Saturday, February 25, 2012

The perfect couple

              He stood at the corner of the hall with a drink in his hand. She was engaged in conversation with the women on the other end of the hall. Every now and then she looked at him and gave a knowing smile. His eyes didn't leave her all evening.
              She blushed at the greedy gaze he had fixed on her. A secret conversation was transpiring between them. He nodded in approval of her thoughts.
              Women in their social circle wondered what was the magic that bound them together. She was the object of envy. At twenty six she looked no more than eighteen. Slim and endowed with a figure that women craved and men lusted for. Gracious features and a childlike smile that adorned her fair complexion. No wonder she had the best man in town.
               He was the most sought after man and the kind women fantacise about  having an affair with. A muscular physique and facial features of a Greek God! His charm tantalized people. His deep eyes could intimidate anyone. A popular athlete in his college days and now a successful businessman. He was the kind who had world at his feet.
              Together they complimented in every way possible. They were the PERFECT COUPLE.
              She came to him and breathed in his scent. He held her close and whispered, "Hey gorgeous"
              "Care for a dance?" she asked him invitingly and without waiting for his response pulled him to the dance floor.
              She grooved to the music and he moved to her rhythm. Close, intoxicated, perfect.
              He recognized the chuckle she gave. Tonight was going to be the night..
              They were in their own world regardless of the people looking at them and talking of the way they behaved like teenage lovers.. unable to keep their hands off each other.. after 5 years of marriage!

               They could wait no longer. The desperation was getting too obvious. They left soon leaving the crowd applauding their dance.
                She ripped apart every part of his clothing as she revealed her cruel grin. Tonight was the night she would prey on him. He savored the pain she inflicted on him as she dug her nails into him.
                He was hungry for the orgasmic hurt she inflicted on him.
                She handcuffed him and brought out her whip as he gasped in anticipation of his defeat.
                They were the Perfect couple.. He- a pain seeker and she-a sadist..


Dr Roshan R said...

too good :)
Love the chemistry that was developing through out the story

PeeVee™ said...

OUCH. I did NOT see that coming :D Good one, Em.

CD!!! said...

The beginning was just like a Mills n boon romance. The end was like Saat khoon maaf. Kya twist hain!! Naicee!!

maithili said...

@ Dr Roshan: Thank you so much :) This is one of the few dark stories I have written.

@ PeeVee: Thanks girl :)

@ CD: Thanks dear. Glad it came as a twist.. I wanted it to come suddenly :)

Varsha Naik said...

Ooh...twisty..loed the way it builds up!

Red Handed said...

She a sadist!! I the like!!

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Lovely buildup and misdirection.

The last line took the cake. Good work.

Clara Turbay said...

Wonderfull, love it.

Rachit said...

the aroma of their love filled with lust defined their trust.

Weakest LINK

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I din't realize how much I missed your posts until I read this!
Loved the post... even the ending! ;)


Nirvana said...

ok... I didnt see that coming!! Awesome chemistry there!

meoww said...

sizling...sizzlinggg !
i loved the twist...

Spaceman Spiff said...

Whoa! That's a whole new way of looking at "they compliment each other perfectly". Very well-written.. :)

Soumya said...

Awesomeeeeeee :D

Nice twist and yeah this is how it should have been.

maithili said...

@ Varsha Naik : Thank you so much and welcome to my blog :) Thanks for following me.

@ REd: I The knows you The like Dark stories :D

@ Atrocious Scribbler : Thank you so much :D

@ Clara: Thank you dear

@ Rachit: Very well said in a few words :D

@ Chandana: Aww thank you so much girl.. You know that makes me be regular :D

@ Nirvana: Thank you so much

@ Meoww: thank you thank you :D

@ Spaceman spiff: Yeah they complimented each other in darker ways ;)

@soumya: Thank you so much :)

Keirthana said...

Aaah, I didn't see that one coming!

Nice write-up Maithz :)

Upasana said...

Wow! The ending took me by surprise.I was so hooked on their story that i was literally taken aback! Brilliant story telling!

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