Monday, November 1, 2010

A simple love story (part 1) FICTION

Ours was just a simple love story.
    The first time I saw him, no violins were playing romantic tunes, no breeze blew over us and nothing seemed to stop for us. No time freezing event happened when I first met him..
     I saw him sitting in the library. He was senior to me. I was busy searching for some book when he himself came over to help me search for it. We exchanged small talks which over the days extended to long chats and we began to know each other more. He was always sweet to me. He was ever helpful and encouraging and his presence in my life was like that of a bright ray in an otherwise cloudy existence.
   I liked to think that he too waited eagerly for me at the library everyday and I felt I saw his face glow sometimes when he saw me coming to him.
   He was just an ordinary guy. The kind who you like only after knowing them. He used to dress simply in casuals. His presence never made my heart skip a beat. Yet, my days used to pass thinking of what I would say to him and how he would reply to it.
   We used to occupy the table between two racks where we could avoid the glare of passing strangers and the librarian. On one such day, he held my hand for the first time. His touch didn't send shivers down my spine like I had heard of in mushy love stories. It was warm and friendly just like him.
   That day he asked me out for a movie. My joy knew no bounds and two days later we fixed up our date.
I had taken extra efforts to see that I appeared at my best. I knew he loved to see me in blue and so I had done lot of running around to get that perfect royal blue dress for my first date. As decided, I reached library at 5 but he was nowhere to be seen. I waited patiently till 5.30 without calling him once because I didn't want to appear desperate.      
    My bubble of joy was bursting now. what kind of a guy keeps a girl waiting on their first date? I felt so foolish for agreeing to this date. Tears had filled my eyes to the brim and in a desperate attempt to avoid the attention of the suspicious librarian, I buried my nose in the books.
     The clock ticked to 5.45 . I couldn't control my emotions anymore. The movie started at 6 and there was noway we could reach the theatre by then.
      Had he forgotten all about the date? Had he gone with someone else? Did I do something which made him reconsider his decision? There were so many questions engulfing my already stressed mind.
      At such conditions thoughts are not in your control. I began to worry about the worst. Had he met with some accident on his way or was he in some other danger? Without giving any other thoughts way I dialed his number.
       As the ring went I could hear his ringtone very clearly. He was nearby...

(to be continued)

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