Monday, June 13, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 12 (Concluding)

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              Sourav who was working on his laptop called us, "Guys look I hacked the account.. In the draft folder there is a mail to be sent to the principal.. It says that Arjun's certificates are fake.. It could mean Arjun would be rusticated and won't get admission in any other college."
              "What the hell! Arjun what is this about?" asked Pradeeta.
              " Oh shit! Actually when I came from Bangalore some of the certificates needed I had left behind. IT was needed urgently and so I submitted a photoshop version.. thinking that I would later swap it with the original ones. But those certificates were never returned back and are still in the office."
             "You idiot you could have ruined your career.. Sourav delete the draft." I said.
              Karan's mobile beeped.
 "Guys, Keith Fernandes at work " he smiled.
             We went to the other apartment where our Keith Fernandes was...
"Listen I paid you locate that certificate and keep it on Principal's desk.. Tomorrow he should see it first thing in the morning."  Keith Fernandes was shouting at someone.. Unaware of the fact that 12 pairs of eyes were intently watching him and ready to attack any moment..
            "Get it done soon.."he ended the call and started to remove the sim..
            "Hello Mr Keith Fernandes." Arjun sang in a fake melody..
           He turned pale... He stood there petrified..
"What?" he stammered.. "Who is Keith Fernandes?" he asked.
          "Stop it Re.."Polly gave him a hard slap. "It was you all along you bastard."
          "What the hell do you think of yourself Polly!" he shot back.
          "Listen you son of a corporator! We have all the proof.. We can easily hand you over to the police.. Your daddy can bail you but never undo the damage to your career and your image now.."
          He was a coward.  He didn't even think what case we have to report.. He began denying vehemently and crying..
          "We traced your server.. We even know you have the sim in Keith Fernandes' name.. You blackmailed Red and Shaan.. You cut Polly's hair. You killed Anoop's cat.. You spiked Anshul's drink and you were the one who plotted drugs in Sadz and Red's room."
          "Why did you do it Re? Why? We were friends,weren't we?" asked Polly.
          "Friends my foot! Do you guys remember the first year of college? How you all took favors from me? Then you all showed your colors. This Arjun insulted me in front of juniors.. I supported Pradeeta for the college elections and when her work was done she started ignoring me saying some weird negative energies she gets from me! Anshul and Anoop didn't let me in Science club..Genius they think of themselves! Polly you cried numerous times on my shoulder when Mridu fought with you..and when he is back you make fun of me! When i proposed you, you laughed at me! Look now I took away what you were so proud of!"
           "Don't behave like a saint.. You are nothing but a loser.. I never insulted you in front of juniors.. I just stopped you from frightening them with your constant stalking!" Arjun said.
           "What negative energies? Didn't you talk dirty with the other candidate? Why would I want to be with someone like you?" shouted back Pradeeta.
           " We didn't take you in science club because you were interested in only spending project time with the girls. You even wanted them to be your partners!" Anshul rubbished his claims..
           "What have I done? " I asked. He was stupid and desperate. But I thought he was harmless...until now..
            "Yours was a mistake.. It was for Pradeeta.. You slipped.. not my fault.. served well for you supporting Arjun always.."
            "Why did you kill my cat you rascal?" asked Anoop.
            "I just wanted your cat for the that you become the suspect.. She started making noise.. So I stuffed her with poison.. Red didn't give me enough time to keep her back with Anshul so that he would be guilty.. So I abandoned her near the bushes.."
            "You retard.. you got Shaan and me in this gruesome play of yours!" Red was fuming with rage.
            "You became a pawn I needed.. Who told you to be in his arms near the boy's hostel. I was there , I clicked. You had enough guts to report about me huh! shut you up with the drugs! A little bit money can get keys to any door..your hostel room was nothing.." there was no regret on his face.
            "What about Keith Fernandes?" Karan asked.
            "Did you idiots not figure it out yet! My dad is a corporator.. There are many ration cards I can lay hands on.. Keith was just a dead man."
            Sourav stood at a distance recording everything on his cam...
            "Great performance Re.. Awesome video.. Tomorrow the whole college will know.. No girl will ever want to be with you.. You were looking for a girl to hook upto.. Now you won't even have friends.. Enjoy your lonely life you psycho.." Chirag said.
            There was now fear on his face.. He began sobbing and begging us to forget everything and make a fresh start.. Maybe some of us could forgive him but not Anoop and Red..
             He needed counselling... The next day we informed the enquiry panel and showed them the video.. Red and Sadz were saved any action.. That was enough for us..
              Re's actions were conveyed to his father and as expected no other action was taken against him.. It was said he was in regular session with a psychiatrist for his attention seeking and split behavior...
              "Hey time for me to go.. "Karan said..
              "Yeah..time you start studying.. " I said.
              "Hey guys what about a weekend at my place during the valentine's? asked Arjun.
              "Ask Red and Shaan." Pradeeta joked.
              "What about party?" asked Sadz.
              "Oh no not again.." Polly said..
               "Iss baar toh hum bhi girlfriend ke saath ayenge." Chirag said talking about him, Anshul and Sourav.
              "Aur nahi mili toh please kisa ka baal mat kaatna" Vinati said and we burst out laughing.
              "Ok done.. Valentine's at my place then.." Arjun said..

He looked through the window of the laboratory... Very soon.. You all will pay for my loneliness.. He thought about revenge and an evil grin lit his face... Fire in his eyes...


Eyeshadow said...

hilarious!!i was laughing through the entire post!!well done!!

Anoop said...

at last........!!! :D

Rachit said...

its worth waiting for the 12th part.. Nice read :)

maithili said...

@Eyeshadow : thank you :)
@Anoop : yeah I ended it before you get so old that you cannot sit through the post ;)
@Rachit: Thank you Rachit :)

Red Handed said...

Its over!! Shud i be happy or shud i be sad... Waiting for the next!! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Wow! Wow!! Amazing Maithili. This was such a great series :D Ah, I think in the plot we forgot that Re was hated by everyone!!! :D I loved it :) :)

PS: NEVER stop writing! You are such an impressive writer :D

Sourav said...

I was not following this series, but the first line of this post will now make me read the whole of it. You know what I mean, don't you?

And yes, you spelled it perfectly!

chirag said...

it ends on a happy node and mujhe to laga main gf k sath aya hun bas tumane uska nam nahi bataya series main
kher koi bat nahi

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

They say that lies and guilt have no feet, so they cannot drag along too long. At last, the culprit was nailed and grilled for that.

Nice story, very nice indeed.

Blasphemous Aesthete

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Ohh very nice... i completely forgot about Re! Love the ending :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

Loved it..
last post was the best.
Nice job... you did it really well.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You are mentioned on my blog! Just thought i'd let you know :)