Friday, June 10, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 5

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           I wanted to let out a scream but the vocal chords failed to vibrate and darkness fell upon ...
     "Just open your eyes.. Get the car. We need to take her to the clinic." 
I tried to open my eyes.. It was all a blur. They kept on splashing more water on my face.. 
      A hand kept tapping my cheek. I could see Redhanded, Vinati and Chirag. 
"Let's get her down." I looked above. I was lying on Karan's lap.  Arjun and Pradeeta helped me get up and I was taken to the clinic. It was then that I felt the searing pain on my head. I had hit my head hard and it was bleeding. I couldn't walk. My legs just wouldn't move due to the pain in them. My body was now getting concious of all the pain.
      "The head injury could have been serious.  You are lucky to survive it by a few inches. The wound is superficial but you need to come yet again tomorrow to change the dressing."
        The doctor didn't make a huge fuss out the whole incident. Only me , Pradeeta and Redhanded went to the clinic. Rest of them waited outside to avoid any suspicion.
       "Doctor, what about the leg injury?" Pradeeta asked.
        "She sprained both her ankles. It will take a little more time to heal. I have given painkillers. Don't worry" he assured and wrote down the prescription.
         We all returned back to Arjun's apartment.
I was made to lay down on bed while the rest of the gang surrounded me. Karan was unusually quiet. Arjun too didn't banter. There was an air of seriousness in the room.
        "I think it would be best for all of us to go home and return only after college reopens." Arjun said.
        "I think the same." seconded Karan.
        "But we girls have taken leave from hostel saying that we are going home and been here for a day. Our parents don't know we are on leave from hostel. Would they trust us again?" reasoned Vinati.
        "Plus what happened to Polly will spread like fire. Even Mili is hurt. They won't send us back." Redhanded said.
         "Don't you guys get it that this is no longer some prank! She could have been seriously injured and worse could have died. This is getting dangerous. I want you all to be safe." exploded Karan.
         I held his hand. 
  "What was that I slipped on?" I asked Karan.
  "Petrol. "
  "There was someone in the room." I told
   "Mili the room was locked from inside. We had to use the keys to get in." said Arjun
   "I didn't lock it! I heard some sound while I was in. I thought it must be Karan." 
   "Does that mean that when we entered the room there was someone else too?" Red handed questioned.
    " I came to this apartment to keep the dishes. Pradeeta went to apartment, you were in, and later Chirag." Karan told me.
    "I didn't do this! Don't you all look at  me like that!" Chirag defended himself.
    "Where were you Pradeeta when all this happened?" asked Vinati.
    "Jeez I wanted to take a shower. That's what I told you guys right! But she was already in there when I went to that apartment so I came back to this one for shower!" Pradeeta was clearly upset.
    "Plus why would I want to hurt her?" she asked.
    "The question is why would anyone want to hurt her? She hasn't had a scuffle ever with anyone." Sourav said.
     "Only I knew that she was in there taking a shower. No one else. While here everyone knew Pradeeta was going for a shower in the other apartment.. Could it have been to hurt Pradeeta?" asked Karan.
      "That is a possibility!" 
Silence loomed for sometime and then sharp, continuous squeaks of the stupid doorbell Arjun had ,broke the trance..
      "Who the hell is so desperate!" roared Arjun.
      "How many time have I told you to get rid of that darn bell."  I shouted back at him.
 Pradeeta went to open the door and then she came running back to the bedroom.
      "OMG! Anoop is there at the door and he is looking very scary. He looks like he will kill us!"
      "Did you open the door?" Arjun asked.
       "Arjun! Jeez !! He looks crazed. I didn't open! " Pradeeta said.
       "We will teach him a lesson then!" said Sourav.
  Everyone went to the door. No sound came from the hall. I limped though my wretched ankles wouldn't budge much. I somehow reached the hall..  I was shocked at what I saw.
    Anoop was red eyed and looked like he had aged 20 years in a night!
His face was melancholic yet his eyes had blazing anger.. He moved his eyes on each of us, his jaws set hard. 
    What followed took us by shock! 


Anoop said...

do i look scary???? :O

maithili said...

@Anoop : I haven't seen u , remember ?? :D

Arjun said...

Looks like I will have to chase you guys out of my house.. What mess u guys creating.. :P

Wait.. lemme guess.. Are you only the culprit?? Are u a psycho or something?? Did you bang your head purposely?? Were you that mad??? Just contemplating.. lets see.. :P

Nice.. Now I'm all hooked up.. :)


maithili said...

@Arjun : Why don't you change the doorbell! Anyway you don't open the door! :P :P

I m not a psycho okay to bang my head! :P :P

We will mess your house more now! :P

Keep reading!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Darn, its becoming a suspense thriller now. Is there a character that is missing, or is yet to enter the story? My brain won't budge even if I tried to, see, I don't even remember the names properly now. But hey, Anshul is missing. :D

Go on, this time the posts are rolling down faster. Suits the plot. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

chirag said...

jaldi se agla part lao...
shandar yaar...

Ankita said...

Ab aur wait nhi hota...what's gonna happen next??? Please post soon...its a very interesting thriller...

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Jeez, I am suspecting myself here! :P :P Hehe, Anoop is scary! :D :D Who is the culprit!! Next next next!! :D

maithili said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete : I saved Anshul for the next part :)

@Chirag : Thank you ;)

@Ankita : thoda aur intezaar..

@MSM : hehe you will get to it soon ;)