begins well?

I usually avoid long post, but you made me read till the last word ..I was actually hoping all along to see the end as a beginning :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh this was so romantic Maithili! :) :) I had overwhelming emotions flooding my heart, especially the fact that I can finally access my blog and read your beautiful imagination!! :D How do you do this, everytime??? :D <3 Loved the song and story affair. Amazing!

Scribblers Inc said...

Such a love song girl! Liked my trip here! :)

Scribblers Inc.

rc said...

sooo very touching! :)