Monday, June 13, 2011

unknown intentions.. Part 11

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               The next step was to trace the mail id which was used to send mails to Redhanded. We were tired of the snooping and spying.. The holidays were going a complete waste.
               We returned to Arjun's apartment. Sourav ,Chirag, Re and Anshul were watching Roadies. Vinati looked cross at us since we were obviously acting secretive and keeping her out of it. But we were yet to confirm out doubt and we could involve absolutely no one until we were sure of the culprit. 
               We too joined the group. We had made an excuse that we had gone to change the dressing of my head injury. The door bell rang ...
               "Hey you are looking just awesome!" exclaimed Vinati.
              Mridu and Polly had come.. Polly had gotten herself a new chic looking bob cut.. 
She looked pretty but the long hair... well they were the best.. We all chatted and the day progressed pretty much normal. Arjun and Karan were figuring out someone who could help them track the mail id. I spent my time gossiping with the girls..
              "My dad's friend, John uncle, is in cyber crime department.. He is out of town and will be back on 1st Jan." Karan said at night.
              "Then we would have to wait till then?" asked Pradeeta.
              "What about the cell number? Can't we do anything about it?" I asked.
              " The number is currently inactive. I don't know why I have this feeling that the culprit is going to lie low for sometime.. "Pradeeta answered my question.
              "Hey what are you guys doing here? Everyone is out." Polly entered the room with a glass of cold drink in her hands.
              She had the rudraksh bracelet entangled in her fingers.. 
              "Hey where did you find this bracelet?" Karan asked casually.
              "Oh this one. I came to ask if this belongs to any of you.. I found it in the party after you guys left.. You know where you all had crowded me.. I have even seen this but I don't know in whose hand." she said.
              "Oh ok.. we will see who this belongs to." 
              IT was obvious now that one of us who was at Arjun's apartment was the culprit. It was also evident that even the culprit didn't know that we would identify him or her by the rudraksh.. So all we had to do was to innocently ask who it belonged to..
               Pradeeta did the honours as she was the one who led up to rudraksh in the first place.. She went to the hall and quite uninterestingly asked ,
              "Hey Polly found this bracelet in the party.. Kiska hai lelo " and kept it on the table and casually walked back to the bedroom. Everyone had a good look of the bracelet and went back to watch the movie..
              We waited to see who would pick up the bracelet.. 
              Then we got who we were looking for.. It was incredible.. How a bracelet so easily led us to the culprit.. 
             "Shit can't believe someone like that could do something so outrageously dangerous!" Pradeeta reacted.
              The remaining three of us were dumbfounded. 
             "Shouldn't we just tell everyone?" I asked.
             "No..get Sourav. He is good at tracking the mail thing.."Arjun said.
              "Why didn't you tell before?" asked Pradeeta.
              "How was I to know if he was involved too? Now we know who is behind all this we can involve Sourav in this tracking thing."
              We called in Sourav and told him everything. He looked equally shocked. He agreed to trace the server.. The results were as we expected.. So now we had proof.. 
              Keith Fernandes's area.. the mail.. the bracelet..everything was fitting in.. the questions left were how,when and why?
              "What next?"
              "Don't you know whose child that is? Even if we complain the corporator will make sure the matter is under wraps.. Red would still be until scanner.. We need to catch the person redhanded and get the confession recorded in the panic mode.. Atleast the authorities would free Red and Sadz of the charges."Karan gave the idea.
              "But when?" asked Pradeeta.
              "Not until something new happens.. Now we know who is responsible we can keep an eye and stop  it.. Until the we have to wait.." answered Arjun.
             The vigil began.. Sourav, I, Arjun, Pradeeta and Karan kept a watch on the culprit.. But there was no movement for several days.. We even went to the waterpark and did all the masti which had ample scope for the culprit to do something but no action reported.. Had we set the person on alert? 
            It was 2nd Jan.. just a day was left and college would reopen.. Red and Sadz were to come to the city that day.. 
           The whole gang was there.. Polly and Mridu had joined in too.. Anoop was was still grieving the death of his cat was also present..  The day progressed and the five of us were still on watch..
          IT was close to 8 when we saw some activity.. Time for the show....
(to be continued)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Oooh!!! Wow!!! :D :D I am totally on the more step and we'd know :) :) Great Going Hon! :):)

Red Handed said...

Its time now that you tell me who it was!! I am getting really angry with u.. I hate suspense :P

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Am tired of guessing.. so am just going to read and NOT think! You make it impossible to guess the next twist... thats what makes you an amazing writer! :)

chirag said...

it is a superb series and i thought i found the culprit...

Eyeshadow said...

i just read all the parts from part 3 today..kept me totaly engrossed!!awesome...waiting for more..