Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Villa of Death Final Part

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               She walked the dimly lit lonely street, dressed in the guise of a nun. A large handbag containing pepper spray, a sharp knife, a rosary, A bible, 2 gowns, few other clothing and cash from Bardez villa hung from her shoulders. She had spent 2 nights hiding  at St. Francis church. She needed to find a new shelter away from this area. She thought about going to south Goa or maybe head to Kerela. Bardez villa would have been a safe shelter for another few months had not the girl intervened and spotted the dead John.
                She had never killed a victim capable of giving a fight. She was scared when she saw the girl from the window. But the girl proved to be a weakling. When the girl fainted, she knew the girl was destined to be killed. She remembered how the knife pierced through the girl and a pool of blood engulfed her frail, cold body.. A wicked grin curved her lips.
                She was waiting for the bus to take her to the station. She knew of a place in Kerala where she could lie dormant before she set out to Goa again and make herself a shelter..
 Goa.. the place where it all started.. and where it would end.
             Kristy. A naive nurse from Kerala she was posted to Goa to look after a wealthy old man. She looked after him like her own father but little did she know that he would take advantage of his illness. He couldn't even walk properly yet he spiked her drink. The next day she woke up in a bed with 4 men staring at her bruised, exploited body and laughing at her and making lewd gestures. The old man had sold her pride. He even offered her 50% of the money if she agreed for further invitations. She was appalled. Robbed of her innocence and purity.. That night she got drunk for the first and the last time in her life and stabbed the man with all her strength, taking revenge for the disgrace he brought to her.. Ever since, killing helpless people brought her satisfaction. They were nothing but a nuisance to the society and took undue advantage of people.
              She stood looking for the bus. An old man came hurrying to the stop. He was breathless and struggling for a breath of air. He had some luggage with him. He approached Kristy..
             "Excuse me Ma'am.." he said between taking deep breathes.
             "I live in the cottage over there." he said pointing to a small bright red colored cottage." I .. I need my spray..can't carry these luggage till there..please..please can you bring it there.. I need the spray urgently." He said and rushed to the cottage dropping the luggage with a thud.
             She didn't know if she should go. Maybe he had a family up there in the cottage. Anyway she was leaving for Kerala. What harm could it do. She would leave the luggage at the door and see.. IF the man lived alone...then.... she smiled at the probability.
             She walked slowly up to the cottage and her heart thumped when she knocked the door. No answer. So the man lived alone... Hmmm..
             She entered the house and saw the man struggling to find his spray.. Before he could find it, he fell on the ground and was struggling for breathe..
             Her eyes lit up.. She took out her knife and a spark radiated her face when she saw the look of horror in the eyes of the man. She was about to stab him when she felt a hand nab her.
             D'Souza was smiling at her face and Gonsalves got up from the floor.
"Good work Gonsalves." D'Souza said as Gonsalves removed the beard and the other make up.
             Kristy was frozen.
"Sister Kristy your game is over." Gonsalves mocked her.
             She stood there staring at the floor. She didn't utter a word while they handcuffed and took her in custody. Once inside the cellar, she laughed and laughed and laughed.
            "She has a mental problem." D'Souza said.
            "I m impressed Gonsalves.. You traced the sketch made by Robin .. that too to a nurse gone missing 20 years back."
            " Thank you Sir.. It wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't found the small nursing book in the bookshelf and edition was of 1987.. That made me look up old cases.By chance it worked and the sketch didn't match except for the rosary  which Robin identified."
            " It was very clever of the church attendant though, who found the lady sleeping but did not disturb her. Instead informed us and we could cook up the entire set up to catch her redhanded."D'Souza said.
            "How easily she gave in to the temptation of killing.." Gonsalves added
            "The work is not over yet.. I have a feeling that she holds key to more murder confessions.. We have only figured 3.." D'Souza said as he shut down the the only UNSOLVED case in his career and put it in the shelf of SOLVED cases...


Red Handed said...

You are the next sherlock holmes miss!
Loved it!

Rachit said...

wonderful and mystic.. I love it :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It was short, and the characters just came in. I think there are parts that I missed? I mean, she fainted and then the story is in a new place?
Argh, I am confused :D

Nevermind though, that the culprit is behind bars.

Blasphemous Aesthete

maithili said...

@Redhanded : That was some compliment! ;) thank you dear..

@Rachit : I m glad you liked it :)

@Blasphemous Aesthete : I almost thought "What crap did I write" seeing your comment and then I looked over the second part :)Oh so you missed the second part! :) So it wasn't that bad afterall!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Short and thrilling! Loved it! And i agree with read handed! The next Agatha Christie too! :)

chirag said...

nice one yar

maithili said...

@Thegirlatfirstavenue : Thanks a lot dear :) your comments are always so encouraging..

@chirag : thank you :)

Eyeshadow said...

Nice..now detective stories..awesome...

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oh I loved the way this story unfurled...'Ahmazing'! :D :D Maithili, you are the mystery solving chick! :D Miss Sherlock! :) :)