Thursday, November 4, 2010

a Live-in tale....

       She was sitting alone on the bed. She knew time had come to make her move. She had dreaded this day for 3 months now.
       It was hard to accept the fact that she had made a wrong decision. She should not have entered a live-in relation with him only after few months of their affair.
        She had fallen in passionate love with him in Pune during his brief visit. She shifted to Mumbai to complete her MBA and he was already working in Mumbai. They had rented this flat for 2 years and she had put in all her money to pay her share of the rent and deposit. She had not informed her parents about her decision because live-in was too modern a concept for them to gulp down.
         But Mumbai was free to such ideas.

         Life was easy and happy for the first year.
He helped her set up their meals and often took her out when she was too tired to cook.
She never woke up to the alarm while he was an early bird.
On some mornings she would wake up in his welcoming arms and he would get her breakfast
She would wait for him for dinner no matter how late he returned home.
She took care of his laundry and cleanliness of the house and he would look after the accounts. Together they werejust perfect.
Those were the happy days...

Trouble began when he had to travel on work and she got busier in her MBA program.
She would get home too tired to cook and he would have already had his supper with his clients.
On such days she would turn bitter and blame him for not caring enough.
His work responsibility increased and he began faltering with his work of paying bills and cause inconvenience.
 She on her part gave lesser interest in cooking for him.
Whatever time they had was spent in arguing and complaining.
Distance grew and sometimes they would go on without talking for days on end.

After one such arguement, in a heat of fury he said ,"Let's just end it. This isn't working". That
was the end of their dream.

She had fought with him, nagged him and done all that she could to make him see her point.
She had forgotten he could leave her anytime. She was left insecure. She begged him to let her
stay on for 3 months after which she could collect her share of deposit and move on. He had
calmly agreed to this.

Last week her course ended and today she was leaving for Pune. She was hoping against hope
that she would have enough strength to let go of his memories. In last 3 months she had tried her
best to be the girl he loved in the first place. His existence with her was devoid of any feelings.
She had tried in vain to make him love her back but inspite of knowing she was leaving today, he
left early for work and hadn't returned home yet.

She took her bags and headed for the door. She took out her purse and reached for the keys. She
pulled out the keys and attached to it was a note that said,"PLEASE DONT LEAVE".

She locked the door and came downstairs to get the cab. No, she wasn't going to wait. If he
cared then he would have stopped her himself. She reached the gate and he was there waiting by
his car. After so many months she saw something she was longing to see.. She could see feelings in his eyes...

She walked towards him.
He didn't move from where he was standing and simply asked, "Are you ready to leave?"

"You want me to leave?" she posed another question to him.

He smiled and replied, "Yes ofcourse. That's precisely why I am waiting here."

She was too stunned with his reply. "What do you mean?" she asked him.

"I mean to say if we don't leave for Pune how will I ask your parent's permission for our marriage?
But before that let me ask you, will you marry me?"

If she could then she would have married him right there. "Yes, yes, a million times yes".

 She hugged him with all her love and he held on to her for what seemed like an eternity .
They left together to her home and when they returned back they were no longer living in .They
were now "Mr and his Mrs"


Sourav said...

And they lived happily ever after! :D

Liked the story, though I missed a punch or few moments which just captures a readers' imagination. I've read much on your blog, so I know you write really well and this was not as good as most of them. Hope I am not being much of a cynic or a critique!

You are allowed to abuse me for all the criticism :p

maithili said...

oye feel free to comment ;) I m not so aggressive (as of now, cant trust my mood swings though ;)) This is one of my intial stories and yeah I have improved since then! :)