Monday, March 25, 2013

One last time..

          It was past midnight when the cellphone beeped. For a moment she thought it was her alarm going off and woke up with a start. She checked her phone and realised  it Jay who had messaged her. "Strange! This late in the night on a  weekday? Must have been partying!" she thought. The text read,
              "I m on your terrace. Come up fast."
         Was she dreaming? Should she pinch herself and confirm like they show in the movies? Jay coming up on her terrace to meet her like some bollywood romantic film hero was sooo out of question! But then he never texted her late in the night ever. Was this some prank? Just as she was about to call him and ask him what the matter was, her screen flashed " Incoming call- Jay".
         "Riya you will freeze me in this cold yaar. Come soon."
          Okay  now she was all excited. She snapped the phone shut. Quickly combed her hair and hurriedly applied lip balm. She pulled on a shrug and checked herself in the mirror. Maybe this was going to be one the most romantic days of her life!
          She tiptoed out of her room and sneaked to the terrace of their house.
          Jay stood there smiling at her. So this really was a surprise and not a prank!
           He was wearing the red tshirt which she had gifted him. He didn't wear that often because he thought it looked too bright. They had argued on it so many times. She loved the colour on him but he couldn't see that. His gaze was fixed on her as she slowly walked towards him. There was something special about him today. Like the way he was looking at her as if devouring each moment. The way his face shone in the moonlight. It was pitch dark except for the lone lamp (which stood the damage from cricket balls) on the terrace. As she stood close to him, so many questions in her mind, he slightly stroked her hair.
           "Jay what has happened to you?" she asked when she noticed he hadn't once spoken.
           "Just watching you." he smiled shyly.
           "So what's the occasion?" she raised her eyebrow.
            He traced her brow with his finger.
            " I always wondered how you raise only one of your eyebrow."
            They both giggled.
           He walked her towards the swing on the terrace and gently sat her down. He sat  besides her silently.
         "You always wanted me to be romantic right? Sorry I wasn't the kind you wanted." He said
         "Jay I never meant it like that. Ofcourse I would have liked if you did something special once in a while but you don't have to be sorry. Its not a prime requirement." She replied wondering where this conversation was heading. Was he upset ? Was he going to leave her over that ?
          "You could have always found someone who could do that for you. But you stood by me. Through the years we were together. I should have tried to meet your expectations. I didn't."
          " Jay please don't start this.."
          "Shh.. I will make it upto you today.. For all that I didn't say.."
          " I m bad at expressing myself. I always was. I never told you how much I liked it when you always took efforts to make all the occasions special. I like the way you get excited about every little thing. The way you remember all important days for me. The way you pray for me. I like that I can always count on you to wait for me. The way you melt away with just a few smileys that I send you. I like the way you always click loads of pictures and store random things just for the sake of memories. I like the way you are are beaming with happiness right now."
           Oh my God! Was this Jay who was telling all this? She hugged him. She was teary eyed. How silly her tears were. Flowing away after hearing all that she had waited to hear from him.
           "Riya you are beautiful and I m lucky to have found you. Don't ever doubt that okay?"
            He then sat on his knees and rested his head on her lap. She gently stroked his hair.
           "Riya you should paint more often. I know you are studying something else but this is were your passion is. Let yourself free with your hobby. It makes you happy and don't lose it for anything. Don't worry about what others think of you. You are awesome the way you are. Don't fret too much about how others will react to your decisions. Promise me you will never compromise on your choices."
            " I promise. Jay its as if you are giving me a goodbye speech. Its freaking me."
            " Riya, you remember you liked a book in hobby ideas showroom? The one which had pictures of couples in every stage of life? Well I wanted to make something like that for you and I think I succeeded to an extent. Its not as good but here it is." He handed her a crimson red album.
             What could she ask for more? Her joy knew no bounds when she saw the collection. So many photographs of them together with quotes on each. Most of them were clicked by her but there were some which she hadn't seen! OMG Jay had clicked them without her knowing it. It was the best gift of her life from Jay.
            "Remember Riya the day when you asked me what I would do if you were dead? I told you I would cry some days and then move on. You were so pissed that day. Riya truly that was what I would do. I m telling you that what you should do when I m no more there with you. Move on to better things. Better people and better opportunities. Cry for the person and smile for the memories and then leave it behind to make new ones."
            "Jay I wouldn't.. I can't.." she was stung by his words.
            "You have to.." He looked straight into her eyes. He stood up and kissed her forehead.
            She closed her eyes and when she opened it she was alone. On a swing that was gently rocking.

          Seconds later she got a call. She knew this was meant to be a prank!! Jay is sooo going to pay for this.
         It was "Incoming call Jay."
         "Jay where the hell are you?"
         "Riya, Varun here. Jay was in an accident on his way home."
         "What? Where is he?" Riya was shrieking.
         "He is no more. He passed away few seconds back."
         "Hello Riya, are you there???"

         She frantically checked her phone records. She hadn't deleted anything. Yet there was no record of Jay calling her at midnight and neither the text message.


Red Handed said...

I never ever ever expected this twist...
You seriously have one evil mind :P
Loved this

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

OMG ..I am so shocked now !

the little princess said...

oh what a twist! and what an engrossing story...beautiful narration!

PeeVee™ said...

I wonder what happened to her AFTER that.

Keirthana said...

After reading so much of Phatichar, my mind was thinking this is how it was gonna be :) The awesome story narration kept me hooked. I am curious if she was able to move on... Maybe a part 2 or something? ;)

Until later,
Keirthana :)

maithili said...

:D :D REd your responses make me smile always :D :D

maithili said...

:O Well target achieved :D

maithili said...

Thank you lil princess :D

maithili said...

MAybe she moved on.. maybe she didn't .

maithili said...

Haha Phatichar was my inspiration to start writing this genre. A part 2 sounds interesting :)

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nitu said...

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