Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unknown Intentions..

          Someone had cut off her hair in most ruthless fashion.... 
Her waist length long silky hair had been reduced to shoulder length unevenly cut ends! She was ever so pampering her hair and this was a complete shocker to one and all. 
         "What the hell! Who dared to do this?" Mridu was yelling.
Polly was inconsolable. We had no idea what had transpired and she was in no state to tell. Everyone exchanged nervous glances at each other while a few shameless creatures stifled a laugh due to her haircut! This was too much even for a prankster. 
         We sure did panic. Mridu was very upset with the turn of events. 
Polly muttered between her sobs, "When the lights went off, someone pulled my hair and I felt something on my hair and then...." she cried even more " my hair was gone."
        Re was trying to console her and getting all philosophical. This seemed to enrage Mridu even more, "How can one just cut someone's hair and go off with it? The person has to be here. No one had that much time to get off here."
        "Dude, are you suggesting frisking everyone here?" Chirag asked.
        "What's wrong in that?" asked Redhanded.
"Guys frisking is  not the option. There are hundreds of people here and many are guests. We can't just manually frisk everyone. It would be humiliating." Anshul reasoned with them.
        'Then do what? Let someone go off with this?" Polly retorted.
  " College doesn't start till 3rd Jan. We can't complain to authorities till then." Sadana said.
  "Till then there would be enough time for the culprit to get away with it." added Sourav.
I didn't know what to suggest! This was all so confusing! Too small a matter to report to police and so great a matter as to not let go of! 

Pradeeta pulled me aside.
"Did you notice something. Anoop is nowhere around." she whispered.
I looked at the place where I had last seen him. He wasn't there.
"Are you thinking what I think you are ?" I asked her.
She nodded.

Someone patted my shoulder lightly..
"Oh you came! " That was more of a shocked expression than surprising.
"Yeah.. didn't look like you were expecting me." He said.
"No no nothing like that.. Uff too much happening here.. " I didn't want to spoil the night for him.
"Hey you look bit depressed. Anything wrong?" He asked concerned and looked at Pradeeta who smiled weakly.
We both told him what happened..

He was the one I was waiting for.My guy Karan. We had been going around for a year now. He was busy preparing for his IPS exam. He made time for the party just so that we could meet. The night turned out to turn on his detective instincts. He appeared more interested in solving the mystery than meeting his ladylove.  I was well jealous.. 

He began with asking Polly the entire incident which miffed her but nevertheless she narrated all.
"Polly when your hair was pulled, did you feel the thing only on one side of your hair or both?"
"How does it matter?" asked Mridu.
"It does. If she felt the pressure only on one side it could be a sharp blade or razor used. If on both sides it could be a scissor."
She thought for sometime.
"I think only one.. It felt cold."
"By the speed in which it happened and the look of your hair, it does seem like a sharp razor." 
He began asking her all sorts of questions like CID and aww he looked cute :) 
All this interrogation was happening on the terrace and the party was continuing in the canteen.

Our gang along with Re and some more concerned people was assembled on the terrace. Anoop was still missing.

"Hey what's that on your dress?" asked Redhanded.
Polly looked at her black evening gown and saw a few small white hair.
"Where you dancing with some oldie when I was with other chicks?" asked Mridu in a jocular tone.
"Shut up. I don't know where it came from." she rebuked him.
"Have a closer look. The hair is not grey but pure white. Maybe of some dog or cat." Anshul said.
"You are right." Karan quipped.

"SO the culprit has a cat or a dog with white hair?" asked Chirag.
"It's just a possibility." Karan answered.

We had planned to head back to Arjun's apartment close by. He had arranged for another free apartment adjacent to his. The gang would be spending the night there. 

"Karan don't leave. We have hardly talked." I pleaded him.
He took my hand in his and said, "Just a few more days. Then we would meet  up more regularly."
I was not to relent. This night wasn't the way I wanted.
Pradeeta suggested," Why don't you accompany us to Arjun's place?"
He was beginning to say no when Sourav said," Yeah why don't you come with us. You could help us solve this thing.. No one is sleeping tonight for sure."

I know I had him then.. The guy couldn't resist the mystery solving part. ;)
Sourav winked at me ... :)
But he was wrong though... Someone among us did have a peaceful  night... Who?

(to be continued)

P.S This had to be slow.. More parts coming soon :) Keep reading !


Red Handed said...

n then wht!! :O

Eyeshadow said... u fullfilled @freelancer's wish of dancing with other chicks huh??very smart!!

Arjun said...

Lol. See I'm warning you Maithili... Don't make me the guy who cut the girl's hair.... lol.. shit.. :P

Welcome home all you guys.. ;)


maithili said...

@Arjun Just wait and watch :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

There seems to be a rat amongst the group.

Kya ye paheli sulajh paayegi, jaan ne ke liye dekhte rahiye (I mean, padhte rahiye) One Such Story

Nice going.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Wow! I loved it :D :D I am suspecting Anoop :P :P Hehe....White hair...hmmm....Can't wait for the next part! What if it's Karan!! :O

Anoop said...

u r suspectin me????? :O
hey i dint do it..wat m i gonna do with polly's hair?? i dont hav any wig shop or somethin.. :| :P
n i dont hav white hair too... :D n i dont hav pets... :|

i wont b comin yaar.... :D i got to read the novel... :D

chirag said...

mystery going on....