Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Vegetarians

           Prescript: If  you are not one of those kind vegetarians who live peacefully without giving those disgusting looks to nonvegetarians, then this post is not aimed at you.. Keep giving us non-vegetarians peace while eating because we certainly won't offer you a "piece" of what we eat :D :D

          I m fed up telling each one of you the same things while you give that "eeew" "yucck" reactions while we eat and I even though I would rather appreciate if you just moved to another table while we savor our dish, you insist on me not bringing out non veg when you around!
          Everytime I want to go to KFC or Subway, I have to go to Mc Donalds because your "aloo tikki" or "Mc Veggie" looks like my "Mc Chicken" and so we can all hang out like that one big group!
          All these times I have been patient with your "How can you eat this?" or "Please wo gandi cheez mere paas mat la" with expressions that I don't even give while puking.
         So you think you are being kind to animals by not eating them up right? Maybe you really need some eye opening to be done!
         I won't defend my non vegetarianism. That's how I have been all my life. Some of my nonvegetarian people have turned vegetarian ( 99% for getting into that size zero figure) and so I do not think it is something I cannot change. It is something as of now I do not WANT to change.
        That classic arguement made on your side that "Humans are designed to me herbivores" because veg gets digested easily and not non veg may not be so true after all.. Our stomach does not digest cellulose (found in wall of plants) at all! Does that mean all fruits are not designed to be eaten? When you eat the peel of any fruit it comes out of your system as it is! Do not say peels are not to be eaten because I haven't seen many of you peeling  apples or that tomato in your veg burger.

        People ,from times immemorial, have been eating what is available in their vicinity. So I m from the coastal city and I eat fish and poultry. As simple as that. If you think farms are all over the country then again FYI that is only after the Green Revolution. We actually had a drop in population due to shortage of food in 1940s!! Imagine if that time we nonvegetarians had also added to the burden of shortage of crops! You actually have something to thank us for.
       Then a section of you eat eggs in breakfast and call yourselves eggetarians. Some of you eat cakes which have egg. When I point out that you are actually eating chicken's kid, you tell me "It is not born so its ok, you are killing a living animal". But don't you all support that "Feoticide is heinous as murder" while talking the same about a human?  
     Some of you believe that the egg sold is actually sterile and wasn't going to become a chicken anyhow. But the fact is that most eggs contain live embryo inside. Even if they don't then you should know that the hen that gives this egg is kept life long in small cages and when rendered useless, slaughtered. Some cruelty there eh? 

      Some of you have been sharing and commenting on this photo on facebook.. How dare you tag me too?

when u eat non-veg, plz do think about this.....bcoz whichever animal u r eating is the son or daughter of some living being !!

Well then do you know that our own Indian scientist Jagdishchandra Bose proved that plants can feel pain and and understand affection? Do you know plants move in the direction of music? Do you know that they grow well if you talk lovingly to them every morning? Well why would you? You have eaten plants all your life and not worried about hurting it? Only because it is nobody's child huh? so applying the same logic as yours ,does that justify killing orphans ,my dear ?


So will you now stop eating vegetables and fruits too?

I see you flaunting that pretty leather bag, making that style statement with your new leather jacket and belt and also valets. Where did they come from? Do you really think leather industry waits for animals to die and then take away their skin? That way you would have to wait for years to get your leather shoes my dear. And do you seriously think aged cattle can give you such soft leather? No no my pretty! It is the soft skin of that little calf that is hardly a few days old! PETA gives you more info on the same HERE

You find it too heartless when I eat fish. It's smell repels you in the market. And yet you use a perfume which is made by killing a bigger fish? You eat cod oil capsules for improving your eyesights ! 

You brush your teeth with toothpastes which contain carageenan which is also a living creature of the waters. Your toothpaste also contains bones of slaughtered animals (except vicco and Amar brands) 

You go awww and oooh over that pearl set you see in the shops. Well the pearls too are obtained by killing a living being inside the shell.

you just killed an organism before getting this!

You and your mother start all about the vegetarian goodness when I come to your house while she is draped in that silk saree. Does she know that the silk she is wearing has killed so many silkworms just to get those silk filaments which your mother can wear one day and sit pretty?

those are the cocoons which the lady is unraveling to make your mother's silk saree..

And why is it that I see you wearing those pretty woollen sweaters as soon as the winter starts? How can you make the poor sheep suffer without that hair? Do you know the diseases the sheep gets because its hair was sheared to make that sweater and blankets and socks for you? Shame on you ya! 

Why does a goody goody person like you kill so many honeybees to get that honey ? It is so unjust that they work (they are called busy bees for a reason) and gather so much honey and you simply steal their food by burning their honeycomb? How would you feel if someone stole your grains and burned your house? 

Do you shave or do you paint?  guilty ! They are brutally hand snatched hair of pigs. camels etc! 

You won't be so naive to not know that all female mammals produce milk only after childbirth. What made you think that the cow or buffalo (whose milk you drink everyday) gives milk perennially? These animals are made pregnant very often( imagine the pain they undergo during childbirth) and given injections to produce milk. The calf produced by these pregancies is often killed while making cheese (how dare you eat that double burst pizza and that extra cheese sandwich?) and other products. 

And are you out of your mind to walk on that grass in the college lawn and gardens?? Didn't your dharam get bhrasht by killing all those living creatures under your sandals??

So now you know you are meting out cruel treatment to animals, far more than you know. Does this make you feel that you are still the one not harming animals? 

So unless you have become a vegan and have absolutely never caused harm to any animal (including the mosquito,cockroach etc ) please do not give me such lectures because I really don't have the time to give you all the facts again and I actually might never see you for food anytime.

Yours Sincerely,

P.S : Vegetarians stop eating my food's food! -- A tweet by Suruchi :P :P  somehow I wanted it to be in the post but then the post is already long :P 

P.P.S: I found this page HERE which sort of helped me with this post.. Try it if you want a cruelty free lifestyle!

P.P.P.S: Just had Maggi Chicken flavor and contrary to what I thought, its yummm!! :P:P :P 


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

haha.. very well argued madame!
I am a vegetarian although I do eat egg and I can never live without cakes!
I know some vegetarians who make a lot of fuss about the smell of fish or mutton but really... if you can't stand the smell then move away! Simple!
But what gets on my nerves is when ppl eating non-veg try to convince ME to eat it saying "How can you say you don't like non veg when you've never tasted it?" That's the stupidest most illogical argument ever!
As long as I don't have a problem with your eating habits why should you? But luckily most of my friends are veggies so its never a big problem!

Atrocious Scribblings said...

I have been a vegetarian since birth. No eggs even, God bless eggless cakes.

I find myself in a funny position after moving to Europe where the question of choice for vegetarians is barely something to almost nothing and in many of the so called 'developed' countries in Europe; you will not believe when I tell you that the McD's in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain do not have veggie burgers.

The irony in the whole issue is that people who have eaten meat back home and are in Europe now are slowly becoming vegetarians /eggetarians because the only meat that is affordable and available in plenty here is either Pork or Beef which most Indians do not seem to prefer.

I also get irked(this has been happening a lot lately) when someone says How can you not have tasted meat your entire life?

Balanced View you have put forth but don't you think it ultimately boils down to an individual's choice? To each his/her own no?

Suruchi said...

good hain ji-kabhi kabhi vegetarians do get to my nerves-especially if they make faces like that!

and itnaaaaaa saara research work-applause, applause:-)
i have a lot of arguments now to throw in the faces of those who make faces now-why can't people just live n let live!

Soumya said...

Muhahahaha I so loved this!

I'm a hardcore non-vegetarian surrounded by all vegetarian friends. Thankfully they don't cringe or anything as I sit to devour my steak. But there are a few people who react like they've just swallowed a recycled product while my plate arrives on my table.

If you can't tolerate, please feel free to leave. Such people annoy the hell out of you I swear!!

Super reply! This pic was doing the rounds on my FB circle as well, that I went and blocked it!

maithili said...

@Chandana : Cakes are delicious and they shouldn't be compromised on :D :D

Even I don't agree with people who force vegetarians to try out non-veg.
Try non vegetarians won't do that to you coz they are way too greedy about their non veg to offer anyone :D :D :D

I use that line "if you haven't tasted nonveg then how can you not like it" when people make those faces when I crave for nonveg!

But I respect vegetarians who don't meddle with what's on my plate :) :)

maithili said...

@Atrocious Scribbling :Very true case.. I m aware of the trend up in Europe where Indians prefer veg over meat and beef.. Even I don't eat beef or pork and I don't need to taste it to say that I don't want to eat! It is about what I have been eating since birth so that what I m trying to emphasize :) It also means that I won't say "Oh yucck you are eating a dirty animal" or "How can u eat cows" to people who do eat that! It is their food after all na!

Last lines of yours, you got my point! Exactly their individual choice and if someone has a problem they better stop lecturing and move to another table :P :P I just wrote this post to show that its not just nonvegetarians who use animals.. Animals are used in so many other aspects too!

maithili said...

@Suruchi: Sahi hai ji, jeeyo aur jeene do and khao and khaane do! If they prefer to be vegetarians why do they spoil our fun of eating nonveg!

Research toh karna hi tha varna we are just a handful of nonvegetarians in blog world :P baaki sab vegetarians hai! sab maar daalte arguments karke :D

maithili said...

@Soumya: thank you thank you :) I too have lots of vegetarian friends and they are not so co-operative :P

yes recycled product thing, I completely agree! It gets too much for me.

I swear this pic has irritated me so much and that too being tagged by multiple people made me want to strangle them all!

Viya ;) said...

lol.. few years before, i would have been one of those vegetarians giving the non-vegetarians the 'eww' look.. but now that for almost 5 years, being in a group which has more non-vegetarians has taught me not to do that.. :P .. i've had ennoouuggh of their lectures and i just look at my plate and eat :P..
I love eating eggs sometimes though..
but at the end of the day, its each individual's choice :) .. vegetarian, non-vegetarian, eggetarian ..whatever.. we all need to eat something!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

*Applauds* Point Blank. I love it. :D

Red Handed said...

Hheheh Well I am a vegetarian with complications....
I have small pieces f chicken and small pieces of fish and gravy of chicken n fish. Nothing els....
Actually like Chandana said some even ask me How the hell can you not eat this!

Vinati said...

What a post. I am so glad that you brought this topic up as I feel exactly the same way.
And the next time, if anyone makes some weird expressions or pass some weirder comments on seeing me eat non-veg, I would immediately tell him to read this post of yours. :)

meoww said...

wahhh wahh wahhh
just read thy blog today..!!
following right away...:)

well i am a vegetarian..
but i have nothing against anybody..
but then i have some non vegetarian friends who keep taunting every now and then...
kya ghaas poos khate ho ho tum log..

i eat in silence..
*peace shud prevail*

nicely written..:)
cheers !!

PeeVee™ said...

I'm a vegetarian by choice who believes in that kid of some animal theory for I was traumatized by a live chicken cutting session by a butcher when I was younger. But I have ABSOLUTELY no issues with non-veggies, it's a personal choice and I have no effing right to comment on somebody else's food. It's their right and I have no business turning up my nose at it just because I have killing issues.

My family loves non-veg, my guy can't live without chicken nor can my bffs. I'm the only veggie around:D

maithili said...

@viya : Glad that you have changed :D :D Yes we all need to eat something that we like :)

@MSM :Thank you sis :)

@Red : Walk up girl! you are a nonvegetarian :D :D

@Vinati: yes yes send them right away :)

@Meoww : welcome to my blog :) :)
Yes peace should prevail while eating :)Thank you for the follow :)

@PeeVee : Yes I can understand, my mom stopped eating mutton for the same reason..
Like I said whatever be the issue, it is someone's food which some vegetarians call trash.. So as long as we don't have issues with others there is no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to eat in peace :)

TheBluntBlogger said...

:D I am vegetarian, I do not eat egg but I kiss the man who eats chicken everyday :D My husband is non-veg, he stopped eating for a while, for me apparently and I couldn't tolerate the fact after three years that I am not letting him eat what he likes! It is but natural, some eat non-veg,some do not. But imposing the opinion or throwing that disgusting look is so uncalled for.

We had this guy who wouldn't go for team lunch in a non-veg+veg restaurant and I used to be really disgusted.

I have always been comfortable with someone eating non-veg in front of me. To each her own.....

And yeah :D the myth that plants digest easily. NOT. Meat is digested much easier....

You enjoy your chicken, while I dig my veg soup ;)

Aditya Iyer said...

ah the 'veg-non veg war' always seems to amuse me :D
although I have nothing new to say different from the post/comments itna emotional mat ho, go smack that person who pissed you off instead :P

Arnab Majumdar said...

This should have been titled 'Go Carnivores!' :D

Thank God we don't need to form a support group where we have to hold each other's hands and pretend that it means something...

And you're right. Maggi Chicken flavour is not that bad ;)

Arnab Majumdar

Dr Roshan R said...'ve just got urself a new fan after this post...awesomeness personified !! :)