Saturday, June 11, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 7

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            "Guys I m in trouble.."
           "What happened? who was it?" Pradeeta asked.
"It was from the hostel. They have got information that I have drugs in the room. They want me to come there right away and open the room." she informed us.
           "Oh my God" Sadana put her hand on her forehead.
           "What?" chirag asked.
           " I am her room partner! Which means we both are now going to be subjected to this!" Sadana said.
          "Don't worry, you guys don't have anything up there right?" asked Sourav.
          "I have a feeling that drugs are going to be found anyway." Karan's statement sent down thrills.
          "We don't have any drugs up there, we had locked the room before coming! How can the drugs land up there?" asked Redhanded.
          "You both are the targets! The plot is to get you in trouble!" added Vinati.
          "This is outrageous. I mean we both will get rusticated if the substance is found. It is strictly prohibited. We might end up losing the seat at college." cried Sadana.
          "It could be reported to police." Sourav said.
          "Oh no.. what will we answer at home? My life is ruined!" Sadana was on the verge of breakdown.
          Redhanded handled the situation.
         "Hey Sadz we are innocent. Someone has framed us. We will find a way out don't worry.  I m there with you right?" she calmed Sadana.
         "Weren't you both supposed to be home? This matter will get reported to your home.. If you go to hostel they will ofcourse get to know that you both didn't go home." Sourav was making them both more frightened.
         "Shit shit shit..Why did I even agree to this plan of spending Christmas here? I m trapped." Redhanded was frustrated.
         "Red listen to me.. First you both need to call up your parents and tell them the truth about you being here. " Anshul said.
         "Anshul you don't know my parents! They will never trust me to be alone in this city again! I will have to leave this college and study in my city!" Sadana was getting hopeless.
         "Sadana they are your parents. They will get angry but that is just their concern for you. If you don't tell them the truth, they will get informed by the hostel anyway. Your seat is anyway in danger. Better to have the confidence of your parents right? If you behave this way  they will feel you are guilty." reasoned Anshul.
        " Anshul is absolutely right!" seconded Karan.
        " We all friends are there with you both. We will too talk to your parents." Arjun assured.

Friends do lighten the trouble.. Here all of us were supportive of Redhanded and Sadana because we knew they couldn't do anything so wrong.. 
        There was someone in the room who thought, "Fools.. they don't know what is awaiting them yet." 

       (to be continued)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So, Anshul was there all the time. Ah, that's a relief. :D
The plot is twisting and taking ugly turns so rapidly, who is the one behind this? I wonder.

And now drugs? what, no!

Thrilling read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rachit said...

Nice read, and ohhoo one more part, good :)

maithili said...

@Rachit : more than one part coming up :P
I m enjoying this series as much as the readers ;)