Monday, June 20, 2011

Villa of Death Part 2

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                  Inspector D'Souza sat in his cabin going through the paperwork of some recent cases in his jurisdiction. He looked over the file which disturbed him the most. He hated 'UNSOLVED' cases. He was dissatisfied with the way the case was handled prior to his transfer here. Dona Paula CID branch was very close to the tourist spot. The recent spur in crimes against tourist was a mounting pressure on his department, specially of rape.
                  It was a slow day for him. He was happy the schedule would get over in an hour and he would get some time with his family. He made a mental note to buy the toy car his son was talking about last night. His junior Gonsalves came into his cabin that moment.
                 "Sir a girl has gone missing from Dona Paula." He informed.
                 A frown creased D'souza's face.
"Aren't such matters reported to police first and later to CID?" he asked.
                 "This might be of help to your unsolved case Sir." he replied.
D'souza's eyes lit up. A hint at last , a flickering hope to solve the case. "Get the jeep and lets go to the sight and I want to know everything."
                 "Akshata Dutta. 19 year old girl. Pharmacy student from Mumbai. Came to visit Dona Paula with college group. Was missing since 6.15 pm yesterday evening. " Gonsalves was getting excited. He had made a detail study of the case and wanted to impress the boss.
                "Go on."
"As said by her friend Deepti, she was out to find some washroom. Last seen by Arun, her classmate who says she was looking for an eatery. Deepti texted her to come before the bus was scheduled to leave. The tourist guide remained clueless throughout this time. When it was time to leave, only then her absence was noticed. They called her but her cellphone was switched off. After waiting an hour the incident was reported to the police station."
              "The police was on alert and through the network provider found out the location of the mobile phone. The phone was traced to Bardez Villa , which is very close to the location where she was last seen by Arun. On entering the villa, the police found her body in the house. She was killed in cold blood. Time of death between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. On further search of the house, another dead body was found in the bedroom. The man has been dead for more than a fortnight."
             "Any trace of physical assault on the girl?" D'Souza was worried whether it was a case of rape and murder.
            "No sir. There was no trace of any sedative too in her body. She was stabbed to death by a knife found on the scene of crime. Fingerprints have been taken but haven't matched any record."
            "What about the man? How was he killed?" asked D'Souza
            "He was too stabbed by the same knife. No sedative in his body too.The identity of the man is still unknown. The houses around this villa are unoccupied or newly acquired. The neighbors do not know about who lived here."
            They reached Bardez villa. The scene of crime was left undisturbed. He personally checked each and very nook and corner of the house for evidence. The house was neat and tidy. The kitchen was the only place apart from the rocking chair which looked used. The rest of the house remained untouched. D'Souza was studying the scene of crime when there was a knock on the front door.
            "Oh Christ! What is happening here?" asked a middle aged man.
            "Who are you mister?" asked Gonsalves.
            "I am Robin Mathews. I live in the neighboring villa. What happened to John Uncle?" he looked tense.
            "Where were you yesterday night?" asked Gonsalves.
            "I was in Bombay for business meet. Came just now. John Uncle never keeps the front door ajar. Where is he?" he asked.
            " Two murders have been committed in this villa. One of a young girl and another of a man. I want you to come along with us." D'Souza interrupted the conversation.
            "Murders! Where is John Uncle?" he asked yet again.
            "We do not know if there was any John Uncle here. We want you to come to the morgue and see if the man killed is your John Uncle." Gonsalves replied.
             D'Souza was still looking around if he could find any link between his unsolved case and these murders..
             At the morgue, Robin puked on seeing the dead bodies. He broke down..
"This...this is John Uncle.." he said not able to even look at the body.
"Do you know the girl?" asked Gonsalves.
"No.. I haven't seen her." he said.
"who does the house belong to ? D'Souza asked Gonsalves.
"John Bardez.." Gonsalves said. The reports about the entire house history were now lying in front of him.

"When did you last see John Bardez?" asked D'Souza.
" Last month when I got him groceries. John Uncle would come to church only during Christmas mass and rest of the time he kept to himself. He asks me to get groceries once a month. He lived alone after his wife died 2  years back." Robin said.
"This month he didn't need groceries?" Gonsalves asked.
"Lucy aunty bought it."He said still in shock.
'Lucy aunty!!" both Gonsalves and D'souza exclaimed.
"Yes.. he hired Lucy aunty to take care of the house. Where is she?" Robin suddenly remembered that Lucy was nowhere.
"Well we found no Lucy aunty. Not even a trace of her." Gonsalves said,
"How is that possible? Lucy aunty lived in the villa. She cooked and cleaned for Uncle." Robin said.
'It looks like Lucy is the killer we are looking for.. But the question is, why didn't John Bardez try to run when she stabbed him? Or atleast put a fight?"D'Souza asked.
"How could he? John Uncle was quadriplegic after the accident which killed his wife."

This was gruesome. D'Souza could now find similarities with his unsolved case as the female angle was  now involved. The unsolved case too was from Goa. It had occured more than a year back when a widowed woman was stabbed to death while she was under sedatives. The prime suspect was a female friend who visited often. No one could come up with a sketch of the female friend and the case had loose ends.. Could this be the same murderer? Murdering a helpless victim was the same pattern with the three murders. Why was the girl killed and how she was helpless had to be seen..

"Robin help us make a sketch of Lucy.." were the words D'Souza said  before he went to the scene of crime again to inspect further..

(to be continued)


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